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Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School

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Greetings AIMS Community!20141119_Adams_0013_R.jpg

I look forward to welcoming your children to the inaugural class of one of the nation’s first Arabic Immersion Schools.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin for both my bachelors and masters degrees, I began my teaching career in HISD at Lamar High School. After Lamar I joined the teaching staff of Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS). In 2011, I became Dean of Instruction at HAIS, helping lead the school to achieve a National Blue Ribbon Award.

Having spent my childhood in both Houston, Texas and Cairo, Egypt, I’m excited about leading a world-class school for Houston students. My experience in Cairo not only helped me learn Arabic, it broadened my world-view. 

The ability to communicate in another language is a marketable asset; fluency in Arabic is an extraordinary asset.  While it may seem far away, learning Arabic will help your children gain jobs in the oil and gas industry, state department, and many multi-national corporations.  Additionally, even before your children leave the walls of AIMS, their experiences in dual language will benefit them greatly. Research shows that bilingualism helps children develop their critical thinking, analytical skills, and an appreciation for different cultures. 

I look forward to a great school year!

Kate D. Adams, Principal


Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS)



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In principle...Learning foreign languages is a good thing....Helps People communicate and understand each other better....JMHO


Then obviously one is fully entitled to decide what languages to learn.

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