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There's a fairly new supplement available now called Military Micronutrient Formulation, or MMF. It was, apparently, developed for our military to use after September 2001. Since I don't have anyone in the military who can verify that claim, all I can do is pass on what I've read.


However, I have taken the supplement and can tell you it works. I had such bad arthritis in my hands, I was nearly in tears some days. After less than a week taking MMF, the pain was almost entirely gone. I've been sleeping on the couch since April and would wake up in the morning with a horrible back ache, muscles so swollen I couldn't lean back against a hard-backed chair. The day after I started taking MMF, the swelling was reduced so much that I could lean back again!


(Why have I been sleeping on the couch? Mr. KK had several strokes in March and we spent 6 weeks in the hospital/rehab. Since we've been home, he isn't able to get into our bed yet, so I have a day bed set up in the living room for him and I sleep on the couch so I can be here if he needs me. He is walking and talking, but has some deficits. If you want details, I don't have a problem sharing, just don't want to make this post a book...)


I started Mr. KK on them a week ago. He's had some relief of his back pain that he's had for several years as well as relief from the stomach pain that the doctors weren't able to diagnose. He's not pain free, but he is feeling much better. I don't think he can put an accurate description on his relief at this point. I don't know if it'll help with his stroke recovery, but if it only helps with the pre-existing conditions, I'm ok with that. He was in so much pain.


It's a vitamin formulation that is broken down to the cellular level that easily gets into your cells and helps strengthen your dna... that's the claim. If you'd like more info, the website is I'd be happy to try to answer questions. In order to get them at a discount for us, I had to sign up to be a distributer, which is fine. It was free to do and saves me $79 a month. It's $106 a month for 2 people, plus they send you a free week to share with a friend or family member who might like to try it out. I actually got a full month of free samples by going to a meeting 2 weeks ago. I took one week myself, set 2 weeks aside for Mr. KK and gave the 4th week to our son who is struggling with ADHD. He doesn't take them like he's supposed to, so he's not getting the results I'd hoped. (I ran out of my week's worth and my arthritis is coming back, but my back is still ok. I took my last dose last Wed morning. I've ordered my first month but it's not been delivered yet. Hopefully it'll come Monday, but if not, my friend has an extra week she'll front me and I'll pay her back. Worst case scenario, I'll go to another meeting Wed and get more for free. Might do that anyway so I have some more to share with my other kids.) 


(Yes, Tankdude, he was taking his water and it didn't stop the strokes from happening, and he never really got any benefit from it. Not to say others won't, but he didn't.)



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I've honestly never heard of this product. I know in 2004-2005 when I was there we weren't given any kind of additional supplement.  What I can say is that if it's working - that's all that matters.  Personally, I'm glad you found something that's giving some relief. I will look more into it. I'm personally take a vitamim pack from another company (just a customer) but this sounds interesting.


As for the "water" - I will say that it is working for me - but I'm also up to taking 8 ounces a day - which for some is cost prohibitive. I totally understand that. I'm sorry it didn't seem to help - but sometimes the levels have to be pretty large to make a difference.


I would say that I believe that the "water" will make the vitamins that much more efficient. I really do believe...


Your still in my prayers, and please - get hold of me in my profile with some more info.

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I thought he was out of Asea, but found a bottle in the storage room. It expired in May, does that matter? I'm going to give him both starting today, but have to build back up to the 1/2 cup he was on before. Just an ounce at a time, I guess.


Thanks for your prayers!

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They use a 1 year expiration date to be safe - but it's actual shelf life in the plastic bottle is 18 months.  I just recently found out that when it is stored in medical grade glass in a dark environment, it only showed 3% degredation when tested after 3 years.  I found that kind of interesting.

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I wanted to try ASEA but then was told by someone I'd better not because of my hypertension and it wasn't advisable for someone with my pathology...


Could someone in the know please confirm or refute this info? Grazie in advance

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