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Here's one that's a little more current ...

US Dollar exchange rates against currencies in Middle East and Central Asia for April 11

Convert From Convert To Exchange Rate Historical Exchange Rates Other Conversions
USD Armenian Dram 482.66906  
Convert USD to AMD
USD Azerbaijani Manat 1.53094  
Convert USD to AZN
USD Bahraini Dinar 0.37707  
Convert USD to BHD
USD Georgian Lari 2.27528  
Convert USD to GEL
USD Iranian Rial 30277.70781  
Convert USD to IRR
USD Iraqi Dinar 1107.23832  
Convert USD to IQD
USD Israeli New Shekel 3.77441  
Convert USD to ILS
USD Jordanian Dinar 0.70815  
Convert USD to JOD
USD Kazakhstan Tenge 336.74643  
Convert USD to KZT
USD Kuwaiti Dinar 0.30134  
Convert USD to KWD
USD Lebanese Pound 1502.30374  
Convert USD to LBP
USD Omani Rial 0.38504  
Convert USD to OMR
USD Qatari Rial 3.64142  
Convert USD to QAR
USD Saudi Riyal 3.75026  
Convert USD to SAR
USD Syrian Pound 219.88394  
Convert USD to SYP
USD Turkish Lira 2.82730  
Convert USD to TRY
USD Turkmenistan Manat 3.50043  
Convert USD to TMT
USD United Arab Emirates Dirham 3.67299  
Convert USD to AED
USD Uzbekistan Som 2883.03334  
Convert USD to UZS
USD Yemeni Rial 249.18049  
As Of:
4/11/2016 10:30 AM
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