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With Documents .. Al-Fayyad Directs The Crowd Formations To Abandon Partisan Work And Close The Headquarters Inside The Cities !

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CNN. Broadcasting Yet Another Blockbuster Article In A Recent Series Of Sweeping Changes - Is There A New PM Sheriff In Town Or What ? :cowboy1: 


With documents .. Al-Fayyad directs the crowd formations to abandon partisan work and close the headquarters inside the cities



Policy 04/06/2020 10:24 2518 Editor: ha    

Baghdad today - Baghdad 

The head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, issued generals to all cooperatives, directorates, and formations, including 10 paragraphs, the most prominent of which are the closure of brigade headquarters and cohorts within cities and the abandonment of partisan work.

According to the documents obtained by (Baghdad Today), the cousins include the decision to commit to dismantling any political and non-political ties to the formations of the commission, and to give up all the names that the PMF had previously worked in its battles against ISIS.

@1.jpeg?watermark=4   @2.jpeg?watermark=4


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Nineteen members of ISIS were bombed by international bombing near Erbil



4th June, 2020

 Iraq announced today, Thursday, the implementation of "qualitative" military operations and air strikes that ousted dozens of "terrorists" in separate areas of the country in cooperation with the international coalition.

A spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said, in a statement received to Shafaq News, that "the formations of the anti-terrorist apparatus represented by the leaders of the first and second special operations embarked on specific duties in separate geographical areas of the country, which resulted in providing the international coalition aircraft with accurate information about the presence of gang members ISIS terrorist and their hiding places. "

He explained, "According to this information, coalition aircraft carried out 26 air strikes, which resulted in the destruction of 46 caves and the killing of 19 ISIS gangs defeated in the Qura Jug Mountains, south of Makhmour, (between the provinces of Arbil and Nineveh)."

The spokesman pointed out that "anti-terrorist forces arrested two members of ISIS gangs in the Fallujah district, while a force from the agency launched a duty in Wadi Houran in Anbar Governorate, which resulted in the destruction of three headquarters of ISIS gangs."

He indicated that these operations were carried out "under the direction of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and in coordination with the Joint Operations Command, air force flights, army aircraft and international coalition aircraft."

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Iran .. Obsessions of Change

- 23 Hours Ago

Power in Iran is divided into three main categories that share the Khomeinist authority. That is, it controls the country under the banner of hostility to the West. And take the guidance of the guardian of the jurist as criteria for judgment, evaluation and work The discrepancy between these groups is very fragile, and it has not reached the level envisioned by some media outlets, as if it were a severe rift that would topple the regime within a few months. But he has seen with the naked eye, and he remembers those years that preceded the “revolution” that brought Khomeini to power in 1979.

The similarities between the two eras are the winds of change that have started blowing over the country as a result of the Iranian review of the ideas that brought Khomeini to power. These ideas are old and never convincing. And the concerns of clashing with it touched strongly the minds of the new generations in the country.

The arguments of hostility to the West made by the early knights of the Khomeini Temple were eroded. And this Dunkshoot fight for America is nothing but poverty and oppression. Khomeinism, which the Iranians preferred to Westernization forty years ago, is now a heavy burden for them to be rid of, because it is simply irreversible.

The three categories of Khomeini realize the necessity of change in the country, but like any authoritarian authority it will accept it only from within. It prefers to create it by itself to be a white revolution in which they deceive people and absorb their increasing vengeance on the guardian jurist system. Are these groups truly capable of changing people’s faith in the Khomeinism that came through the “Islamic Revolution” in 1979? How long can the guardian system of the jurist endure as a method of governance and administration, after all that has befallen Iran because of him and as a result of his worn out ideas?

Conservatives prefer the East rather than the West, and the Asian neighborhood over their rapprochement with the Americans and Europeans. But they believe that the continuation of the jurisdiction of the jurist depends on the strength of Khomeini's religious idea

The strongest trend among the three categories of Khomeinism today is the Revolutionary Guard, which believes in the nuclear bomb as an egg bomb, in Iran's relationship with the outside. The pundits of this trend believe that the bomb will allow Tehran to impose its conditions in any negotiations with the West or the East. These conditions will be accepted without resistance from Tehran's opponents.

The Revolutionary Guards bet is on a war that will never happen. They believe that the Americans do not want an open confrontation with Iran. Consequently, whatever political and economic pressure the Khomeinists exert on the Khomeinists, they can be contained and dealt with until the possession of weapons that will put things in the right quorum from their point of view.

The Revolutionary Guard prefers an alliance with China over any other major country around the world, as it resembles Iran, which the Guardians love to obfuscate, intimidate and exploit the authority exercised against its people. It is also similar to the policies of expansion and aggression against the neighborhood, and the spread of arms and arms in neighboring countries.

The second category in the forces controlling Iran are the conservatives who represent the extremist religious aspect of Khomeinistism. They also prefer the East over the West, and the Asian neighborhood, rather than the Americans and Europeans. But they believe that the continuation of the jurisdiction of the jurist depends on the strength of Khomeini's religious idea, and not on the Revolutionary Guards.

Conservatives are still trading with the ideas of the "Islamic Revolution" and attracting people with the illusion of their unfulfilled dreams. After more than forty years of "revolution", the leadership of the Islamic world did not turn to Tehran, and the Shiites did not unite even within Iran itself.

In other words, it can be said that the point of disagreement between the Conservatives and the Revolutionary Guards today lies in subordination or the transfer of the right to represent the regime. Conservatives believe that military force has a mission to protect the wilayat al-faqih they represent. But the Revolutionary Guards believe that it is he who represents the real Khomeinism, and the clergy should use their capabilities to persuade the Iranians of his steadfastness and power in front of the "Satan" West.

The last pillar of the Iranian authority trinity is the reformists, who they believe represent Khomeinism with the revolutionary image that arose on it when the people rose up against the Shah’s regime in the 1970’s. The reformists see themselves as the correct model that can preserve the guardianship of the jurist by half reconciling with the West.

The three categories of Khomeini realize the necessity of change in the country, but like any authoritarian authority it will accept it only from within. She prefers to create it herself to be a white revolution by which they deceive people and absorb their increasing vengeance on the guardian’s system.

In other words, concluding a long-term armistice with the West that gives Khomeinists the opportunity to arrange their own internal home, to seize again all the country's joints without economic sanctions that irritate the Iranians, and limit their ability to support their militias abroad.

The reformists succeeded in this game when they concluded a nuclear deal with the six major countries in 2015. But they did not enjoy this victory very much, and the truce that Khomeinists had relied on to regain their absolute rule in the country collapsed.

The US administration has changed, led by those who do not like half-reconciliations. And overnight, the reformists returned to the weakest and least powerful group of the Khomeinists. All that is of great concern to them today is to survive in the political game. Perhaps the new contract carries to the White House again an administration that accepts a half-settlement with the regime of the Guardian Jurist.

Competition between the three categories of Khomeinism does not appear publicly, or more explicitly, shamed. But it has become a reality and worsening with the deteriorating conditions in the country, and these groups adhere to the system of guardianship of the jurist state administration.

Perhaps between these groups and this system has become a unit of destiny, one cannot allow the other to abandon the other. But whatever the motivation, the Iranians today are swimming in a completely different orbit, and they will never meet this regime or its categories. The experiment of the experimenter is a rumination of disappointment and unending failure under the Khomeinists.

The Arabs


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Morgan Stanley: Washington will not cancel the trade deal with China

Morgan Stanley: Washington will not cancel the trade deal with China


5th June 2020

Morgan Stanley economist believes that the United States will not want to cancel the first stage of the trade deal with China, despite the escalation of tensions between the two countries in recent weeks

The chief economist of the American investment bank, "Chetan Ahia", said on Friday: "At this stage from our economic point of view, as long as the first stage deal continues and there is no renewed escalation in terms of tariffs, the outlook for global growth will be sound

"Ahya" indicated that the administration of US President Donald Trump will focus on the economy at the present time and will not want to cancel the first stage deal, so the risk of renewed trade war between the United States and China and hitting the global economy is unlikely to occur

Donald Trump said last month that he was "very distracted" about ending the deal in January, raising concerns among investors and analysts that the world's two largest economies would return to a tariff war that is hurting the global economy

Ahya also expected markets to see tensions in the short term due to the ongoing tensions between the United States and China

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The Chinese central bank injects 21 billion dollars into the financial markets

The Chinese central bank injects 21 billion dollars into the financial markets


5th June 2020


The Chinese central bank pumped $ 21 billion into the financial system through reverse repurchases; In an effort to maintain cash liquidity

The People's Bank of China announced on its website on Friday that it had injected 150 billion yuan (approximately $ 21.1 billion) into the market through seven-day reverse repo operations, at an interest rate of 2.2 percent

The move aims to offset the effect of the entitlement to reverse purchases and repo, to keep the money supply in the financial markets at the targeted proportional limit

Reverse repo operations are a process by which the central bank buys securities from commercial banks and pledges to resell them again

Since the global virus outbreak that infected 6.7 million people globally, China has increased its political support in monetary and financial terms to help companies to overcome the effects of the epidemic on the economy

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The Iraqi government is studying a proposal to extend the embargo for another week



6th June, 2020

The Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety is scheduled to hold a meeting later today, Saturday, headed by the Prime Minister, to discuss the epidemiological situation in Iraq.

The agenda for the 11th session of the committee includes a proposal from the Ministry of Health that includes the continuation of the comprehensive ban for another week starting from Sunday, 7/6/2020 until Saturday, 06/13/2020, as a result of the increase in the number of infections with the emerging virus.

The committee had imposed a comprehensive curfew for a full week before Eid al-Fitr, which expires on Sunday, but observers confirmed that residents of central and southern Iraq did not adhere to the ban.

On Friday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment announced the death of 14 cases and the registration of 1,006 new infections with the Corona virus, the highest number since the pandemic's outbreak in the country.

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Al-Sistani office for the Iraqi people: We recommend that you implement preventive measures and avoid contact and use of masks



Policy 06/2020 2020 08:44 1389 Editor: ha     

Baghdad today - Najaf 


The Office of Religious Reference, Mr. Ali Al-Sistani, Saturday (06 June 2020), sent a message to the Iraqi people, after the increase in the number of infections with the Corona virus, calling for a commitment to apply preventive measures and avoid contact with others and the use of masks. 

The office stated in its letter obtained by (Baghdad today), that "in these difficult days, as the number of people infected with (Corona) epidemic in various regions increases in an unprecedented way - especially in the dear capital of Baghdad - we turn to you again to appeal to you and invite you to be more careful And caution, and we assure you of the need to pay attention to the application of the preventive measures recommended by the concerned authorities, such as avoiding contact with others, keeping a certain distance from them, using masks, and adhering to hand washing with detergents or sterilizing them, and so on. "

 He added, "The strict adherence to these procedures and the like contributes effectively - as specialists say - in limiting the spread of this epidemic and reducing the number of infections, and hence its care is of great importance and has become a necessity that is not tolerated by tolerance, especially with what is suffering From it, the country lacks the available capabilities to provide the necessary medical care for the increasing number of infected patients, which are crowded with many hospitals and others. "

Al-Sistani's office stated that "preventing this epidemic from spreading more broadly than it is at the present time is the responsibility of all citizens and officials. Everyone must be at the level of this great responsibility and cooperate in passing this critical stage with minimal losses and consequences." 

He continued: "Let us all remember that the medical and nursing cadres bear a great burden in carrying out their tasks in treating and caring for the injured, and they and their families face severe suffering whose extent is known only to a few. Rather, they risk their lives in this way. The number of injuries has increased in their ranks in the last period, It is imperative that everyone seeks to alleviate them with more care to take preventive measures against infection with this virus so as not to double the number of people infected with it, which carries additional burdens and makes it more difficult to perform their duties. "

And the office continued: "As we salute them with honor, praise and praise, and pay tribute to their continuous efforts and great sacrifices for the sake of serving their people and fulfilling their religious, patriotic and humanitarian duty, we call upon the Almighty God to preserve them, protect them and grant them the equivalent of their great reward for good, health, and blessings. He greets those with a speedy recovery and pays the calamity and plague on the part of everyone. He is answered.


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Trump orders the withdrawal of thousands of American soldiers from Germany

13:17 - 06/06/2020

US President Donald Trump has instructed the Pentagon to withdraw thousands of American soldiers in Germany at the start of next September, according to the Wall Street Journal, which indicated that the move would significantly reduce the US military presence in Europe, and embody Also the growing differences between Washington and Berlin over military spending and some security files.

The Wall Street Journal stated that Trump's instructions to reduce the number of American soldiers present in Germany from 34,500 to 9,500 only, which means reducing the number of American soldiers stationed temporarily or permanently on German soil by 25 thousand in one go.

The newspaper added that the number of American soldiers in Germany could reach 52,000 while alternating teams or conducting military exercises and exercises.

The move, as the Wall Street Journal made clear, brought criticism of the US administration by former senior defense officials and lawmakers in Congress, as it would weaken the partnership with a strategic ally like Germany in exchange for strengthening the power of opponents of the United States of America.

The newspaper quoted US experts as believing that Russia may, moreover, welcome the apparent dispute between two key NATO countries, although Moscow has not publicly commented on this.

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9 hours ago, DinarThug said:

The Iraqi government is studying a proposal to extend the embargo for another week



6th June, 2020


Extending the curfew a week and turning it into two parts next week

Sunday 07 June 2020


Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety, during its meeting yesterday headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, took a number of measures and measures aimed at confronting “Kurna” and limiting the spread of the virus among citizens, while it decided to maintain the comprehensive ban from today for a period of seven days, and convert it into two parts starting From next week, I issued a comprehensive ban on "Thursday, Friday and Saturday" every week, canceling all exceptions granted therein, as well as completely closing provinces that contain sacred religious shrines, and reviewing the licenses granted to security services and forces.

A statement of the Prime Minister's Office, which was received by "Al-Sabah", stated that "Al-Kazemi presided, yesterday, Saturday, at a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety, to discuss developments and repercussions of the Corona pandemic in the country, and the necessary measures Taken. "

The meeting discussed, according to the statement, the procedures for the ban due to the Corona pandemic, as Al-Kazemi directed the continuation of imposing the ban for this week and transferring it to two parts starting from next week. Security forces implement the curfew and assign health personnel to their duties.
Al-Kazimi stressed the importance of enhancing the awareness of society and the citizen, especially in this stage in which casualties have increased, and everyone has become aware of the seriousness of the disease, noting that "the government and all its organs are making strenuous efforts to confront the pandemic and try to surround the epidemic and reduce its effects and preserve the health of citizens" indicating that the increase in the proportion of Tests carried out by health teams in Baghdad and the provinces revealed the size of the injuries, and stressed the importance for all to abide by the conditions of national safety and social separation.

The Prime Minister called for raising the level of awareness in the country, through various societal activities, in order to obligate citizens to health conditions and preventive measures and to preserve their safety.

In turn, the Minister of Health and Environment gave a detailed explanation of the latest developments of the Corona epidemic in Iraq, the measures taken by the ministry in facing the pandemic, and the measures that were taken in light of the increase in the number of infections throughout the country.  
The committee has taken a number of decisions aimed at curbing the epidemic 
she decided:
1 - The comprehensive ban continues for a period of one week, starting from Sunday, 7/6/2020, until Saturday, 6/13/2020, with an emphasis to implement it accurately according to the procedures set by the Ministry of Health through: "Preventing gatherings in all their forms, And the continued closure of (restaurants except delivery service, event halls, parks, cafes, cinemas, malls, sports halls, private teaching institutes, private doctors ’clinics, swimming pools, shops), except for foodstuff stores and fruit and vegetable stores, ovens and pharmacies“ as well ” Obliging citizens to wear masks in public places, punishing violators, and maintaining physical distance, not less than (2) meters between one person and another, and preventing movement between governorates with full compliance with the decision of the Higher Committee for Health and National Safety No. (44) for the year 2020, regarding facilitating the entry of families The relationship between provincesAs well as preventing the movement of individuals and wheels within the governorates, with the exception of employees of the Ministry of Health, security agencies and service departments referred to in paragraph (11) of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety Resolution No. (57) for the year 2020. ”
2 - The imposition of the curfew begins from six in the evening until five in the morning, starting from Sunday, 6/14/2020, and imposing a comprehensive curfew on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week, and the abolition of all exceptions granted during the days and hours of the above.
3 - Obliging governmental and non-governmental institutions and private hospitals to provide sterilization materials and masks for all their affiliates, while applying physical separation procedures and preventing gatherings.
4- Establishing a mini operations room between the security forces responsible for implementing the ban and the Ministry of Health, for the purpose of accurately monitoring the implementation of the comprehensive ban.
5 - Increasing the imposition of penalties and fines against the owners of the stores exempted from the comprehensive ban, in the event that the necessary measures to prevent and prevent the spread of the disease are not applied (providing sterilizers, wearing masks by all workers, and applying physical divergence procedures between customers at a distance of no less than (2) meters between One person and another from all directions, i.e. one person per 2 square meters of shop area).
6- Closing the provinces that contain the holy religious shrines completely, and setting up a mechanism for burying the dead, so that wheels carrying more than 7 people are not allowed, for any reason.
7 - Stricter procedures in the provinces that have border crossings with neighboring countries such as (Sulaymaniyah, Diyala, Wasit and Maysan).
8 - Reconsidering the leaves granted to the security forces and forces of all kinds, so that they are in the alternative system and for a period of not less than two weeks to prevent the spread of the disease between the provinces.


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      3rd August, 2020
      Economists: Violent protests in the Iranian street are evidence of his failure  
      The Khamenei regime is trying to appear straight and has nothing to do with it. 
      He claims that the US sanctions have not affected him and will not push him to change his enterprise slogans, but the truth is completely different. 
      The regime is suffering an economic collapse, and there has been a boil in the Iranian street during the last period. 
      In conjunction with the economic and living crisis the country is suffering from, labor strikes continue in Iran in many sectors, from oil to sugar. 
      For the third consecutive day, the Iranian city of Bushehr and a number of cities in the south witnessed protests, sit-ins and strikes organized by workers and employees in the oil sector and petrochemical industries due to a lack of salaries, and what they described as corruption scandals of power.

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      Haft Tabah workers in the new round demand their strike to “pay deferred salaries, renew insurance books, return their dismissed colleagues, arrest Amid Asad Biky, CEO of the company, remove the employer and the private sector from the company, and return the stolen money. It is indicated that the new round From the workers' strike started on June 16th, where 800 workers went on strike to protest against the non-payment of salaries and the lack of determination of their employment status and continuing for two months. 
      Economists and observers assert that the protests during Khamenei's era are the best evidence of his failure to administer the country and to undermine his rule.
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      CNN. Broadcasting That The Former ‘Nancy Pelosi’ Speaker Of The Iranian Parliament Supposedly Has Corona For A 2nd Time - Wtf ?
      For the second time, Larijani is infected with Corona and is hospitalized

      7/29/2020 20:58:09
          News websites reported, on Wednesday, that the adviser to the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and a member of the Expediency Council and former parliament speaker Ali Larijani, was infected again with the Corona virus.  
      Iranian media reported that Larijani was being treated in a hospital in the capital, Tehran, and described his condition as "stable."

      It is noteworthy that, last April, Larijani was infected with the virus and subjected to quarantine.  
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      Opinions differed on that attack, which is often carried out by sectarian armed militias loyal to Iran, and among these views there are those who say that the recent attack is a message from these militias loyal to Iran to the Iranian Foreign Minister (Javad Zarif) during that visit during the day. 
      The question remains: Why are these Iraqi armed militias loyal to Iran attacking the missile? .. These armed militias are financially gaining and stolen from Iranian financial support to them throughout the past years, and they feel that there are secret understandings taking place between (Iran and America) to trim the nails of these armed militias inside Iraq .. and especially that we realize that the recent military confrontations that occurred between the American forces operating in Iraq and Iran after the American assassination of Qasim Soleimani, and the Iranian missile attack on the American military bases in Iraq occurred because of the targeting of these Iraqi militias, which are instructed (Soleimani) orders, to the American embassy in the green Zone.
      Iran, which suffers from many mysterious daily explosions inside Iranian cities, pressures of the American economic sanctions against it, the scarcity of Iranian oil exports, the Iranian regime’s suffering from the increasing demonstrations and popular protests that threaten the fall of the mullahs ’regime, in addition to the increasing deaths among the Iranians due to the Corona pandemic, where the number of injuries 25 million Iranians, and another 35 million are at risk of infection, according to President (Rouhani's) recent confession. 
      All these factors are common with Iran’s desire to conclude a deal with President Trump after the results of the upcoming elections in America, all of which makes Iran resort to temporary secret understandings with (Washington), including neutralizing the weapons of pro-Iranian Iraqi militias in Iraq .. and its recent missiles on the Green Zone During (Zarif )’s visit, it is a message: “We, that is, the militias, are not committed to a truce between Iran and America ... and we will continue to bomb the American forces.”
      That is, the terrorist militias in Iraq say to America and Iran: "cutting the throats and not cutting the livelihoods" .. This is the behavior of mercenaries everywhere.
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      CNN. Broadcasting ‘No Soup For U’ Ayatollahs !
      Zangana: No foreign country is ready to sign contracts with Iran

      20th July, 2020

      Iranian Oil Minister, Begin Zangana, said that no foreign country is ready to sign contracts with his country, and in any field, in the current period.

      Zangana added that India has backed away from signing a contract with Iran on the development of the Farzad gas field.  The statements of the Iranian Oil Minister came on the sidelines of a signing ceremony with China to develop the southern Azadkan field. Zangana added, "Through this field, 25 million tons will be added to Iran's petrochemical production capacity, petrochemical production will increase to 100 million tons, and the value of exports will be 25 billion dollars."

      Zangana defended the strategic partnership agreement between Tehran and Beijing, saying that "according to this agreement, we will have long-term cooperation with China in the oil industries." He added that "Iran is ready to sign such agreements with any country other than the Zionist entity." He pointed out that Iran did not prevent even American contractors and investors from working in Iran, even under US sanctions.

      Zangana denied that Tehran would offer concessions to China regarding the purchase of Iranian oil in the agreement, stressing that "China did not ask us to do so either."
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      CNN. Broadcasting From US Central Command While Telling The Mullah’s To Go Ahead And ‘Make My Day’ !

      US Central Command: Any Iranian military move would be prohibitively expensive

      14th July, 2020

      General Kenneth F. McKinsey Jr., Commander-in-Chief of the US Central Command, said his country would push forward with the arms embargo imposed on Iran at the United Nations, adding in a press conference, on Tuesday, that any military action by Iran in the region would be "very expensive", As he put it.
      The Commander in Chief of the US Central Command said that the number of American forces in the region is linked to developments, both high and low, at the regional level, noting that Tehran "has a very sensitive position" in the region, especially after the killing of the Quds Force Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani in January. The second last 2020.
      On the presence of the American forces in Iraq, General McKinsey stressed that the Iraqi authorities welcome the American presence, considering that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi “does everything right” and that the United States agrees with the Iraqi government's directions regarding the armed factions, stressing that the government Iraqiya is committed to securing American forces, while also praising engaging in a "strategic dialogue" between the United States and the Iraqi government.
      On Iraqi calls for the departure of American forces in particular and foreigners in general, McKinsey said, there are consultations with the Iraqi government on the American presence.
      With the repeated attacks on the Green Zone, which includes the American embassy in Baghdad, the Commander in Chief of the US Central Command in the Middle East said that there are "new protection systems in the Green Zone, if necessary."
      On efforts to confront ISIS, General McKinsey said, "Our main goal on the ground is to defeat ISIS, and we exert great pressure on ISIS," considering that "ISIS is more an ideology than forces on the ground, so we cannot completely get rid of it. Therefore there are activities and guerrilla warfare." On the ground".
      And General McKenzie pointed out that "Al Qaeda and ISIS have a desire to attack countries in the region as well as in Europe and the United States, our forces in the region are working to keep pressure on these organizations to not allow more attacks," as he put it.
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