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Campaign of solidarity with Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi Against Defamation and the dismissal and arrest warrant

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Campaign of solidarity with Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi Against Defamation and the dismissal and arrest warrant

Thursday, 25. 10. 2012

Memorandum to the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq / Excellency Mr. Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic, Esquire

Thread / smear campaigns against Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi and some consequences

Greeting and respect

Of the functions of the Iraqi state and its institutions to maintain public money and the civil rights of citizens and political without being subjected to slander and programmed for some operations for defamation and targeting intended miscarriage professional and political. We have noted in the past few months a relentless campaign carried out by the devices supported by the highest state institutions aimed at subjugating the Iraqi Central Bank to the will of the President of the current government, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki as no longer a secret to the distal and proximal to Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi is the target of these campaigns defamatory and purifying, which became reminiscent what he did the fascist regime of Saddam tarnish the reputation of citizens and senior officials in the state had them, for example, the late Salih Kubba Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank بالستينيات unjustly accused of espionage at the time, despite being one of the cleanest senior officials in the state and its officials at the time. These were campaigns purifying ushers home in the darkness of dictatorship and fascism, which lasted 35 years grim dashed when all the achievements of generations of infrastructure and financial assets turned Iraq from a country that holds $ 37 billion of foreign exchange reserves in 1979 and to a country owes 140 billion dollars of sovereign debt in 2003. Because of these bad policies and as a result of militarization and wars, the transformation of the Iraqi economy to a devastating economy Iraqis suffer limit today of its destruction

We Kkfaat professional known Iraqi fairness and love of dear homeland, in addition to politicians and interested in political affairs we are note that the same methods defamatory and purifying become overlooking us today, but in a new guise. Baathist regime began defamation innocent and national professionals and finished cleansing and dominate all aspects of the state and society through the militarization of the state and spend large amounts of money to buy weapons instead of development and to amplify the police and intelligence and military instead of running Iraqis in the productive sectors. And long-cleansing in many cases ethnicities and nationalities and denominations as long political movements progressive, national and Islamic intellectuals remind them, for example, and not limitation, Shaheed Asad Mohammad Reza Shabibi Engineer National fair, which was filed prisons of the former regime to disappear effects to this day as long economists known martyr Dr. Sabah Durra and Professor Galilee Dr. Mohammed Salman Hassan and martyr Dr. Safaa Hafiz and martyr Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr and his sister girl Huda, as long cleansing and repression professors Aftahal in Iraq's universities had them world Alshahyreddctor Abdul-Jabbar Abdullah and linguistic Alvtahl Dr. Mahdi Makhzoumi to obtain cleansing this also professors evacuate in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Baghdad in the late seventies was of them, "Doctor doctors," Dr. Farhan Baqir and other Kthar Vmhaddlh state terrorism that began distinctive competencies Iraq eventually affected most ethnic factions of the components of people and different political and sectarian. This was the steamroller endocrine Iraq began washing away into the abyss of dictatorship by targeting intellectuals and senior national professionals and a lot of other citizens Lehmann on the capabilities of the country ignorance and neglect and economic and social underdevelopment.

Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabibi, in our view, is one of the best economic efficiencies Iraqi who returned to serve the nation and is now being targeted by some leaders in the state law, some of whom belonged to him after he was employed in the services of the former regime. This is mainly targeting the fact that Dr. respectable economically Shabibi in Iraq's economic institutions and international professional Awsathma, as he had two years ago rejected a request in a session of the Council of Ministers by Prime Minister lend the government $ 5 billion. Because Article 26 of the Central Bank Act of 2004 explicit prohibition has lend the state and its institutions, has declined to the central bank governor for exchange this amount, which this has acted in conformity with the law of the Central Bank, infuriating and resentment Mr. Nuri al-Maliki became only accepts subjecting Central Bank to His will also conquered by the Integrity Commission and the other tried to subdue the Electoral Commission and accompanied by a campaign other defamatory miserable in the media.

Before the formation of committees in Parliament for scrutiny work the central bank and the auction was launched campaigns defamatory led satellites and parliamentarian of the state law is Haitham al-Jubouri, which created a climate defamatory misleading for those who do not know what is administered in secret from clear design to dominate the cash reserve in Iraq and $ 65 billion dollars to be used also used other billions wasted down the drain without a clear developmental effect only in the development witnessed by the Kurdistan Region. In this regard, we peered the head of the parliamentary bloc citizen Mr. Bayan Jabr in an exclusive interview with Al-Iraqiya on October 14 to tell us about the current 200 schools that had been scheduled to build and finished iron Mkuma no schools! The stories of electricity, waste this vital sector investment as a result of corruption is well known Iraqis still outside the region are suffering from power outages most of the daylight hours as a result of corruption and corrupt accountant in the Ministry of Electricity.

Targeting Dr. Shabibi and solidarity with professionals by hardware-supported at the highest levels in the Cabinet beginning is responsible for narrowing the freedoms guaranteed by the law and the Constitution has received, for example one of our colleagues, Dr. Fadhil Abbas Mehdi mail message on October 14 at 5 and 48 minute evening who says to him, and I quote, "will be the prohibition login to Iraq, God willing" obscene electronic message in other contents are reserved to us. We ask whether Iraq has become the property of the intelligence services and the Cabinet in order to threaten another Iraqi citizen and an internationally known economist prohibiting entry into their homeland? Is this the reward of knowledge and competencies Iraq known? (We have heard on October 18 that a number of colleagues Distinguished inside Iraq who had signed the notes of solidarity with the Central Bank Governor Dr. Shabibi and artistic on analyzing the performance of monetary policy, and the two published on the website of Iraqi economists, had received threats., We can not mention their names here in order to preserve them - d. Fadhil Mahdi coordinator note).

In this regard, targeting the current campaign and the threat of imprisonment and other sanctions are scaring Dr. Shabibi so deprived of coming home and office, which is said to have sacked him by the Council of Ministers and illegally and hastily remarkable sight.

Targeting Dr. Shabibi defamation and threat of imprisonment immediate without the right to bail, which is also known a man suffering from heart disease since throughout the years, and then dismissal emergency and the appointment of Mr. Abdul Basit Turki things striking us as Iraqi citizens with memories long and Ha_khashan sequence tragedies Iraq. In this regard, it is imperative that we compare what is happening with Dr. Shabibi, outstanding efficiency Iraqi and known, defamation of targeting and what happened from the protection of other officials known to everyone Pfsadehm in the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Electricity and others. The sequence of events and their context reminds year 1969, when began smear campaigns and domination ending cleansing sectarian and ethnic Kurds Faili Vbakah Kurds and then go cleansing the affects of the Communist Party and intellectuals leftists and Independent Democrats and the liberals and the Islamic parties and many are honest and intellectuals homeland that their misfortune individual policies, which ended dictatorship and destruction.

Defamation and target competencies acclaimed reminiscent of the beginning of another fall in the political history of Iraq warn of consequences for yourselves and you are senior officials of the home target these policies defamatory hope that does not lead another day to cleansing. I began the previous regime defamation and ended qualifying physical many of the martyrs of the nation and this caution as intellectuals and competencies.

Copy to Mr. President of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud esteemed

Copy them to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the distinguished members of the council

Copy to the President of the Kurdistan Region esteemed

Copy to the presidency and respected members of the Iraqi List, in the House of Representatives

Copy to the presidency and members of the United Iraqi Alliance respected in the House of Representatives

Copy to the presidency and members of the Kurdistan Alliance list in the House of Representatives respected

Copy to the presidency of the Kurdish Change List respected in the House of Representatives

Copy to independent ladies and gentlemen in the House of Representatives

Copies to various media


D. Zaid pill - an international expert in the science and management of information centers in both OPEC and the Organization of ICARDA

Muhannad al-Dura - engineer

Saad al-Saidi - environmental activist

D. Aqeel Nazareth - economist and author in the modern political history of Iraq

D. Khaled Sultani - Architectural Academy - School of Architecture - Royal Danish Academy of Art - Copenhagen

Professor Hussein God's mercy - an international expert

Adel pill - political

Karwan Karim Ahmed - artist

Ielmaz Javed - Starter and economic / Canada

D. Mohammed Baldawi

Muthana Salah al-Din Mahmud - a statistical

Abbas Rustam - retired

D. Faris al-Tamimi - a consultant in the livestock disease

D. Muhsin Muhammad Ali Jawad - an agricultural adviser

D. Muzaffar Ahmed Muzaffar - consultant physician in Pediatric and premature babies

D. Mikhail - human rights activist

Nada Homsi - a theater artist - Syria and Canada

Peace pill - Technical Adviser

Khalil Abdul-Aziz

Salim Mohammed Hassan Muzaffar - Industrial

Kamal lamp - insurance consultant

Jaffar Hussain - retired engineer

Important Hussein - Master of Science

Sang Zuhairi - School

D. Ghalib al-Ani - doctor

D. Ali al-Asadi - a writer and researcher

Walid Persian - engineer and businessman

Hamed Alaasm - Senior Engineer

D. Kazem Mikdadi retired professor

D. Namir tutor Hussein - an eye disease consultant

Hossam Alauinata - businessman

D. Noor tutor Hussein - a doctor

Zainab al-Naqib - a graduate student in computer science

Hussein tutor Hussein

Iqbal Mohammed Ali Kazim - theater arts school

Ali Kafel Hussein

Faisal Asad Messenger Khazraji

Saad Kadhim - Soil / United States

Mazen Messenger Khazraji

Zuhair Hilfi - Art Director

Ferial high - Agricultural

Hatem Sahab - Senior Engineer

Student Awad - media and political activist

D. Hadi al-Tamimi - a university professor - Montreal / Canada

D. Harith al-Ibrahim

Hazem al-Suhail

Laith al-Hamdani - the editor of the country - Canada

D. Ali Khadim Hussain - Oil Expert

Mowaffaq Mahmoud - banking expert

Louay Khatib - director of the Iraq Institute for Energy

Ibrahim al-Hariri - a journalist, storyteller

Tariq Saleh al-Rubaie - consulting engineer

D. Nabil term - project management consultant

D. Hussein Ali - a surgeon specialist eye disease

For my family Mujahideen Iraq majora independence movement Sheikh Mohammad Reza Shabibi and "Rebel Poet" Sheikh Mohammed Baqir al-Shabibi

Arwa Mohammad Reza Shabibi - the jurisdiction of the Higher Diploma in Library Science

Hala Sadiq al-Shabibi - Employee / former journalist

D. Fadel Abbas Mehdi - formerly head of economic analysis at ESCWA and Interregional Adviser for United Nations Development Planning in New York / writer on the political economy of development and planning

D. Kazem Habib - Professor of Economics, the author of an economic and political activist

D. Hashim Mohammed Ali - senior economic adviser at the economic and financial modeling College / World Bank

D. Successful Obeidi - economist and author

D. Full Adhadh - economist and a former adviser at the United Nations

Nihad judge - writer and consultant engineer - Netherlands

Adnan al-Janabi - parliamentarian and economist

D. Farhang Jalal - economic and former regional adviser for the UN Industrial Development

Fouad al-Kazimi - Oil Expert

D. Jaafar Abdul Ghani - an expert in industrial development / previously in the United Nations Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna - Austria

Dr. Iman Abu Altman - a doctor specializing in gynecology at the Royal Hampshire Hospital

George Mansour - a former minister in the Kurdistan Region

Yakzhan full Jadraji

D. High Abdul Rasul - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning previously

D. Mohammed Said - a professor at the University of Chester and director of studies and programs in the Department of Computer Sciences Computing and Mathematics and Business

D. Jassim Ali - university professor

D. Falah Mohammed Hafez al-Saadi - a doctor who specializes and clinical assistant professor at McMaster University - Canada

D. Falah al-Mahdi - State doctorate from the University of Paris / researcher and writer in the field of philosophy of law

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Hassan al-Moussawi - former Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Iraq / London

D. Superficial inch - an economist

Ali Salih Kubba / specializes in Business Administration

Haidar Saleh Kubba / consultant engineer and businessman

D. Sadek Atemc - science writer and researcher

Chaste and coffee - writer

D. Mohammed Said Alaill - expert economies of the industrial sector in the Ministry of Planning / retired

Adnan Hussein - executive editor of the newspaper "long". Baghdad

Ahmed Musa horses - an expert in the economics of oil

Ala Mahdi - a chartered accountant and director of the adoption of the Declaration

D. Sadek Alauinata - consulting engineer

D. Sadek Albladi - a doctor and writer

D. Saif bright - doctor

D. Facilitate Abdul-Jabbar al-Alusi - President of the University of Ibn Rushd and writer

D. Fawzi al-Quraishi - economic oldest in oil economics and international trade

D. Hassan Halboss - doctor

D. Ahmed al-Rubaie - Consultant Physician in Gastroenterology and professor at the University of


D. Akram Mohammad Reza Shabibi - physician and eye surgeon

Amjad Mohammed Reza Shabibi - Senior Engineer / brother Shaheed Asad Shabibi

The names of Mohammad Reza Shabibi - Master of Science the economic / sister martyr Asad Shabibi

Mohammed Jawad al-Asad Mohammad Reza Shabibi - I'm Shaheed Asad Shabibi

Asad Mohammad Reza fire Shabibi - the daughter of Shaheed Asad Shabibi

Zainab Asad Mohammad Reza Shabibi - the daughter of Shaheed Asad Shabibi

سيامند Armagani - grandson of Shaheed Asad Shabibi

D. Nawar Akram Shabibi - a doctor specialist women's diseases

RIA Akram Shabibi - an architect and director of development projects

Mohammad Akram al-Shabibi - engineer

Mason Amjad Shabibi - engineer

Sadiq Mohammed Baqir al-Shabibi - my rights

Further information on the note and signature in a civilized dialogue.




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Wow these guys putting their names out there for Maliki to see, that's taking quite a chance. Great to see folks lining up in support of Shabbs and to let the common folks know Maliki is behind all the trumped up charges. Things should get interesting when Shabbs takes the stage.

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shabibi seems to have backing with global reach .. they seem to believe shabibi is doing a great job .. it seems from the un to the world bank .. eyes are on iraq and its decision to implicate shabibi in some corruption that these signatories see as defamation of his charactor and untrue ..

copys of this has been sent out to the media and iraqs governmental institutions.... the un ..imf and world bank have got to be involved in this investigation... so i guess this letter explains where things stand with shabibi

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