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Kirkuk rejects another resolution to Baghdad

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Kirkuk rejects another resolution to Baghdad

Thursday 24-12-2015 | 10:31:19



Kirkuk market - a snapshot of the site of Kirkuk - m m r / m c

Twilight News / administration announced the province of Kirkuk, on Thursday, for it will not abide by the decision of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on the non-adoption of the ration card and identity of the Civil Awal Housing, announcing the presence of many risks of adoption of this resolution.

The Interior Ministry issued a decision to cancel the adoption of the Civil Status card and ration card in the establishment of the citizens in the provinces, departments claim Iraqi provinces commitment to the substance of the decision.

The head of the provincial council in Kirkuk Ribawar Talabani said in a statement responded to Twilight News, that the province will not comply with this decision because it has its own law.

He added that the Interior issued a decision for the benefit of all citizens who want to live in Iraqi cities, explaining that under the resolution and during the housing is dispensed asked the ration card and identity card, but it would be different in the province of Kirkuk.

He said the implementation of this resolution is good for the rest of the provinces, but the province of Kirkuk will not abide by it to operate under the 1957 record, which is stated in Article 140 of the constitution and not by a decision of the Ministry of Interior, as he put it.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has issued earlier decisions to change the number of security positions in the city of Kirkuk, including Director General of Police in the province, Major General Jamal Taher, but the conservative Necmettin cream reject this decision formally.



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I don't post very often, although on here daily to stay informed and to check out other members thoughts. Thank you Yota, very nice Dj, and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS And happy, health New Year to all of DV family.

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