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Saturday Midnight Opinions - 6/13/2020

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Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's several more opinions & comments that might be of interest to you.  Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq.  :twothumbs: RON


*** MilitiaMan   Article:  "Foreign Minister: The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister will visit Baghdad tomorrow"   It sure looks like they are signalling inclusiveness and with an urgency!  The Kurdistan high ranking Delegation is coming  to town and may be arriving in conjunction with the Kuwait Foreign Minister. Lets think about that a moment.  Pompeo is the USAs counter part to the Kuwait's Foreign Minister, if I am not mistaken. The USA having had SFA meetings that were well received by all, may not be over just yet. There may be another one or so in the coming days too. I sense signings may be at hand to some very important items! ..(post 1 of 2)... 


*** MilitiaMan  The IMF has had recent meetings with the" Crisis" Emergency Cell on currency reforms and the modalities or treatment if you will, to cure the current crisis.  There will be follow up meetings too. Kinda like a doctor to a patient. Take this alternative we have before us (raise the rate, secondary markets, SDR, Bonds, border fees, taxes and tariffs, reduction in refinery costs, etc.) and let it all take a few days/weeks to start working in conjunction and we will set another appointment for to review your progress, as in WORLD BANK management agreement... LOL...IMO...(post 2 of 2)... 


*** Pimpy    ...People go, 'What are you looking for?'  ...I'm looking for the UN to go 'okay' and the United States to go look it's Time for Iraq to be moved out of chapter 7 and into chapter 8.  Give them back their sovereignty.  Give them back their internationally recognized currency.  Allow it to be on the Forex and start trading.  That's what we want.  That's what we're looking for.


*** Kaperoni  If you want to see the Iraqi dinar go up in value which I assume you do...the only way it's going to go up in value is when Iraq's private sector economy grows. Only then will Iraq get off the peg and float the dinar allowing it to appreciate.



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Kaperoni! Ain't nobody got time for that!  Those salaries are not going to pay themselves and the coffers are empty.  On top of that, no one is lending.  The most logical way to get out of the pickle they are in is to adjust their exchange rate in a favorable way.  Its good for them and... good for us!

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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Breitling  Question: "What impact if any do you feel Biden's meeting with the Iraq Prime Minister and the announcement of the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq will have on the revaluation of the dinar?"  They are going to revalue no matter what.  Whether we stay in Iraq or we're out of Iraq...

      ** Pimpy  Article: "Al-Kazemi announce the launch of the economic reform plan within the white papers"  This looks like the full-fledged full-on launching of the White Papers...yes!  Let's get it rocking and rolling...I still think with the economy going the way it is and oil's going the way it is, if they continue to work on the private sector you're gonna see it move up.  Now it might not be an RI or an RV but it's going to start moving up slowly but surely we're going to get back to where it was.  I do remember the United Council...what did they say?  There's no reason for us not to reinstate Iraq to its rate of $3.22...

      ** Militiaman  Article: "Al-Kazemi announce the launch of the economic reform plan within the white papers"  The meeting today was specifically stating was to announce the start of implementing the administrative and executive mechanisms - advanced level of implementation.  It isn't the underlying issue.  It's the main administrative and executive mechanisms to get things done.  In other words, 'You gotta move.  Get things going!' And that's what they're doing.

      ** Frank26   I know you want "now".  But I don't know when "now" is.  Nobody knows the date.  What we do know is they're doing it.  What we do know is that they're very blatant.  They're very obvious/telling of what they're doing with their currency, with their exchange rate, with their economic reform of the countries pouring in, with their article VIII status.  All of this is for the raising of the value of their currency...

      ** Petra  Article: "Al-Kazemi announce the launch of the economic reform plan within the white papers"  They're launching.  Obviously the key part of that is the rate.  Nothing happens without that precious rate.  The whole White Papers goes down the toilet if they don't change the rate...That is clearly the direction they're going by clear words that came directly from the Prime Minister himself.  Clearly/obviously his visit here helped.  His visit to the U. S. was critical.

      ** Frank26   IMO for Iraq to be a member of the WTO their currency needs to be tradable, not "increasable", but tradable...I want you to really understand Iraq is Article VIII...therefore ergo they're about to take their currency, which is toilet paper value and they're going to throw it out into the international market...the whole international world is pouring into Iraq.  They know they're 1 to 1 with the American dollar.  They know they're about to unpeg.  All of this is in articles.  It's not new about this.  The WTO goes in there and says, 'Hey, please, please, please, please join us.  You're a cash cow..!'

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Pimpy  Article: "Iraq's revenues from oil exports jump 62% in the first half of 2021"  This is awesome...Yeah buddy, that's what we're talking about right there!  This is despite we're still on partial lock-down/on full lock-down in places so you can imagine what happens if the entire world opened up once people wake to the fact that this is just a planneddemic...all this does is secure and strengthen the economy which is exactly what we want...

      ** Frank26  IMO the GOI has pledged to the World Trade Organization a certain parentage of the local currency (30 to 40%) of dinars at a certain value upon admission into the think the WTO wants a certain specific percentile and figures of the Iraqi dinar currency at a restricted sanctioned program rate? be in the WTO Iraq's currency needs to be tradable...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 

      ** Breitling  Question:  "Would I be wise to buy 500 denominations along with the 3 zero notes?"  A lot of people ask me about the LOP.  People are saying that's still part of the equation/debate.  No it's not!  That's not part of the debate at all...if you look at what they're doing in Iraq and how they're doing it, they want to add value to their currency and lopping the 3 zeros is not adding value to their currency.    As an example if you look at what's going on with Turkey when they lopped the 3 zeros off their currency.  It was because there was massive inflation and they couldn't fix anything...(post 1 of 2).. 
      **  Breitling  Iraq devalued their currency on purpose.  They made it cheap to do business with their's a completely different ballgame.  The Iraq currency is not in trouble.  It's heavily manipulated...It has to do with the note count...Information coming from the CBI - when they do start adding value to the currency that once it gets to a certain rate they are going to have another currency that's out there that doesn't have the 3 zeros on it.  If they're going to lop the damn dinar that you and I have that have the 3 zeros on it then there's no reason to have a completely different note.  There's no reason for it.  It doesn't make any's not going to lop...(Post 2 of 2).. 

      ** Pimpy  Article: "As compensation for the invasion of Iraq, the United Nations pays $600 million to Kuwait". This I like a whole lot.  Let's get to the most important thing.  Quote:   "the last installment is expected to be paid within a year."  Yep!  Then you have no more payments going out.  That's it...everything is taken care of once that's done.  Plus our troops are withdrawn.  Complete sovereignty ...then I'm looking for a rate change to happen...get the Americans out of there.  Make your last payment to Kuwait.  Get your sovereignty back. Let's change the rate...
      ** Frank26   Iraq is grown up.  It is secured and stable to bring forth its reforms, especially in its currency in order for it to have an economic reform.  It can be done tomorrow and it can be done by the end of the year.  All I know is that Iraq needs to be sovereign...[Years ago]  Dr. Shabibi told our Blue Star - Iraq needs to be sovereign.  And this 'pull out' [of troops] that Biden was talking about is part of the security and stability IMO...
      That's all folks ... Blessings ... RON 
    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      ** Kaperoni  The latest...from...gurus is they think Iraq has been accepted into the WTO as a full member. ...Just about a year ago a great article came out from the WTO telling Iraq that until they have something to export (other than oil) there is no reason in trying.

      ** Frank26  What Biden did is he told the world that Iraq is so secure and so stable right now we don't really need to help them with our military.  He says we're going to pull out by the end of the year.  The truth of the matter is that we already have started that...Iraq is ready to deal with their own issues and their military is in a position to deal with their security and stability.  Because of this combination Iraq is in a powerful position to do something about their two reforms [monetary and economic] that they are marching forward on...they are prime.  They are set pretty in the most perfect storm to raise the value of their currency and economy.  

      ** Breitling   Speculation - that's what we're doing here.  This isn't a religion...It's speculation.  There's no one who believes in this more than me but it's still speculation.  I believe it's coming down the road.  Where does my confidence come from?  Is it good ole fashioned positive thinking?  NO!  I'm not one of those types of people who does that.  I don't lie to myself for the sake of being positive.  I'm a realist.  I watch what Iraq is doing...I watch their government.  I listen very carefully who have authority to add value to the Iraqi dinar and what their intent is.  And these guys can't wait to do it.

      ** Pimpy  It does look really good.  There's no promises on anything but right now these are all  [U.S. agreement toward sovereignty, oil prices, WTO etc.] positive steps going in the right direction...  A lot of people have been waiting for these moments for a long long time.  It's happening.  Let's just be a little more patient.  It's going to get there...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Adam Montana  ...No news is good news. No news is not the best news, but it's also not bad news...this investment has always been about the fundamentals. Iraq has a ton of the world's oil, they are making their way back up...My change in posting habits has nothing to do with my confidence in the value of the Dinar increasing... GOOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!! Copied from another site that follows Adam's posts and posts snippets from them.

      *** Frank26  The economic reform is exploding in Iraq because of the monetary reform that has been put in a prime position to be launched...They're leaving their borders to raise the value fo their currency.  Everything that Kazemi and the CBI are doing is for the reforms.  Everything.  And these meetings that were occurring in Iraq for many months and now have apexed in Washington D.C. this is the perfect eye for the perfect storm...

      *** Breitling  Question:  "How do you think the Revalue will be recognized by the banks - Will they look at the Forex?  Check the CBI website?  Some other indicator?"  It's the CBI.  They don't need to check anything [else].  It's very simple, the CBI is the authority for the Iraqi dinar.  

      *** Frank26   IMO the white papers contain the new rate.  The budget contains the new rate.  The second set of books contains the new rate.  The international world contains the new rate...
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