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All blocs agreed on the draft budget and we shall table bill to parliament in the next session


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BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Parliamentary Finance Committee on Monday confirmed the existence of political consensus within the House of Representatives to approve the budget bill in the current month, while the eye to look for other ways to finance the budget of the non-oil resources.     The committee member said Sarhan Slevana "The Committee held a meeting chaired by Ahmed Chalabi and received feedback from members about the budget bill relating to the expenditure and revenue to cover the deficit in the draft budget," asserting that "parliamentary blocs agreed to pass the budget bill in the current month and not be postponed" .     Slevana He added that "the Committee are looking for other ways to finance the budget from sources other than oil, as it constitutes 95% of the imports of the budget," noting that "the Commission will report on the budget to the presidency of the parliament for the inclusion of the budget at the hearing next Wednesday's agenda in the event of the completion of the discussion ".     The Presidency of the Council of Representatives for the special budget meeting rose, on Thursday (25 December 2014), the seventh of this January after the termination of the first reading of the budget bill.
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Wednesday's session dedicated to the report of the Finance Committee on the Budget Law


 Baghdad-Iraq Press -5 January: the House of Representatives announced the decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, said on Sunday that the parliament session scheduled on the seventh of Alchkr being approved for next Wednesday will be devoted to view the report of the Finance Committee on the draft general budget bill.


Ihsanoglu said in a statement, responded to / Iraq Press /, to "determine the second reading of the draft budget hearing to a date to be later after the presentation of the final detailed report prepared by the Parliamentary Finance Committee on the budget file included proposals and comments to the House of Representatives."


He said Davutoglu, said that "the Parliamentary Finance Committee will present a report on the budget at a hearing Wednesday noting that" the parliamentary committee will prepare a later summary of the new point of view of the House of Representatives for the general budget of the project. "

He favored the decision of the House of Representatives, said that "Wednesday's session dedicated and onwards to the interventions and proposals of Representatives on the budget file and presented to the Finance Committee in order to prepare the final final conclusion," adding that "hearing the second reading of the draft budget will be after the preparation of the final report."

He explained, "The House of Representatives will continue to hold its sessions a day until the vote on approving the draft budget."

In turn, the Finance Committee suggested in the House of Representatives re-federal budget for the current year to the Council of Ministers in order to reduce its currently allocated for one hundred and twenty-six trillion Iraqi dinars and adult figure.

A member of the committee MP, Jabbar Sharif, L / bumpy s Press / "Initial review of the federal budget for 2015 has proved the existence of redundant allocations for some government institutions that will pay the House of Representatives to the government's claim downwards," adding that "objection to the art budget and not a politician under agreement to be passed soon at the latest the end of the current month period. "

 He said Sharif, "The Finance Committee will continue Ajtmatha before the seventh of this month session to study the budget a thorough study of the agreement with the Economic Commission, hosting and Minister of Finance of the Committee to add any amendments and comments on them in order to be read a second reading and then discussions and observations session with the potential to reduce the ad hoc numbered ".

 He concluded by saying that "Wednesday's session will not come with something new for only the second reading of the budget in case it is not postponed or not the end of the technical committees of the arrangements." Ended (1)

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