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Need ESX section or alt.


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More will start to come out with the ESX, just wanted the forum to be ahead of the curve. There is an isx section. Could the name of that either be changed to isx/ESX or a seperate ESX section added?

I have attached the above article to start things off ;)


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Will the ISX and ESX be rivals?

For sure, each stock exchange would like to be the winner and both of us would like to keep the companies that are listed on our exchanges. My expectation is that there are about 85 companies that are listed on the ISX that would be keen to cancel their listing there and join the ESX. But we would like to take part or contribute to the boom of the Iraqi economy in general.

What does this mean for our own stocks in the ISX? Will we see a price increase or a decrease?

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From my research, dual listed company's prices are reflected on both exchanges

I don't know how it would effect stock that would pull from the isx and re-list on the ESX.

It also appears that the ESX will be delayed. Hopefully we can make profits from the isx on the Nasdaq in June and roll some of those into the delayed ESX.pending the isx delaying(better not lol)

Here's another good article. I follow the ESX on Facebook and they posted these links today.

how does the ESX fit in with the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) in Baghdad? On the surface, those associated with the ESX are quick to stress that the two bourses are partners, but the fact remains that with so many companies in the country up for grabs they will eventually have to choose between Baghdad or Erbil – or opt for dual listings.

Read more:

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