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Ares Armor dispute with the ATF - TIMELINE OF EVENTS

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Lycurgan, Inc. Ares Armor
208 N Freeman St
Oceanside, CA 92054
TO: Whom It May Concern

FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

SUBJ: First Day in Court

DATE: August 4, 2014

The opposing counsel had nothing to talk about sans Pizza, Cardboard cutouts, and procedural issues. If your opponent keeps skirting the crux by pointing at the insignificant, that is a sure sign that they have nothing of substance to discuss.


Essentially, the Judge did not believe that the ATF has shown substantial reason to maintain the sealing of the affidavit. She has ordered them to submit a brief to her in the next 30 days that shows the specifics of how exactly the government will be damaged by releasing the affidavit and they must also prove that there is no alternative means available such as redaction that would defer those damages. They are no longer going to be able to say "ongoing criminal investigation" and think that is enough.


The ATF's counsel told the Judge that we had sold images of an ATF Agent to be used as targets by our customers. This is incorrect. It is disappointing that the ATF has resorted to fiction because they do not have truth to tell. Here is a public statement from our Facebook page in response to being asked to turn "Richard Cranium" into a target. This statement was released prior to the hearing. The ATF watches us closely and is very aware that we have never sold "Richard Cranium" as a target nor do we condone violence of any sort. 


"The Target Question: They are the ones who use violence and force to offend what is morally right. We do not advocate violence in any way because that is stooping to their level. We fight with weapons they are unaccustomed to. We fight with laughter. We have been granted the prayer of having ridiculous enemies. We point out just how ridiculous they are for all the world to see. VIOLENCE IS THEIR TOOL, LAUGHTER IS OURS. Let's see who wins?"

On the topic of targets I want to be very clear. I am unsure on the legality of turning the image of a Federal Agent into a target. I am sure on the morality of it. We must remember that they are people. Their lives have value. If we do not show and appreciate the value of human life, how can we expect others too? The world we live in has more than enough violence in it. You have the choice in life to improve the world by one person or detriment the world by one person. If you want things to change for the better, start with yourself. 


It is actually encouraging that they used arguments that were completely incorrect. It clearly demonstrates that they are the aggressors and that their game is coming to an end soon.

All in all, it went pretty well and we are looking forward to the future! Justice is a slow, expensive process in this country... But it is coming!!!!





Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor


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