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Found 5 results

  1. He was arguably one of the all time best in the NFL, but it was the Hertz Rental commercials and his television career that made him world famous. The trial was a media circus, with a publicity loving Judge, questionable witnesses, a barely qualified prosecution team against a criminal defense "dream team", TV station crews camped outside, daily news reports on all three channels and threats from black leaders across the nation threatening to riot if he was convicted, the OJ low-speed chase, the white Bronco, and following trial were all iconic, and events and slangs from it are infused into pop culture even today. Today he was granted parole.. Go, now's your chance to let the world know how you feel, take the poll and sound off... DM
  2. I have never been polled so much in the past as I have been this past Sept. I would have to say I have been asked to take a poll every week for the past month. I have had a polling company call and ask who I was going to vote for, for President and for Congress and other election openings. I find something odd about all of this. They always ask for me to do the poll and ask the same questions. I should note that I am a Trump supporter. Anyway, I am seeing that when the polls come out, that Hilariousalways seems to have that same narrow lead or edge over Trump. I think I have a theory for this or I could be wrong. I wonder if these pollsters are calling the same people. I say this because it may be easier to call the same people because they know that these people won't hang up on them. I'm sure that it must take a lot of time between calls to get one person to respond to take the survey's. How many of you have ever hung up on a telemarketer or other person after getting home from work? I know I don't like to be bothered with any calls when I want to relax after a long day. My point is that when a new poll result comes out, isn't it possible that the poll results might be skewed because it is possible these polling companies may be calling many of the same people that they know will take the time to talk? How can you get an accurate result of the public if the same people keep getting asked take the same poll? Could I be on to something, you tell me? Also, I think Trump may have more of a lead than what we are lead to believe. This may be due to the fact that many people don't want to admit they support Trump. They don't want to look like a fool for supporting a crazy man "with all due respect" to their friends. I have many friends that tell me this very thing. So, don't you think it is possible there is more support for Trump than what we are led to believe? I could be way off base with this theory, but would like to hear from others on their thought. Please don't jump on me about this as I try to be very open minded about my thought on many subjects. Dave, AKA: Seabee
  3. This is the OFFICIAL DV Poll for the 2016 Race for President of the United States (POTUS)! Please "vote once" for the candidate of your choice. Due to the nature of this poll, you will have to vote for each question (Democratic Party, Republican Party and Libertarian Party). With that being said, please only Vote for one Candidate and select "None" under the Question for the other Parties. Candidate choices will be added when they "Officially" announce their candidacy to run for POTUS. You can change your vote at any time, by deleting your vote and re-voting. This is a HOT TOPIC. People will have strong opinions one way or the other. PLEASE try to keep your comments civil. Any post that contains profanity or name calling will be removed.
  4. I strongly oppose 'Audit the Fed,' Yellen saysJeff Cox | Katie Little Fed Chair Janet Yellen testified before Congress on Tuesday after presenting her semiannual monetary policy report. (Click here for live updates on Yellen's testimony before the House.) The Federal Reserve will not hike rates for the next few Federal Open Market Committee meetings, according to Yellen's prepared remarks. During the question-and-answer session, Yellen addressed a range of questions from the committee about the Fed's structure, its inflation measurement and the movement to "Audit the Fed." While Wall Street expects the Fed to hike rates midyear, investors paid close attention to Yellen's question-and-answer session with Congress for additional guidance on the timing of a potential hike. Currently, the Fed's targeted range for the federal funds rate is 0 to 0.25 percent. While weighing when to increase rates, the Fed assesses progress toward two objections: fostering maximum employment and reaching a 2 percent inflation rate. Check back on CNBC for updates to the live blog below of Yellen's testimony: If I could do a poll on this subject I would, as to how may of us would like to audit the Fed?
  5. Just a poll to see how serious this investment is to folks. No names do not put any (personal) info in a post. Thought it would be fun to see. If this is off base the mods can gladly take it down.
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