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Pensioners and employees are robbed by the banks and the pension agency

Mary B

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Pensioners and employees are robbed by the banks and the pension agency

15:47 - 09/09/2020

Books / Ahmed Kazem ...

Employees and retirees are between the hammer and anvil of the Central Bank, Rasheed Bank, Rafidain Bank and the General Retirement Authority.

After the elderly retirees complained about the retirement authority because it is forcing them to switch the ki-card to the master card in this hot atmosphere, and the absence of electricity and the Corona epidemic, the retirement authority came to us, blaming the Central Allaq Bank.

The Central Allaq Bank, Rafidsen Bank, Rasheed Bank and the Retirement Authority loot money from the salaries of employees and retirees in various ways, including issuing cards and then exchanging them, and the next is (the thief card).

In addition, the Central Allaq Bank and the three presidencies and their networks benefit from washing the dollar and the dinar in the public auction because they buy the dollar at 1182 dinars and sell it at 1225 dinars.

This means the profit for every dollar is 43 dinars, and the figure is imaginary if the purchase and sale were in the millions.

The number of employees and retirees is estimated at six million, and the fee for switching the ki-card to a master card is 10,000 dinars. The total of the stolen money is 65 billion dinars, to be shared by the banks and the retirement authority.

The Master Card belongs to a company named Al-Nakheel that used to collect electricity fees. We do not know what is the relationship of a company called Al-Nakheel with the Master Card and electricity.

The ki-card company, the mastercard and many companies, some of them are fake, belong to the thieves of the three presidencies and their networks, although their salaries, allowances, benefits and travels are from public money.

Mr. Al-Kazemi is busy with the transportation of employees and officers, the useless shuttle visits, the complaints of the elderly employees and retirees, and he does not respond to them even though they are better than trips and transporting employees and soldiers like chess pieces from one place to another.

Moving the corrupt from one place to another means corruption remains, because whoever steals in a circle will be stolen from the new circle, and so on.

Appeal to Mr. Al-Kazemi:

Stopping the plunder of the poor employee and the old retired poor, his reward in this world and the hereafter is better than playing chess, so will you, Kazemi, respond to the call of the poor in this atmosphere that is boiling with meager electricity and the Corona epidemic?

Note: Mr. Al-Kazemi did not respond to a previous call like this one, which does not mean (The Complaint to God Almighty).

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