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Good Afternoon Dinar Vets, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you.  Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq.  :twothumbs: RON



*** Mnt Goat   Where do we stand with the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar?  ...It is the CBI that has to initiate the process from the top and then the US and the IMF that must go through the signoff process to allow them to go ahead. ...Let us all take a deep breath and just relax. The CBI is still contemplating the “project to delete the zeros” and this is a FACT. I have heard the CBI has ordered the printing of much more of the new 100 dinar notes. We know these notes were previously printed but not in sufficient quantities. So why print more now if not planning something?... Why are these 100 notes important? ...remember there is preparation to reinstate as the revaluation within Iraq comes first and the coins and these notes must be launched at about the same time or just prior.  So, we look for signs and we know these 100 notes and coins are important steps in the process.

*** Frank26  ...please do not be misled by the things that you see parliament say to you.  Only pay attention to what Kazemi says...

*** Militiaman  The amount of things coming together seem to be very supportive for them to expose to the world an international rate...with Iran about to collapse, potential educational tools, 100 note being shown, the tireless effort by Kazemi the Prime Minister in respect to the "white paper" speaking of sovereignty and prestige too.  All about the money.  The glory days are prestige and would reflect the sovereignty IMO...

*** Petra  ...The quietness of the CBI at this point in time tells me something is coming...our focus is strictly on the CBI and what Allawi, what Allaq and his team and Shabibi have to say and not the parliament.  But they did make a statement about revaluing and that is going to force the CBI's hand to participate in responding to that statement...I think we're in an exciting time.
********** MONDAY OPINIONS - 8/03/2020 **********
*** Petra be sovereign you have to be able to stand on your own two feet.  You've got to be able to support yourself...have your own currency and be able to use it be part of the international community.  Why be a sovereign country if you can't direct you own sovereigns? you have to be able to stand on your own two feet.  I think the fact that they are basically saying they are sovereign tells us they are ready to go...

*** Militiaman's quiet.  Why is it quiet?  ...we should see something...from the CBI in a very short period of time...

*** Footforward    ...I would strongly suggest that it's becoming clear that the RV is going to happen on a Thursday...Thursday makes the most sense to me on every level possible...

*** Pimpy   I'm feeling really good that something is going to happen this summer.  No, I don't have anything to prove that.  I'm just saying I'm feeling really good based on what I'm seeing
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    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's an opinion & comment that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Frank26  ...the new Central Bank Governor of Iraq, he's not waiting any time is he?  He is direct implementation.  There is no delay.  It's also very interesting how much of a hurry this new governor of the CBI is in.  As much of a hurry as Kazemi.  Kazemi gave the new CBI governor Mustafa the authority of the white papers...

      *** Adam Montana    First, the normal stuff...OIL - nothing crazy, just the normal expected good stuff. Stable and steady upward trend.  Budget - This may not seem like a big deal, but...submitting it, then withdrawing it, then returning it, then stating "we need 3 weeks to approve it"...there is some number-crunching, pencil whipping, fiat manipulation going on in the background. By itself, that news would raise some eyebrows, but let's hop right into the stuff that does more than raise eyebrows:  In particular, this part:..(post 1 of 3)... 

       *** Adam Montana   "Deputy Haybat Al-Halbousi indicated that the committee had opened the cabinet to send oil and energy bills,  including the oil and gas law." ... in case you missed that:  "including the oil and gas law".  If I had the ability to make fireworks...jump off of your screen right now, I would consider it - that's how big this kind of news is!  If it seems like "all Adam talks about anymore is HCL", that's because things are so smooth and streamlined in Iraq right now... HCL is all we need at this point.  HCL is oil and gas law.  That's it.  That's all, end of story, all she wrote, finito...done...(post 2 of 3.)... 

      *** Adam Montana   Our man Kazzammie is hands down the best thing to ever happen to this situation. Not because he's a messiah or anything crazy like that - the man has just done so much it's almost unbelievable.  Prior to him taking the position, Iraq was torn and confused by riots, revolts, and failure. That short period of time came after much incredible progress, including getting out of Chapter 7 and booting Maliki. There was a time (not too long ago) when it looked like one of the previous Prime Ministers would make some progress, but we have never seen this much HCL action.  Ever. I'm excited... Go Iraq, Go Dinar...GO RRRRVVVVV!!!  ...(post 3 of 3)...
      Adam's Posts were taken from another site that follows his Opinions, and posts snippets from them. His full chat can be found at: Adam Montana Weekly 23 September 2020

      *** Kaperoni  More good news today from the central bank of Iraq as the new governor makes changes in policy. Efforts seem to be improving as prime minister Kazemi goes after corruption.  
      *** Mark  The news I am getting out of Iraq is they are hoping to have a budget vote on Thursday...even though all the news is saying they still need 3 weeks.  [For the first time in IRAQ you can exchange Dinar with Dollar between your accounts.]  Yes – they are making it seamless in preparation for the new banking system. This is big news. Much concern in the world that Iraq is running out of dollars as this thing has drug on…yes they are running into a budget crisis.  My last update was they are pushing to have a vote by Thursday of this week for a budget with value. Otherwise they cannot pay this months salaries, government, pensions and all those good things…there is a serious push going on in Iraq right now.

      *** Jeff   Article:  "A member of the Financial Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid said on Tuesday that the 2020 budget needs 3 weeks to vote on it."  Quote:  "Parliament have not yet seen the numbers in the budget."  Parliament have not seen the freaking numbers in the budget! ...They're hiding the numbers from us, from the public news and from parliament because it's calculated in the billions of dinar and it's linked to the rate change.  It's calculated off the rate change.  Doesn't have a rate in it but its figures are calculated off the rate.  That's why they're freaking hiding it...we look amazing...

      *** MilitiaMan   Article:  "In the first decision...the new central bank governor settles a controversial matter"   Wow, this is telling me that they have every intention to raise the value of the currency. The importance is straight forward and addressed. It is my understanding...we know they have been printing small notes (possibly coins) in 2018 and more recently in 2019 and 2020...They had issue with Alak's name on of the categories. Imo The new CBI GOV has been around along time and would have known about all of this, thereby, imo they have that issue under control and we are about to see a big change and much improvement to the management of the new currency...WOW  This article about the smalls is awesome. It sure shows us they have an incredible intention to use the smalls...That is a good thing...
      *** Mark  ...there is a tremendous amount of dis-information released right now. They have done this in the past when they have done a revaluation or a reset…the most recent example we have is Kuwait . The morning of the revaluation they had a big article in the paper on how it was going to be years before they RVed….then BAM…later that day they had the revaluation. Before that was China . 3 days before they did a revaluation they released stories in the papers- domestic and international that they were not prepared for it yet…and then boom…so look for that smoke...we are seeing a tremendous amount of smoke right now.

      *** Pimpy  This is a pretty big time for us.  It's close to the end of the month.  Remember the reform papers are supposed to be submitted by the end of this month.  The 2020 budget was supposed to have already been voted on.  The 2021 budget is coming.  Now the anticipation is that we are going to hear something about the Iraqi dinar rate in the reform papers.  There's no guarantee.  We just know that it's going to be discussed...we know the Minister of Finance has said in the reform papers there is discussions about the Iraqi rate and what that might be...

    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's several opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. 
      *** Frank26  Things are happening so fast it's hard to keep up with them...he's [Kazemi] arresting them by the 1,000s...the moment Kazemi landed [From August 20th meetings with Trump] he started arresting everybody left and right.  If he could arrest his grandmother he would if she broke the law...they're fleeing.  Just as Maliki.  He went to Iran.  That was a big mistake...

      *** Mnt Goat   There is nothing but very good news and Iraq is now on a good path to appreciate their own true sovereignty from other Arab countries especially Iran.  ...Al-Kazemi is amazing as they are rounding up corrupt individuals. By the news we can see that Nori Al-Maliki and Ameri are next. They will not escape this and there will never be peace in Iraq unless Iraq is finally cleansed of them.

      *** Footforward   [...can you clarify for us... did Parliament get the 2020 budget and do its first read or not?...]  For the record I believe they do two budgets. One with a new rate and one with the current rate. I'm not sure if they have done the first reading or not...I don't think it's that important to the RV.  I think they may pass this budget, have an old rate, and the revalue and pass a new budget...

      *** Pimpy   ...People are like, 'Weren't we told that on September 15th the rate will happen?' I was like yeah, I know. 'Weren't we told that on the 18th the rate change is gonna happen?' Yeah I know. 'Weren't we told on the 2020 budget we would see a rate change?' Yeah I know.  I didn't tell you guys that.  Other people did.  See this is why I try to avoid the dates and the rates because it's all speculation...what did I say?  Do not get excited even if it's good news and don't get down if it's bad news...I try to bring an educated perspective.  We take a look at the evidence.  Get an idea of when it might happen.  But the truth is nobody knows...there's nothing wrong with listening to other people's information ...that's what I encourage you guys to do.  But be very careful when they make some very over promising predictions... 

      *** Delta  ...we are all waiting for the CBI.  It looks like the new governor he's really doing an excellent job.  It looks like he's in a hurry to accomplish the stuff that we are all waiting for...they had an emergency meeting on Saturday...with the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq...there is more confirmation they're going forward.  They adopted the banking reform.  IOO they are going to bring us to the rate...he's moving forward with the reforms. 

      *** BobTheTaxMan ...Based on my view of where we're at and what's happening all over the place it seems like everything is moving forward.  And right now rocket speed...

    • By ronscarpa
      Good Morning Dinar Vets, here's several opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. 
      *** Frank26 *** ...what Donald Trump did in the Middle East is for your investment.  A lot of people said, 'Wow, that Frank is really stretching it.  That's stupid.  Really?  The Middle East Peace Accord?  That's for the Iraqi dinar?'  Yeah.  Remember when [community member Bluestar] asked Shabbibi in Washington D.C 'When are you going to do it?  When are you going to lift the value of the currency?'  And what did Shabbibi say?  When we have security and stability.  Well guess what we have - security and stability because of the Peace Accords.  All the middle eastern countries are going ballistic right now.  All the middle eastern countries are happy with the Untied States of America.  They are all onboard with the basket.  They are onboard with the accords...
      *** Breitling ***  Question: "How do you see Trump's Middle East Peace Accord affecting the dinar?"  It means everything...our solution is economic.

      *** MilitiaMan *** Article:  "The financial sector is required to support the energy sector"   More evidence supporting the view that a new system is coming to Iraq and E-Finance, E - Government will be hand and glove going forward. This too, supports the movement of money is to be from [front ?] and center. Not 3 months from now. Just like Barzani said today. We have verification from Kahdimi and we are ready for investors and the public sector! That is now.. Not in 2021 imo.

    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's several opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. 
      *** BobTheTaxMan  ...this is all a crazy or delusional or something like that idea that you invested into - it's not true.  This is an honest bonafide investment.  And when you have that kind of investment you have to seriously take a look at what are your options to retain as much of this as you can possibly can.  How to prepare for taxes.  How to prepare for life-time income.  How to prepare for sharing with others or a legacy or charities.  There's a zillion different things that need to be looked at if you're going to be serious about this particular investment...(Consult your tax professional at the appropriate time.) 

      *** Kaperoni   The central bank of Iraq held a meeting over the weekend with its board to approve banking reform measures. The new governor is moving fast...If there ever was a time to get back into the news, now is the time.  New prime minister Kazemi is working quickly to weed out corruption and get a private sector open for business. Let's hope Iraq continues to move forward with reforms. Stay tuned!

      *** Jeff  ...They can't change the rate when they have thousands of corrupt figures in the government.  There's no way in heck they can allow the rate to change when they have to arrest well over a thousand people.  That's too much.  Arresting that amount of people they have to delay the rate change...That's most likely the reason why the rate change has been delayed...The fact that they told you they made these arrests should tell you...they're pretty much at the end of dealing with corruption.  They probably just have a little bit more to go...

    • By ronscarpa
      Good Morning Dinar Vets, here's several opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq.  RON
      *** Ray ***   Reportedly, Parliament returned the draft budget law for the year 2020 to the Ministry of Finance to reconsider some items and possibly add new verbiage.

      *** MilitiaMan *** Article:  "Electricity announces the payment of salaries of contract holders and daily wages"   Quote: “Minister, which resulted in securing the salaries of the two tranches and transferring their allocations from the investment budget to the operational one. He disclosed that "their salaries will be paid for the month of March today, Sunday, provided that the rest of the months will be paid with retroactive effect after the budget is approved“  The budget agreement appears to have a retroactive mechanism to pay salaries.  They also let it be known they can adjust monies from the investment side of a budget to the operational side. Take note this is not about the 2021 at all. March is in 2020 for a retroactivation to be applicable. This is slated for today... Rate before budget, imo... international continuity must mean that the two entities are in agreement at which they’ll be working and being paid. Imo.

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