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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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Ok, as some will know, I don't post much any more- reasons for this are many but include: 1) I dislike the fact that free speech is censored on this site when questioning Adam; 2) I don't really believe anyone has contacts that are credible so it's just a waiting game; and, 3) I hate the way people build clay pedestals for their 'dinar heroes' and fail to insist upon performance. If you choose to be led- then get in line, you'll have a lot of company; rather, I'd prefer you to insist upon knowledge rather than speculation, performance rather than excuses, and honesty rather than mumbled innuendos of 'God working in mysterious ways'.

In that context, just a few words to express my opinion about where we are:

If you belong to any site, then when you visit that site, the clicks are worth money as potential marketing for advertisers. Now that's fine if it's a free site and doesn't cost the member anything; however, if you join a premium section and have to pay a monthly fee- then you should demand that the information you receive has value. For example, how many people have set up trusts, wills, traveled, paid for legal advice in regards to this RV- has any of that expense resulted in a return for you yet??

Also, these gurus who constantly predict the RV enticing people to invest or pay premium fees are not doing it for altruistic purposes: they are creating a cash stream from your participation. Fine, but what do you get? a roller coaster of emotions that it's going to RV, excuses that it didn't, but every Friday- lo and behold... it's show time again.

I've worked in IT for 10 years as a network security consultant for the DOD, the Justice department, corporations, and teach computer technology at the University level... I would stake my reputation that there are no computer glitches holding this back- I mean, there are brilliant people who work in the IT field for the gov't and they've had at least 11/2 years to fix compatibility issues. Think about it?

Moving on: concerning the spiritual war that a lot keeping referring to: Does anyone really believe that the God of Creation couldn't make things happen concerning the dinar? Remember, God's Prophets are NEVER wrong and they are known by their works. That's the litmus test- when they speak as God's messengers- have they ever been wrong?? Yes, people of good faith can be wrong- but, if they are, the message was not Godly inspire- it was simply the thoughts of the human vessel.

They can speak of the fluidity of this situation- yes, it certainly is that; they can say this is a 'world wide event unlike any that has happened before- and, yes, it may be; they can talk of 'we don't know the rules' - and, we probably don't... but, I know this- these gurus have created a cash stream through your participation. That's capitalism and I'm all for it; however, you should demand that you get accurate information, value for your dollar, and truth... 'been told not to get into details by the boys in the black sunglasses' simply should not be sufficient. IT'S YOUR MONEY- YOU'RE the only one who will protect it. Demand answers. As always- go RV.

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Thanks for sharing your expertise on the subject. I wonder if these sites also collect ip addresses, which would pinpoint ones location, not like I am hiding mine here, but one would guess with the technology, it wouldn't matter if I stated where I was located or not, my ip does all that, I have seen and been on sites that marked my location, longitude and latitude coordinates as well. I guess peer blocking wouldn't be an option these days.

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If you want to hide your IP- my suggestion would be the implementation of a Proxy server. and provide this service for a nominal fee. You also could google 'hiding my IP address' and probably find numerous free applications that would provide some type of anonymity. Good luck


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