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Finance Minister Looking tax compliance with America


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Finance discusses tax compliance agreement Vta {} with the United States




2/7/2015 0:00 

 BAGHDAD - morning 

 Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari with banks managers, insurance companies and the IRS in the Ministry of Finance and Commercial Director General of the Iraqi bank tax compliance with the United States of America Agreement (Vta.) 

defines "Alvta" which is an acronym for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act as measures limiting US citizens evade paying taxes to the government, has recently been working out in several countries in the world. According to a ministry statement received "morning," a copy of which he has a discussion of tax compliance with the United States of America Agreement (Vta) concluded between the United States and most countries and related tax compliance calculations foreign to provide tax information on people who hold US citizenship. The statement added, due to the central bank to submit draft legislation between Iraq and the United States on tax compliance with US law (Vta) for submission to the House of Representatives in the coming period to decide before the fifteenth of September 2015. He was an economist appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in a statement former (morning): The work of this agreement gives reciprocal immunity for both Iraq and the United States in the area of taxes and follow the movement of funds as well as it increases the transparency in the exchange of information between the two sides of government. Pointing out that the banks operating in Iraq are included Convention "Alvta" reduction of tax evasion when entering Iraq in the Convention effectively.

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