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Catalan government: '337 injured by Spanish police violence' during referendum - live

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Thousands of police officers dispatched to evacuate polling stations in attempt to stop independence referendum with ultimatum issued for 6am Sunday



Jamie Grierson and agencies

Saturday 30 September 2017 14.22 BST




People unfurl a Catalan flag and hold posters reading: ‘Right to Decide. Madrid for Democracy.’
Photograph: Paco Campos/EPA



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Spain is about to devolve into complete anarchy.

I hope not, but this is EXACTLY what happens when the peoples of any nation state become wholly committed to the precepts of socialism.

Of the twelve separate political parties, the one labeled "conservative" is nothing even close to what we Americans would recognize.

That's like saying socialism is conservative.

It is, when compared to communism, or a dictatorship, but none of those doctrines recognize individual liberty in the way we Americans do. (some of us anyway)

In reality, all you have are a bunch of lefties fighting to be the ones who get to make the "rules of oppression"    that will generate billions in personal enrichment for the party in control whilst subjecting their fellow countrymen to continued tyranny. 

It's sad, I have no doubt there are Spaniards who cherish the thought of an "American" style structure, but they are an extreme minority, swept away like a tiny raft in the tsunami of others blinded by the appeal of free money, while refusing to accept the reality  of what happens to a person's soul  when you  deny essential God given rights.

The same thing that is happening in Spain will one day take place around Europe.

From Italy to Greece, governments turned left by an unchecked academia hell bent on personal destruction that continues to universally promote socialism as a means of self-promotion, are being caught up in power struggles. 

While simultaneously dealing with internal corruption, lost civilian productivity,( why bother to work when everything is free?), decimated national currency , and all those nasty little "unmentionables" you get with socialism, like starvation, lack of health care, rampant alcoholism and drug abuse, increased violent crimes, abuse of authority, and then everything else that happens internally when the population loses incentive to work along with their morality.

Europe is coming apart at the seams,  all they can seem to say is "Hey, follow me to the ruin of civilization".

The American Democratic Party is trying as hard as they can to do just that.


Take a look at Spain and understand, that WILL be America 's future, unless we continue to make a stand to drain the swamp and MAGA!  ...DM



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Police brutality has ignited the political crisis. Can Madrid and the pro-independence movement find a way forward?




Sunday 1 October 2017 20.00 BST




Police move in to prevent Catalans voting in Sunday’s illegal independence referendum at a polling station in Sant Julià de Ramis.
Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images



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The crisis in Catalonia is being fed by pernicious myths on both sides



The referendum could cause a crisis in Europe, but Spain is not the oppressive centralised state the independence movement alleges



Monday 2 October 2017 17.34 BST


By  Victor Lapuente Gine'





‘The view of Spanish central government as an oppressor fuelled the Catalan separatist movement from the start.’
Photograph: Juan Carlos Cardenas/EPA








umb's note: King Felipe's silence is deafening


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Opinion divided by the Catalan referendum


Readers respond after Sunday’s referendum descended into violence




Monday 2 October 2017 19.12 BST




A Spanish riot police officer in Barcelona on Sunday. ‘This would have been bad in a riot, but as a government attempt to stop voting it was disgusting,’ writes Sara Neill
Photograph: Manu Fernandez/AP
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King Felipe: Catalan authorities have 'scorned' all Spaniards with referendum


Spanish monarch uses strongly worded television address to chastise Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, for attempting to break the ‘unity of Spain’



Sam Jones in Barcelona

Tuesday 3 October 2017 21.31 BST




Anti Catalan independence demonstrators march in Barcelona on Tuesday night.
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Can Catalonia declare independence from Spain?


Since Sunday’s referendum, the Catalan president has repeated his determination to do so within days. The reality may not be so simple


Sam Jones in Barcelona

Wednesday 4 October 2017 10.35 BST



Pro-independence demonstrators in Barcelona taking part in the regional general strike after violence marred Sunday’s referendum vote.
Photograph: Chris McGrath/Getty Images





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Spain suspends Catalan parliament session in attempt to block independence


PM Mariano Rajoy calls on Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to drop pursuit of unilateral declaration


Sam Jones in Barcelona

Thursday 5 October 2017 14.09 BST



A demonstration in Barcelona against Catalonia’s independence referendum.
Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
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The deep roots of Spain’s Catalan crisis


October 5, 2017 9:41 AM CDT By Emile Schepers




The deep roots of Spain’s Catalan crisis
Spanish National Police try to dislodge pro-referendum supporters sitting down on a street in Barcelona, Oct. 1. | Manu Fernandez / AP

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