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Because Of The Decline In Al-Hurra’s Performance, And Because Of Its Corruption And Deviation From Its Basic Principles, Trump Dismisses Its Director, Fernandes !


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CNN. Broadcasting While Performing A ‘Hostile’ Takeover Of The Middle East Broadcast Network (MBN) At The Direction Of The Trump Administration !



Ur Welcome ... Now Hurry Up And Raise The Value Of This Worthless Currency So That I Can Perform A Hostile Takeover Of That ‘Other’ Worthless CNN Next ...


:D  :D  :D 


Because of the decline in Al-Hurra’s performance, and because of its corruption and deviation from its basic principles, Trump dismisses its director, Fernandes.

Special files  ,   06/1820 2020 15:33   





Baghdad - Iraq today:


Since 2018 until this moment, the American Hurra channel has been risking on a daily basis its reputation that it built professionally and balanced during its founding years, and directing its transmission to the Arab region and the Iraqi square completely, but the channel was gradually draining its good balance, until it suffered an unspoken bankruptcy in its audience An Iraqi who has followed her since its foundation as a platform that spreads freedom, justice and democracy.

As it was a fatal mistake committed by the US President’s administration to appoint the extremist Alberto Fernandes, who then began to isolate the professional staff in the channel, and push media figures with specific orientations for the interface, as well as appoint a person close to the ruling family in one of the Gulf Emirates to help him, as the policy of this ideological emirate It appears publicly and clearly in the speech of the American Al Hurra channel.

But US President Donald Trump corrected this decision, and yesterday toppled Alberto Fernandez from his position, to designate one of the administrative or financial figures in the staff of the American channel, as the president of this channel, in preparation for the selection of a new director for the channel.

Media sources from within the channel, indicated in an interview with (Iraq Today), that "the reason for the recent overthrow of Alberto Fernandes and the other radical changes that will affect the middle administrative structure, and the existing editorial structure of the channel now, is evidence of corruption, poor performance, and complaints received To the ears and mail of the highest levels in the joints of the Trump administration, in addition to receiving information about bribes with large sums and precious contracts presented to some of the authors, providers and managers of program production, especially by some departments of companies operating in the Ministry of Oil and the Oil Sector in Iraq, in exchange for preparing biased programs presented via a screen The channel, as happened recently in the "......." program, which was clearly paid for from the first minute of its broadcast.

The sources indicated that "some of the authors and presenters of the programs receive gifts or bribes towards passing a special agenda in the channel's programs, taking advantage of the complicity or weakness of the administration or lack of familiarity with the complications taking place in the Iraqi scene, so some ministers in the Abdul Mahdi government in particular, initiated with my managers Companies have access to and influence within these programs, as has happened with the Ministry of Oil and its latest file.

She added that "the US administration noticed the involvement of the channel and its contributors in some of these unclear activities, as well as a terrible retreat and decline in the channel's views in the Iraqi arena, after it took another media speech, other than the speech, approach and principles that established the network for its sake, namely the spread of a culture of freedom Democracy, human rights, and justice, but the new channel’s speech added another ideological dimension that the US administration does not want, and does not want its media to engage in such unilateral or authoritarian policies, trends supported by the implementation of the Arab regimes agenda.

The sources pointed out that "Al-Hurra has lost much under this administration during the past two years, to the extent that it reached the closure of its main office in Baghdad after it chose to broadcast yellow programs, and operates in the propaganda way, and this decision was also attached to the closure of the bodies responsible for media and communication affairs In Iraq, the closure of the American Radio Sawa office in Baghdad, Karbala and Basra, after it was also involved in participating in what Al-Hurra administration is doing under Fernandes’s administration. ”

It also indicated, "There is great joy in the workers now in the corridors of the American channel, and the exchange of congratulations has reached the point of displacing Fernandes, as it seems that the workers want and wish to turn a bad page of media performance that they are not accustomed to, especially after it pushed people practicing media blackmail."

She concluded that "fundamental changes may occur in the channel in the coming days and may restore the channel to its lost neutrality, and also restore warm waters with the Arab citizen in general and the Iraqi citizen in particular who has lost confidence in the performance of this channel in recent years, and who - that is, the Iraqi viewer - succeeded in overthrowing this administration By rejecting the channel’s bad content and boycotting it. "


The decision to fire Alberto Friends is General Manager of Al Hurra



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Head of the delegation negotiating with the United States: Joint committees to discuss the need of Iraq for foreign forces



18th June 2020


The Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the Iraqi delegation for the strategic dialogue, Abdul Karim Hashem, revealed, today, Thursday, the existence of joint specialized committees between Baghdad and Washington to discuss the extent of Iraq’s need for foreign forces

Hashem said, according to the official agency, that "there are seven sections in the strategic framework agreement that were discussed during the dialogue between Iraq and the United States, and they concern culture, education, health, money and economics, as well as security and military departments," stressing that "these sections have not been activated since 2009

He added, "All of these sections pertain to civil life, as Iraq needs financial and economic assistance under the current circumstance, as well as increasing foreign student missions in the United States, as well as cooperation in the cultural field. He pointed out that "the joint statement of the strategic dialogue provided for the reduction of foreign forces in Iraq", stressing that there is a clear reduction taking place now for foreign forces in Iraq and the remainder of them are determined by the security situation and the Iraqi military's appreciation

He pointed out that there are joint specialized committees concerned with security and military cooperation between the two countries studying the extent of Iraq’s need for foreign forces in general and the US in particular. He continued, "The joint statement stressed that America will assist Iraq in international organizations and the international community and also will help it by pressuring its allies in the region and the Gulf to invite them to help Iraq

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Trump extends sanctions on North Korea for a year


09:59 - 18/06/2020


US President Donald Trump extended the US sanctions imposed on North Korea for another year. Trump justified this by continuing the "extraordinary and exceptional" threat posed by the "North Korean regime."

In a routine memo he sent to Congress, Trump wrote that he was extending the sanctions, which were first announced in June 2008, because Pyongyang continued its nuclear and missile programs. Trump also said that the actions and policies of the North Korean government "destabilize the Korean peninsula and endanger the US military, US allies and trade partners in the region."

This renewal is routine, but it comes at a time when tensions are escalating on the Korean peninsula amid increasing military threats by North Korea against the south. Pyongyang justified its actions, including the demolition of the inter-Korean liaison office this week, by accusing Seoul of failing to prevent dissidents from launching anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets to the north by balloons.
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Including Iran and Syria ..

Intelligence report: 4 countries are moving to obtain the "most destructive weapons" in the world

2020.06.17 - 13:14


People - Baghdad  


A report issued by the intelligence agency in the Baden-Württemberg region in southern Germany revealed that Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction and that it circumvents international sanctions in order to achieve this.  

The 181-page report, which was published by the American "Fox News" station, revealed that Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and Syria "are still communicating" their efforts to obtain "the most destructive weapons" in the world.  

The report said that the four mentioned countries want to "complete the existing arsenals, improve the range of their weapons, their potential for implementation and effectiveness, and develop new weapons systems ... They are trying to obtain the necessary products through illegal purchases in Germany."  

The German intelligence agency indicated that it was seeking "more proliferation of atomic, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, or the products or technology needed to manufacture them."  

The government agency noted that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced at the end of 2019 that his country "will no longer implement some agreements" in reference to his country's nuclear obligations.  

Fox News said that the Baden-Wuerttemberg region is active in the "Iran Network" because it has many advanced engineering and advanced technology companies, and the report referred to illegal purchases that it made in this region in 2019, but it did not refer to specific company names.  

The agency added that some companies operating there do not know how legal it is to conduct transactions with Iran, noting that Tehran circumvents export restrictions and embargoes, by purchasing goods in Germany and Europe with the help of companies operating as a "front".  

Intelligence officials have warned of Iran's infiltration into colleges and research centers in Germany to learn information about nuclear technology.  

It is worth noting that North Korea and Pakistan acknowledge that they possess a nuclear arsenal, but Iran denies this, and in 2015 it signed an agreement with the group of six countries under which to suspend its nuclear activities in exchange for easing economic sanctions against it.  

But Washington announced its withdrawal from the agreement in 2018, and the administration of US President Donald Trump said that he had not prevented Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, and had reimposed sanctions, and as a result, Tehran announced that it would gradually withdraw its obligations from it.  

In an attempt to pressure Iran, the United States recently announced an end to sanctions waivers, which have allowed foreign companies to do some work on Iran's nuclear sites.   

From the "free"  site  


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Iran is testing with a "success" a new generation of missiles



18th June, 2020

Iranian media said that the country's navy tested "successfully" this morning, Thursday, in maneuvers of short-range and long-range cruise missiles locally in the waters of the Sea of Oman and the northern Indian Ocean.

And those means said that the Iranian locally manufactured cruise missiles managed to destroy the specified targets within a distance of 280 km, which could be increased.

It also mentioned that during the defensive exercises, cruise missiles (land - sea) and (sea - sea) were launched in short and far ranges of coastal lands and Iranian navy ships simultaneously, where they succeeded in hitting the specified targets with great accuracy.

The new missiles used in these exercises were manufactured by Ministry of Defense factories in cooperation with the Iranian army navy.

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Iran would like to give out some special credits for this great event, and moment in their lives.

First and foremost, Mr. Maliki. Without him  We wouldn’t be here today.

Secondly Mr. a lock and central bank of Iraq. Also, a big shout out to the Currency auctions in Iraq. 

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9 hours ago, gregp said:

Iran would like to give out some special credits for this great event, and moment in their lives.

Wait - The Judges Were Bribed ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 




The body of a fleeing Iranian judge was found in Romania



19th June, 2020

Official sources in Romania stated that the authorities found the body of a former Iranian judge accused of corruption and fleeing to Romania, Ghulam Reza Mansouri, outside the hotel in which he resides in Bucharest.

The Iranian opposition radio "Farda" said that initial reports that had not been confirmed yet suggested that Mansouri had fallen from the hotel room window, but it was not clear whether he had jumped or was pushed by someone.

Ghulam Raza Mansouri, 66, fled Iran last year after the authorities there claimed that he had received about 500,000 euros in bribes while working as a judge. Details of the charges were not announced.

 Mansouri posted a video on the Internet last week, denying the charges, saying he had left Iran for medical treatment of an unspecified illness and travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus had prevented him from returning to face the charges.

Rights groups and Iranian dissidents have urged the Romanian government not to deport the former Iranian official to his homeland, and have said he should be tried in Europe for ordering the mass detention of journalists while serving as a judge in Tehran.

Activists want Mansouri to meet the same fate as Hamid al-Noubari, the judge involved in the killing of several thousand Iranian political prisoners in 1988, who was arrested in Sweden where he is in prison.

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Iranian report admits: Iraq is the reason for the decline in Tehran's influence in the Middle East


19th June, 2020

A report of the newspaper, "Kayhan.London", said that Iraq’s position on the Iranian presence on its soil, along with US sanctions, plays the most prominent role in the decline of Iran's influence in the Middle East region.

The report considered, "Iraq is one of the most important countries that represent the influence of the Iranian regime in the region," he added, while Tehran faces developments in the Iraqi political scene that threaten the fate of its influence in Baghdad. He added that "the factors that underpin the Iranian regime to extend its influence in Iraq are falling one by one, in conjunction with the damage of Tehran's policies to stay in Iraq in a remarkable way during the current period."

The report pointed out that “the assassination of the former Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, and the retreat of the military position of the militias loyal to the Iranian regime, represent a fatal blow to limit the influence of the Iranian regime in Iraq.” He pointed to the state of radical change that the PMF has been witnessing recently, especially with a number of them joining the Iraqi army, in addition to the position of a number of military leaders in the crowd, most notably of the Supreme Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Sistani, of Iran's influence, which the report sees has contributed greatly to the decline Tehran's military influence in Baghdad.

The report also demonstrated the popular rejection in Iraq of the Iranian presence in their country, after a broad spectrum of Iraqis refused to take over a new sectarian government close to Tehran to take over, which ultimately ended with the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi. He pointed out that "the Iraqis witnessed with their own eyes the extent of the damage inflicted on their country as a result of Iranian interventions, which sparked a movement of unprecedented popular opposition in the Iraqi street against Tehran." Especially by Shiite protesters in the cities of Karbala and Najaf who burned the Iranian consulate and raised the Iraqi flag above it.

The report was based on a vision based on the results of an opinion poll of the independent Institute for Civil Studies (IIACSS), which confirmed the decline in Iran's popularity among Iraqis during the past year to the lowest level, after it reached 15%. As for the role of US sanctions in limiting the influence of the Iranian regime in the Middle East, the Kayhan London Report revealed that Republicans in the US Congress are currently passing a law that works to "reduce the financial empire of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei".

The report pointed out that these sanctions that will be passed will focus on the issue of reviewing exemptions for Iran's export of its strategic products to Iraq such as energy and gas, while US lawmakers are studying mechanisms to compensate Iraq for these products in light of the poor infrastructure in Baghdad. He concluded that, "American sanctions, along with the Iraqi political position on Tehran's military influence in Baghdad, have already contributed to the retreat of Iran's influence in Baghdad, after the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, interrupted the nails of a number of armed groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard."



Newspaper: The factors that the Iranian regime is focusing on to extend its influence in Iraq are falling one after another  

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      The Khamenei regime is trying to appear straight and has nothing to do with it. 
      He claims that the US sanctions have not affected him and will not push him to change his enterprise slogans, but the truth is completely different. 
      The regime is suffering an economic collapse, and there has been a boil in the Iranian street during the last period. 
      In conjunction with the economic and living crisis the country is suffering from, labor strikes continue in Iran in many sectors, from oil to sugar. 
      For the third consecutive day, the Iranian city of Bushehr and a number of cities in the south witnessed protests, sit-ins and strikes organized by workers and employees in the oil sector and petrochemical industries due to a lack of salaries, and what they described as corruption scandals of power.

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      Haft Tabah workers in the new round demand their strike to “pay deferred salaries, renew insurance books, return their dismissed colleagues, arrest Amid Asad Biky, CEO of the company, remove the employer and the private sector from the company, and return the stolen money. It is indicated that the new round From the workers' strike started on June 16th, where 800 workers went on strike to protest against the non-payment of salaries and the lack of determination of their employment status and continuing for two months. 
      Economists and observers assert that the protests during Khamenei's era are the best evidence of his failure to administer the country and to undermine his rule.
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      Iranian media reported that Larijani was being treated in a hospital in the capital, Tehran, and described his condition as "stable."

      It is noteworthy that, last April, Larijani was infected with the virus and subjected to quarantine.  
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      Opinions differed on that attack, which is often carried out by sectarian armed militias loyal to Iran, and among these views there are those who say that the recent attack is a message from these militias loyal to Iran to the Iranian Foreign Minister (Javad Zarif) during that visit during the day. 
      The question remains: Why are these Iraqi armed militias loyal to Iran attacking the missile? .. These armed militias are financially gaining and stolen from Iranian financial support to them throughout the past years, and they feel that there are secret understandings taking place between (Iran and America) to trim the nails of these armed militias inside Iraq .. and especially that we realize that the recent military confrontations that occurred between the American forces operating in Iraq and Iran after the American assassination of Qasim Soleimani, and the Iranian missile attack on the American military bases in Iraq occurred because of the targeting of these Iraqi militias, which are instructed (Soleimani) orders, to the American embassy in the green Zone.
      Iran, which suffers from many mysterious daily explosions inside Iranian cities, pressures of the American economic sanctions against it, the scarcity of Iranian oil exports, the Iranian regime’s suffering from the increasing demonstrations and popular protests that threaten the fall of the mullahs ’regime, in addition to the increasing deaths among the Iranians due to the Corona pandemic, where the number of injuries 25 million Iranians, and another 35 million are at risk of infection, according to President (Rouhani's) recent confession. 
      All these factors are common with Iran’s desire to conclude a deal with President Trump after the results of the upcoming elections in America, all of which makes Iran resort to temporary secret understandings with (Washington), including neutralizing the weapons of pro-Iranian Iraqi militias in Iraq .. and its recent missiles on the Green Zone During (Zarif )’s visit, it is a message: “We, that is, the militias, are not committed to a truce between Iran and America ... and we will continue to bomb the American forces.”
      That is, the terrorist militias in Iraq say to America and Iran: "cutting the throats and not cutting the livelihoods" .. This is the behavior of mercenaries everywhere.
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      CNN. Broadcasting ‘No Soup For U’ Ayatollahs !
      Zangana: No foreign country is ready to sign contracts with Iran

      20th July, 2020

      Iranian Oil Minister, Begin Zangana, said that no foreign country is ready to sign contracts with his country, and in any field, in the current period.

      Zangana added that India has backed away from signing a contract with Iran on the development of the Farzad gas field.  The statements of the Iranian Oil Minister came on the sidelines of a signing ceremony with China to develop the southern Azadkan field. Zangana added, "Through this field, 25 million tons will be added to Iran's petrochemical production capacity, petrochemical production will increase to 100 million tons, and the value of exports will be 25 billion dollars."

      Zangana defended the strategic partnership agreement between Tehran and Beijing, saying that "according to this agreement, we will have long-term cooperation with China in the oil industries." He added that "Iran is ready to sign such agreements with any country other than the Zionist entity." He pointed out that Iran did not prevent even American contractors and investors from working in Iran, even under US sanctions.

      Zangana denied that Tehran would offer concessions to China regarding the purchase of Iranian oil in the agreement, stressing that "China did not ask us to do so either."
    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting From US Central Command While Telling The Mullah’s To Go Ahead And ‘Make My Day’ !

      US Central Command: Any Iranian military move would be prohibitively expensive

      14th July, 2020

      General Kenneth F. McKinsey Jr., Commander-in-Chief of the US Central Command, said his country would push forward with the arms embargo imposed on Iran at the United Nations, adding in a press conference, on Tuesday, that any military action by Iran in the region would be "very expensive", As he put it.
      The Commander in Chief of the US Central Command said that the number of American forces in the region is linked to developments, both high and low, at the regional level, noting that Tehran "has a very sensitive position" in the region, especially after the killing of the Quds Force Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani in January. The second last 2020.
      On the presence of the American forces in Iraq, General McKinsey stressed that the Iraqi authorities welcome the American presence, considering that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi “does everything right” and that the United States agrees with the Iraqi government's directions regarding the armed factions, stressing that the government Iraqiya is committed to securing American forces, while also praising engaging in a "strategic dialogue" between the United States and the Iraqi government.
      On Iraqi calls for the departure of American forces in particular and foreigners in general, McKinsey said, there are consultations with the Iraqi government on the American presence.
      With the repeated attacks on the Green Zone, which includes the American embassy in Baghdad, the Commander in Chief of the US Central Command in the Middle East said that there are "new protection systems in the Green Zone, if necessary."
      On efforts to confront ISIS, General McKinsey said, "Our main goal on the ground is to defeat ISIS, and we exert great pressure on ISIS," considering that "ISIS is more an ideology than forces on the ground, so we cannot completely get rid of it. Therefore there are activities and guerrilla warfare." On the ground".
      And General McKenzie pointed out that "Al Qaeda and ISIS have a desire to attack countries in the region as well as in Europe and the United States, our forces in the region are working to keep pressure on these organizations to not allow more attacks," as he put it.
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