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Ventura County In California just issued its first order to lock down an apartment building.  The residents must take a mandatory Covid test (which is a joke because we're now learning how inaccurate the test results are with the end result many people are reported as positive when they really aren't:  Connecticut public health laboratory confirms nationwide coronavirus tests are flawed, creating huge spike in false positives).  It's a senior, subsidized housing location and my guess it's the State's first attempt to see if they can get away with this.  They are pushing on the weakest people first, the old people who are frail, afraid and without much fight left.  In Wuhan they locked people in their apartments early on by welding their doors shut.  In the end, a lot of people starved to death there.  I wouldn't expect to see that in the US, but Cali makes their own rules so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they're already trying this.  link to article


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Wow scary stuff indeed! 

As an observer looking in from another country I cannot believe what the average American blindly accepts as ok since it is a directive of the guberment in some form. Do you all realise you are throwing away your rights and the PTB are owning you through pyschop warfare by projecting their narcissist views onto you the American people as their patient.... check out the Munchausen syndrom where they treat you as if you are sick but in truth they are poisoning you to get you dependent on them as your saviour.... that is sick!

Take care of yourselves and look out for the frail, old and sick amongst you.

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And its probably not real cuz the date to do the testing is the same as the date on the paper...that alone will cause issues...for those that really did want to gonna call it a hoax, if you are an attorney and you don't have a job consider being a constitutional attorney...looks like that will be the number one job increase if things like this persist...if it is even real. So that's the good news. Making jobs.

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On 7/22/2020 at 3:15 PM, FlyHi said:

Do you all realise you are throwing away your rights and the PTB are owning you through pyschop warfare by projecting their narcissist views onto you the American people as their patient....


Yes those of us who think for ourselves understand that.  The problem is, if you try to say anything ,even something as innocuous as All Lives Matter, you get fired from your job, or worse yet shot dead like that young woman last week.  I believe most peole who think for themselves and don't listen to the propagandist MSM, realize this is a fight to the death for the future of America.  If Trump wins in November, with another 4 years I think he'll root out a huge amount of corruption and restore much of our precious Republic.  But if there's serious election fraud, and/or if the majority of people don't think for themselves, the US (and then the world) will likely fall to socialism.  That will continue for as long as it takes for people to get fed up and start a bloody revolution - which will probably be a really long time. 


This is a great article (by a Venezuelan no less), that explains the problem.  It's an important read and I hope people will share it.  In a nutshell, US young people are now taught in schools to believe in liberalism and they're not taught (like my older generation was) about US history anymore.  They have no understanding of how the world really works and think socialism is a good thing.  They have no idea it will never work and always ends horribly with great brutality.   link

Ideological World War III Will Destroy United States

80% of students in the Harvard School of Arts and Sciences consider themselves to be progressive/socialist, compared to only 1% who consider themselves to be right-wing

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fc43371ccd259a6f25b66375c27fcad481be5286 In recent months, the founding fathers, their statues, and U.S. history have come under attack from the media, universities, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa (EFE).

Spanish – The Sassanid Empire fell, the imperial Qing dynasty, the Roman Empire, the Mongolian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the British Empire also fell. Unfortunately, it seems that the time has come for the fall of the United States as a world power.

The generational cycle is unstoppable. Time is twisting human interactions because there is no way for those who have had everything without earning it, without sweating it out, learn to appreciate it, and preserve it. The United States of America was formed as a great nation on a foundation of effort, capitalism, and freedom. These three characteristics are becoming increasingly scarce in the collective imagination of the once-great nation of the world. Only those who fought and shed their blood for freedom and free trade know what they had to sacrifice to achieve it. Only those who planted great enterprises with their ingenuity and efforts know how difficult it is to raise and maintain them, like a ship that has to face the open sea, great floods, and storms.


In the past, the United States was able to overcome the weaker generations due to the occurrence of the great world wars, which, despite the terrible casualties they produced, made the country aware that its freedom and supremacy was at stake every day. They had to overcome hurdles every day. They had to be more competitive, economically solid, stronger if they wanted to remain the king in the geopolitical jungle. Yet, this new generation of Americans does not know the great heroic deeds that their own country went through to get where it is today. It does not know the sacrifice and effort of its ancestors. Americans went from being the men who fought and defeated the Nazis to be men who are offended by a meme joking about a minority.


No dynasty can overcome the vicissitudes of time. Nothing that happens in America today is accidental. The lack of knowledge about history is not a product of chance. The fact that currently, American mainstream media, such as The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, among others, is calling for cancellations, the destruction of Mount Rushmore that glorifies their patriotic idols, is neither an isolated event nor a coincidence. For decades, different groups of power have tried to destroy the American system and “defeat capitalism”, and since capitalism cannot be defeated or dismantled economically, they have resorted to a slower, tedious, but equally effective way to end it: ideological indoctrination.


Today, most young Americans with a low-profile job can afford to buy a car with a couple of months of work. They don’t have the slightest idea that in a country like Venezuela, a person would have to work for about 150 years without spending a single penny, to raise enough money to buy a car, or worse, they don’t know that in that country, no matter how much you work, over 90 % of the population will never have enough money to buy food because their rulers told them there was a lack of equality and social justice, the government started giving everything away, and in the blink of an eye, they destroyed the economy, which no longer produced any food.


The facts of this brutal indoctrination are palpable and shocking. At Harvard’s Faculty of Science and Arts alone, 80 % of the faculty members consider themselves to be “liberal”. In the United States, the term liberal does not have the same connotation as it does in Latin America. The American liberal is the progressive/socialist for latinos. The followers of the free market doctrine in the United States are referred to as “classic liberals.” So, 80 % call themselves or are sympathetic to socialist progressivism at Harvard, while only 1 % consider themselves “conservative”. The American conservative is someone on the right of the ideological spectrum. So ultimately, only 1 % consider themselves right-wingers at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.


On the other hand, at Yale University, staff donations to election campaigns in the United States declined by 99.17 % for Democrats, and 0.83 % for Republicans. The most progressive and socialist candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders received the most contributions from this prestigious university.

These data show why Donald Trump himself has already made a statement on the situation in the universities and talks about cutting the tax exemptions of those institutes that are indoctrinating the youngest Americans with extreme left-wing theories and rewriting history by presenting their patriotic heroes as tyrants or criminals instead of providing a solid education.


According to Pew Research, the millennial generation supports 59 % of the Democratic Party and only 32 % of the Republican Party. Among women, where the oppressive and victimizing discourse has taken hold, as it has among African Americans, the gap is even wider, with 70 % considering themselves to be Democrats and only 23 % Republicans. The numbers categorically show how socialism, an ideology the United States fought for years, has been making its way among the new generations.


The Democratic Party itself has suffered an abysmal leftist influx that has made it a party of contradictions over time. It must be remembered that it was the Democrats who defended slavery and who were also part of the early days of the Ku Klux Klan. Moreover, another devastating fact to demonstrate their hypocrisy regarding racism is that the first Black Democratic senator, Carol Moseley Braun, was elected in 1993, while the first Black Republican senator, Hiram Rhodes Revels, was elected in 1870, 123 years before his Democratic counterpart.


The last great Democrat was Robert Kennedy, but the party and ideals he represented no longer exist. Robert was perhaps a more complete version than his brother JFK because he believed in and defended equal rights for all citizens, he openly fought against racism at a time when Black people were heavily discriminated against and persecuted – not like today – and his discourse aimed at eradicating poverty, not with state grants and aid, but with work, effort, and economic growth. He did not lie to the electorate by saying that the state would solve their problems or give them freebies, as the Democrats today do, bolstered by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and the presidential candidate himself, Joe Biden, who has recently said that shareholder capitalism in the United States must be dismantled.


This radical transformation of the blue party has been consolidated by a carefully thought-out agenda and crude financing of the internal and external power groups that want to see the United States destroyed. Since the United States has a strong two-party system, a radical communist or socialist party such as “Podemos” in Spain could not be created. So the extremists had to infiltrate one of the two parties, and the blues were the ones who fell. Today, the progressive thinking that the Democrats stand for is fed into the media and universities. This is how the whole power structure has been created to defeat the current American system: Harvard, Yale, The New York Times, CNN, and the Democratic Party along with many more powerful institutions are in favor of turning towards socialism, and a generation increasingly ignorant of its own history. The scene is set for the great power of the 20th century and the early 21st century to begin digging its own grave and to collapse socially, economically, and politically.


Donald Trump still has a good chance of being re-elected for a second presidential term, but this will not be able to cure ideological cancer that has already metastasized throughout society. If not in this one, a more progressive and socialist presidential candidate than Biden himself will win future elections, and increasingly, the new ignorant, sleepy, and manipulated generations will continue to demand more free things, more subsidies, fewer responsibilities, more state intervention until the United States has already faded completely, its system is destroyed, and gradually, China surpasses them at all levels of economic and political influence. Then, the totalitarianism of the Communist Party will become the new model for the western nations.


The victimhood discourse was key to penetrating the minds of a majority of Americans. Segregation has been the ideal weapon to instill the hatred of its own citizens for the most successful country in the last two hundred years. I am deeply hurt by what is happening in the United States. I am hurt because apart from having been an example to follow for so long, it was the only country capable of keeping the expansive and collectivist pretensions of the Russians and Chinese at bay. That balance is about to be broken, and when that happens, we will lose all those we yearn for, value, and wish to live free.

Sadly, the destruction of the great country of America seems inevitable and closer than ever. I believe that Trump will be able to delay his fall for a couple more years, but I doubt that there can be a return with these new generations who know nothing of struggle, effort, and meritocracy, and who are only capable of seeing life through the eyes of victims.


Dark times in human history are approaching, and we must prepare ourselves to face them with gallantry and fight until the last moment.

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