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Major problems hindering the adoption of the law of parties

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The major parties seeking for approval
BAGHDAD / follow-up justice - 04/13/2015 - 0:12 | Hits: 12

MP said the mass citizen Aziz Kadhim Ugaili that "big problems hinder the adoption of the law of parties," pointing out that "large parties earnest endeavor to pass this law." 

He explained in a statement issued by the Office of Citizen Natqah mass on Sunday, "there are serious with the major parties in the adoption of the law of parties, contrary to what is promoted from the other," explaining that "the problems contributed to the delay in approving the law." He added that "our demand in the founding body of political parties body called, not the Department of party affairs as it is located within the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice and one of these problems." 
He pointed out that "Article 108 of the Constitution urges the creation of independent bodies away from the political and partisan interventions and thus be missed opportunity to those who try to interfere in the work of the Commission. " 
The MP for the mass of citizens that "Article 40 of the law of parties is also known by the majority of insiders on the law to allow for any merger party with any other party." 
He concluded Ugaili his speech by saying that "the law if introduced a third time to the parliament vote means taking into account resolving the problems that exist in the law. " The House of Representatives has embarked on in its sixth of this month to discuss the political parties law and presented for the second reading.




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I expected this to happen!


There for a minute Iraq was moving forward at light speed, seeing an era of cooperation previously unheard of in it's history!


Now back to "what are you doing for me" politics'!  :(

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Deputies: adoption of important laws highlighted the achievements of the government         333-3370.jpg

4/14/2015 0:00 

Commended for its role in unifying the work of the three presidencies 
 BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab 
praised the deputies of the various parliamentary committees great harmony in the work of the three presidencies, and as pointed out that the time elapsed from the age of encouraging the government and saw the state of harmony and optimism, considered that those understandings that led to the adoption of important laws, able to resolve all outstanding issues and the consolidation of national unity. 
a member of the Legal Committee Ibtisam al-Hilali reported that the government won the confidence of blocs and political parties for their commitment to the political document. 
confirmed Hilali, in a statement singled out the "morning" that "the achievements of the government so far is a good analogy her age and the size of the circumstances and difficulties that accompanied the start of work, "indicating that it" despite the security conditions, which accounted for the bulk of their attention, but it has worked to stabilize the political situation in addition to the adoption of the Constitution in the formulation of laws and distancing itself from the politicization of law and show its good faith of all the blocks, giving it credibility. " Hilali called on the government to "put the right man in the right place and the exploitation of the owners of competencies and not to resort to quotas that led to the absence of the estimated owners and efficiency for political, security and economic landscape," noting that "there are a lot of laws that delayed approval of the previous sessions to this session and was able to Legal Committee to pass three important laws which judicial investigators and fees judicial law and the law of the civil service and is now working to pass the parties and the Federal Court Act which achievements will be calculated at the time of this government. " 
For his part, saw the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary member Tawfiq al-Kaabi excellence in the work of the current government of in their ability to create harmony between the three presidencies. Kaabi said, in a statement to the "morning" that "the government has proved its seriousness and its eagerness to adopt laws that affect the Iraqi citizens, including service laws," noting that "the laws that left to the new parliament and found Ancefha in this session after the forward from previous sessions Thanks to the government's effort was able to reach and see the light. " Kaabi pointed out that "the main reason for the delay in adoption of certain laws due to preoccupation with the war against terrorism and not terrorism was more service laws pertaining to the Commission services and reconstruction has seen the light and work out," pointing out that "the Commission services and reconstruction able to complete the sale of agricultural land within the law in basic design for the first reading, and the Commission was prepared for the second reading and a lot of important laws that we are going to approve. " As a member of the Committee on Health and the Environment Khalati Hassan emphasized that the achievements of the government became clear in spite of the security difficulties for its reliance on consensus, understanding and adoption of clear and frank without resorting to the policy of arm-twisting and impose a fait accompli work. He Khalati in a statement the "morning" that "the government has committed political document which gave credibility and was able to be with the team and one of the political blocs," noting that "the laws pertaining to the Committee on Health and the environment are important laws of Iraqi society Committee was able to recognize them so much as the law drugs and the law to encourage doctors and other important laws. " Khalati pointed out that "a lot of broken from previous sessions of the laws and the government continues with the political blocs led to the adoption of some of them while others are in the process of recognition," pointing out that "there are new laws proposed by the current government, including the National Guard and other laws the task of law the government will compatibility with the political blocs and then voted on in the House of Representatives. "

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We want the adoption of the law of parties, but ..

By: Gazwan on: Wednesday 15/04/2015 12:15 
Iraq today / special 
MP for the block / citizen / Ugaili Aziz, said that "a large sort of problem, hindering the adoption of the law of parties", but Deputy ventured to point out that "big parties earnest seeking to adopt this law," commented the Matdolth Olson representative, that the large parties Originally stand against the law, saying in his speech, "Iraq today" 
: "There is a seriousness to the major parties in the adoption of the law of parties .. Contrary to what promoted by some, but the sort of problem contributed to the delay in approving the law," and point Ugaili on one of the problems that contributed to block the wheels of law: "If our demand for the establishment of body, called the political parties body, not a circle of party affairs, as it is located within the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice, and one of these problems," has Ugaili returned to the Constitution, to confirm that Amatrha problem according to the Constitution, not diligent: "The article / 108 / of the Constitution, urges the creation of independent bodies, away from the political and partisan interventions, and so we have missed the opportunity of those who try to interfere in the work of the Commission", and was a member of the Legal Committee of Parliament for "Curran," Secretary Baker , had seen in the previous speech for "Iraq today," Wednesday, the 25th of last March: "The bill has to Aenasb some political parties, because the absence of such a law, you may be in the interest of these parties, but if passed, will be held the work of these parties, including in the interest of the community, "Baker pointed that the law might succeed Basmkrh partisan influence in the affairs of state," could lead to the non-interference of political parties in economic and social matters directly, reducing the impact on the exploitation of the riches of the country's resources, illegal or exploit political positions by some, to support their parties, "and returned Baker confirms that there parties, wish abortion law in all Maldiha of influence:" All these things have made ​​some parties opposes the legislation, "was another member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee on the mass of citizens, Salim Shawki , predicted in his speech for the former "Iraq today," Sunday, the 22 of March, also, that: "stumbles to pass a law of parties, due to differences between the political blocs on the final draft of" The funny thing in Makeshvh Shawki among other things, The differences that do not fit the material or several materials is the number of fingers, but included two-thirds of the material contained in the law: "The political blocs, objected to the 40 out of 69 articles, make up the bill, which would delay reading before parliament for a further period", and thus It should be noted, that the House of Representatives ended in February, the first reading of the draft law of parties, although that governs the work of the Iraqi parties, currently, is the US civil administrator for Iraq, Paul Bremer, the 2004 law without new legislation.

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