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Found 54 results

  1. I have seen recent sales of 1 million iraqi dinar going for $1,500 lately on EBAY. Last year it was running about $800. Thats a signinficant increase. Looks like it may be drying up and someone is loading up bigtime.
  2. I was reevaluating Kim Clements prophecy. Looking at Kim Clements assistant Sunil Isaac said it made me think, is it just the Iraqi Dinar? Could it be the E-Dinar also? Elijah List Article by Sunil: "What is the DINAR Kim refers to in code? Many people quickly assume it is the Iraqi Dinar which has been touted for several years. Is that what Kim is referring to, the actual paper currency in Iraq, or is there something more? Could it be the E-Dinar also? -Sunil Isaac
  3. Thought I would share this email I received today. Not sure what it all means. == Today at 11.02am A major disruption has occurred on the borders of Iraq not allowing the Iraqi Dinar to leave the country. The result of this will be higher prices in the marketplace (which could be very volatile) effective immediately. Uncirculated dinar is almost impossible to obtain anymore. We are suggesting to our customers to buy Circulated or whatever we can get our hands on. Remember, it’s all currency and can be exchanged at any time. Being the World Leader in this space our resources are far more vast and our relationships more deep than anyone in our industry. Please call with any questions, however, please know this will be a challenging obstacle for the foreseeable future. Thank You, Xchange of America Team
  4. Report: Is the Iraqi dinar recovering? April 5, 2017 There is no doubt that the main driving force of economic growth in Iraq, is its natural resources, which is reflected in the large number of oil and gas fields, which have become open to international trade. And investing companies from all over the world in the development of these resources, which is reflected in the increasing oil exports in the country. It seems that Iraq has fully recovered from the damage suffered in the time of Saddam Hussein's regime. And on further exploration of Iraq's oil reserves by international companies that are supposed to lead to a major increase in oil wealth, as well as known reserves in Iraq, it seems the country in spite of all these features have to form a geologist could reach the summit of wealth, unlike countries that spend a lot of money drilling, and this leads having to pay exorbitant costs for the extraction of oil. A good example of this, the advantages of Iraqi production. The country produces oil, despite the ongoing war in which, unlike Saudi Arabia, which it wants to increase spending to avoid bankruptcy of shale oil production. While oil producers have been affected in the United States because of an attack on Saudi Arabia over Yemen, Iraq still continues its production and sale of oil profitably. The value of the country's economy as well as its currency, directly reflected in its natural resources, oil Valahtaatat large Iraqi, enough to push the young democratic economy to prosperity. Given that there is a need for oil, it is indispensable for gas all over the world. The Iraq can look forward to the continued growth through the growing role of the public oil supplier. Although Iraq was not previously economically exists, but it has become clear and increasingly present a strong regional role given natural Mahmyate. In fact, Iraq's oil minister said recently that Iraq will produce 5 million barrels per day in the second half of the year 2017. With the economic boom led by the oil industry in Iraq, the national currency will rise eventually to reflect the true value of the oil indispensability of the country. It is likely to happen up when the central bank raises the value of the dinar. In addition, the current political events play a key role in predicting the future of the national currency, and the "ban" on the Islamic countries, provoked by the US President, would have significant consequences for the Iraqi economy. The decision proved Trump by lifting the ban Iraq from the list of travel to the United States, a great benefit to the country's currency for other foreign currencies Iraqis exchanged more advantageous prices. In any case, it seems the Iraqi dinar waiting for a bright future, in the end it is important to note that Iraq offers a wealth of investment opportunities in many industries with high-based oil and gas reserves of the economy. These opportunities will become more pronounced in the coming years, as the government will continue to provide new possibilities for international investors.
  5. Well looks like the Dinar 50 notes are now worthless. I think technically the date they become worthless is April 31, however I believe all the current 50 note trade programs out there being offered by dealers pretty much all had expiration dates of April 1, so if your still holding your 50 notes your now stuck with them unless you can flip them on ebay.
  6. I saw a post about a good price offered to sell your Dinar to exchange of America and started checking to see who's offering best price for dinar right now as far as us selling, and noticed exchange of America is DinarTrade, TampaDinar, DinarInc, and maybe more companies. This got me kind of curious, are there really a bunch of Dinar dealers out there or is it one or two giant company owning all these sub companies under different branding? I noticed on another site that Sterling Currency Group and Gid & Associates and DinarBanker all seem to be the same company as well. I used to think where were a dozen or more different Dinar dealers out there but it seems as if its like 2-3 dealers with just different branding. Corporation Name STERLING CURRENCY GROUP LLC Fictitious Names GID ASSOCIATES GID PARTNERS WWW.DINARBANKER.COM Doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but just thought it was funny we here are always talking about who to buy from, who we like, who we don't like, etc and it seems as if we are talking about the same company just differnet names lol
  7. My curiosity first led me to the Iraqi Dinar confusion and then this confusion generated my interest in the Iraqi Dinar. A lot is being talked about the Iraqi Dinar. I was curious to know, why are people talking so much about the Iraqi Dinar on various websites, forums and blogs? As I surfed through various websites, I realized that the currency of the war- torn country Iraq is very interesting. Currently, Iraqi Dinar is far undervalued in comparison to the U.S.D. This lower value of the Iraqi Dinar gives the investors an opportunity to buy the Iraqi Dinar at lower rates today and make huge profits when the Iraqi Dinar retains its value, which was equal to about 2.60 dollars. And then there are various websites that talk about the restoration of the original value of the Iraqi Dinar. I am finding this very interesting, but Might be I am unaware with some Bad things about Iraqi Dinar investments. Need your views on the Iraqi Dinar and the future value of the Iraqi Dinar.
  8. I know lately ther'es been a big focus in the buy sell section about differing prices when selling off as to whether your notes are in sequential serial number order. Many dealers don't consider your notes to be uncirculated just because they are in new condition but also require they be in sequential order serial numbers. What my question is is when we buy Dinar from a dealer are they providing us Dinar in sequential order? I checked mine from a few dealers against hte arabic conversion charts and 2 million is in order the third is not and I bought it as uncirculated Dinar. Just for example if I went back to this same dealer to sell are they now going to lowball me on price because its not sequential when they sold me "uncirculated" dinar which was not sequential in the first place? I should add I have kept them allin hte same order havn't shuffled them or laid them on the floor and rolled around naked in them or anything like that so its not as if I got them out of order.
  9. I know this whole ebola scare has been affecting the stock market. I was curious if this ebola stuff will have any affect on the Dinar, Dong, etc or none at all?
  10. I have made some posts in the past about Bitcoin. I was just curious if we have any recent adopters of Bitcoin on here or if anyone has recently gotten into due to the low prices. A couple weeks back we saw Bitcoin dip into the $250 range which is the lowest it's been in quite a while. Currently its sitting at about $350. Personally I think anything under $300 is a pretty good price. Bitcoin prices have seem to have stabalized a bit though there is still quite a bit of up and down. Overall though I been buying on dips and flipping coins for a quick $80 or $100 almost like day trading stocks. I also am loading up my position for the longterm as well as I think we'll get back to the $600 range if not higher soon enough. I had someone on anther forum comment that they recently got invovled with Bitcoins and they felt the entry into Bitcoin was more than the average person was willing to go through to get setup. This guy was out of the US so had to use a Bitlocal service and meetup with someone and get themselves setup and going which I can see how that would be a tough barrier to entry. THat said in the US if you setup with Coinbase they make it pretty simple and painless no different than setting up a Paypal account or something like that and can buy coins with your bank account they may have even added credit card as an option. Just makes it safer and easier for a beginner than having to meetup with some guy from craigslist or bitlocal and doing a transaction at a coffee shop where you dont really have a clue what your doing your first time. ANyhow, just curiuos if anyone has recently gotten into btc or thought about it
  11. I was just curious what all the hype was with the Zimbabwe dollar? Not much info out there about it. I know with DInar people point to historical values or talk of oil and gold. What does Zimbabwe have going for it?
  12. I'm selling my 6,975,000 Iraqi Dinar notes because I want to transition to Bitcoin. As shown in the image above, I have 2 bundles (100 notes each) of 25000 IQD plus 56 uncirculated 25000 IQD notes for a total of... 256 x 25000 IQD = 6,400,000 Uncirculated New Iraqi Dinar 25000 IQD notes. 10 x 10000 IQD = 100,000 Uncirculated New Iraqi Dinar 10000 IQD notes. 19 x 25000 IQD = 475,000 circulated Iraqi Dinar 25000 IQD notes. In summary, I'm selling the whole lot of 6,975,000 IQD for 12.5 BTC
  13. There is a total of 5 mil Iraqi Dinar, all in 10k notes, 2mil of which are uncirculated. Price per mil negotiable. Original receipt of currency exchange with each mil. Purchased in Kuwait in 2004 & 2005. There is a picture of the currency attached.
  14. I was just curious, it seems like people love 25,000 notes and 5,000 notes but for some reason 10,000 notes seem to get no love. I know most of the hype about needing small notes over big if they take large notes out of circulation is kind of passed and people realize that's nonesens but I never really understood why everyone seems to like 5,000 notes and 25,000 notes but nobody seems to like 10,000? Maybe I'm wrong but just an observation. CUrious if anyone else has noticed this?
  15. I used to receive a lot of e-mail specials via e-mail from Dinar dealers. I'm not necessarily in the market for more but occasionally if a great special comes along I might pick something up. SOme of the best recent ones I've seen were from DealOrBuyDinar however most dealers occasionally email out a special. Anyhow I think the last two I bought were circulated Dinar for like $860 per mill I picked up a million and also they ran a special on 500 notes for $1100 a mill which was about $800 cheaper than any other dealer had them for so jumped on that one as well. Just thought it might be worthwhile having a thread dedicated to specials and sales where we could share promo codes or coupon codes if there's any real great specials going on.
  16. Hey, as I'm sure most people are aware of by now DinarTrade is now either run or owned by exchange of America. I was just curious if Ali still owns DinarTrade and is just having someone else fullfill orders and run day to day or if it was completely bought out? I know in Alis email he made it sound as if they were just fulfiilling ordes but was reading on another forum Nenos place all the goings on. This neno fellow who seems to be friends with ali is being very vague and seems to be trying to make it seem as if its still run by ali but many forum members say they have called and been told tehre's no affiliation. This neno guy seems to almost covering up making it seem as if its still run by ali. Seems very strange but here's the link if anyone is interested. Also if anyone knows if ali is still running DT post what you know... Also, just on the offchance a link isn't allowed even though its obviously not promoting anything I'll put some captions from the discussion below... No not at all, he is working on the next stages of the future with his business and can not run both entities with all the traveling so he has appointed a company to handle the buying and selling for now. Dinar Trade the way I am explained it is still the name behind it and he is still the one supporting behind the scenes his customers.... I got bad weather here and loosing connection. trying to get this information out as fast as I can. Sending a mass email out as connections connect. Just giving the NNP Members the heads up. These serving locations are up and running now for all's convenience now.. ------ This is the owner and only principle of record and used to known as DI collectibles which I believe was a coin shop. Detail by Entity Name Florida Profit CorporationXCHANGE OF AMERICA, INC. Filing Information Document NumberP07000131461FEI/EIN Number061831072Date Filed12/12/2007StateFLStatusACTIVEEffective Date12/10/2007Last EventAMENDMENT AND NAME CHANGEEvent Date Filed07/06/2012Event Effective DateNONE Principal Address 819 SW FEDERAL HIGHWAY STUART, FL 34994 Changed: 02/09/2012 Mailing Address 819 SW FEDERAL HIGHWAY STUART, FL 34994 ---- Yes correct, DinarTrade has contracted the serving to Robert Hoffman. I would have eventually gotten this info available but do to timing with work and play, work gets most of my time. There will be newer banners coming up soon as they just got designed and I just received them and have forwarded them to my programmer. More info to follow soon... ---- just wondering why the biggest dinar dealer would sell out to someone else? ----- Correction, has not sold out as stated in the first post oh wait, I didn't get top post what I sent for approval. But if you do click the link, it is the servicing of the buying and selling for the time being was how I was explained while he tends to other future moves. Then again, read between the lines on what the CBI has put out lately... ----- spoke to stacy at XOA in nevada and she said no afilation to dinar trade> was suprised to hear they had nothing to do with dinar trade! called dinar trade at xxx) xxx-xxxx ------ Nothing more I can add then already said at this time. It is what it is. Tried to explain the way explained to me, all I can do... ----- lol, I have said all that there is to be said to say including that NO he has not sold out. He himself even states on the site that they have contracted their buying and selling servicing part to XOA moving forward. Why? If I could say I would, only thing allowed was future plans. Sorry gang but it is all I know. ------ The XOA servicing took in all Dinar trade employees. That is all there is to that. As far as the Texas Office, he said I could still have that if I wanted but I told him lets see how this XOA works out with the 8 offices now and 10 more coming. May not be no need just not sure yet. ----- Yes, well established company that already deals in many many currencies: ----- yep with no ties>> LOl ----- Well it just means that NNP is free to do as it wishes, not having to answer to anyone is always the best approach. I will be sending a email out in a week or two for a chat where I will show other means of choices. I am and have always been in thought of freedom of choice. I think that that is good business practice but with the loyalty I have had all these years I have to do some research before that chat...
  17. Maybe this was posted elsewhere but I couldn't find it anywhere. It seems Dinar Trade was either bought or taken over by Dinar Inc. If you guys havn't been to DinarTrade.Com in a while check it out, totally different site, says not run by Xchange Of America which I believe is DInar Inc. Anyone know any more details on this?
  18. Morning everyone! Here is the week's news in a nutshell: This article ( ) about Iraq not giving a crap about the UN proves something I've said many times over - the UN is a complete joke and Iraq will do what it wants… including change the value of their currency without the approval of any outside sources. Najafi avoids getting blown up ( ), several of our members think Maliki is behind it. The government may have to borrow from the CBI next month to pay bills ( ), which could give the CBI even more leverage if they want to move forward with a rate increase. Deleting the 0's is in the news a few times, but nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before. KA (Kurdish Alliance) calls for help in getting the government to stop messing with their paychecks (The heat is on! ) And last but not least, the Nadita File once again brings you the latest and greatest! ( ) Here's the weekly questions: I'm leaning towards "mostly HCL". I think people start to lose sight of how important that is when as time goes on, but it is still probably THE most important factor right now. I don't think we have to worry about who gets elected - Maliki has much to gain by influencing raising the value when it is best for him, and I don't see any immediate reason he would delay it too long. But also, keep in mind that he doesn't make the call on this... the CBI does. He might have influence, but he's not the final decision maker. I disagree - we haven't seen "same thing year after year"! Chapter 7 has been released, we are seeing constant progress on the HCL, and so on! When will it happen? Today, tomorrow or anytime after that. I think you're quoting me from last week, right? If so... no, I haven't lost hope! I just threw out a casual "worst case scenario", and in the worst case scenario we still come out ahead. Stay calm! In the beginning of this ride you could get a million dinar for $500, today it is closer to $1000. If that's not an increase, I'm changing my name to Silly Suzy. Whenever I hear the term "global currency reset" I wince... half the stuff you will read on it is nutjob conspiracy stuff, 25% of it is simply misinformed regurgitated confusion, and the other 25% is a mix of fruits and berries and maybe a little accurate information. With that said... every country will always have a value unique to their political stability, assets, etc. Regardless of when or how or where any other country "resets" or "revalues" their currency, Iraq is not China, Ukraine, or any other country. Iraq's situation depends on Iraq's actions. I'll go with HCL then an announcement by the CBI alerting everyone to the new rate. I don't think this means we are in trouble, but it doesn't surprise me at all. That's how these kids play! USD as in US Dollar and UST as in US Treasury? Or something else? From Wikipedia: "The Official Gazette of Iraq (Arabic: الوقائع العراقية‎ / ALA-LC: al-Waqā’i‘ al-‘Irāqiyah) has been the official source for the laws and resolutions passed by the Council of Representatives of Iraq since August 1922. Article 125 of the Constitution mandates that laws shall be published in the gazette and shall take effect on the date of their publication, unless stipulated otherwise. It is published by the Ministry of Justice."
  19. Well guys, I've been somewhat pessimistic for a while but looking to sell my Dong and DInar holdings and put my money into Bitcoins, LItecoins, and other crypto currencies. Looking to sell my Dinar and/or Dong for Bitcoins or Litecoins. If anyone is interested hit me up and we can negotiate.
  20. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE! Another week has gone by in the land of dinar with no revalue, but let's not despair. Despite the crazy opinions you might read out there (by both pumpers and loppers), it's best to always keep in mind that 85% of what you will hear or read are just that... an opinion. The other 15% might be fact, but at the end of the day I have one more fact for you: NOBODY can prove that the dinar will or will not revalue. If you bought into the dinar because you need a quick payday... maybe you should sell your dinar. But if you bought into it because you believe the fundamentals are good and there is indeed a chance to make some money... then stay in! But most importantly, stay level headed and ignore the yahoos, clowns, gurus and anti-gurus out there. You know what they say about opinions... they're like butts. I know you have one, but I don't need it shoved in my face, and most likely I don't care to hear it. On that note, here's some positive news! 1. UAE opens office in Erbil. 2. A slew of articles supporting the CBIs ability to maintain the stability of the dinar and expressing the need to support the CBI's "measures" (which happen unilaterally, by the way!). and (I know I'd support a "measure" to increase the value!) 3. Barzani actively engaged in HCL discussions: I found a few more, but to sum it up... no RV at this immediate time, but with all this positive movement, I'm going to stick it out for a bit longer. And I'm glad you're here with me! (Except the trolls... the trolls can go away.) Ok, here's the weekly questions! ====== Part 1 ====== That hasn't changed at all! We obviously need a little more before we can cash out, but that news was and is still awesome in my opinion. That's a fair question. I'm actually leaning towards a higher value the longer this takes. Depending on how the dollar holds up, a higher rate may not get us much more... but the longer Iraq has to make improvements and progress, the stronger they will be. Hi Texas, the weekly chats are almost always posted Wednesday mid-morning in the Chat Log section. Here's the direct link if you want to bookmark it: Actually - my answer is going to explain why I don't pay too much attention to the auctions. Iraq is not "running on USD" - they have a currency (IQD) that is pegged to the dollar (USD) and the purpose of the auctions is merely for the CBI to control the money supply, inflation, and the value of the dinar. With that said, I do still believe that the keys to progress here are still the same (such as Erbil, HCL, etc). Tomorrow at $7.54! But you can't hold me to that. 1. Offshore accounts are still very valuable for asset protection. The full answer to that question is explained in great detail in the VIP section - click on the links in my signature below. (If you have further questions on it, post in the VIP section.) NYK, as always you come up with great and thought provoking questions! In a word - yes. Yes, I do agree with you. MY sources told me several years ago that smaller denoms were indeed either printed or ready to be printed... but obviously we won't see them until the rate is raised significantly. Since that hasn't happened yet, it's not surprising that we haven't seen them or heard much news about them ===== To be continued shortly. =====
  21. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the prices we consumers pay. About two years ago if I remember correctly prices were at like $1250 per million. The official rate has gone up but prices have dropped to around $1020 or $1030. Kind of strange that value goes up and prices go down. Now, with seemingly no good or bad news about the Dinar I now see DinarTrade is back to $980 per million from about $1040 and I can't remember where I saw it but one dealer was even at $950 per million. What's with prices being so low.
  22. Good morning everyone! Welcome to another edition of "This Week In Dinar", which will hopefully be one of the last of it's kind. Why do I say that today? ========================================================== Well, take a minute to look at the most recent news. Progress in the HCL. A push to resolve the Budget. Iraq is fortifying their oil reserves, plan to increase the dinar, and the ISX is moving towards an international platform! Anyone that doesn't see value here is either a huge pessimist or just extremely sour about something in their life... that's not me, though, and I am excited! Here's a few links to back up my emotion: Iraq to quadruple production to increase reserves?! Value of the Dinar to improve in next couple weeks?! ISX preparing to go International?! Maliki pushing for a budget soon?! Progress in the HCL??!! ========================================================== Pretty good stuff, right? I think so! Now for the questions: Because they are Middle Easterners and that's what they do. There are a million indications that we will wait and a million others that say it will happen soon. I try not to read into every tiny detail, but instead stay focused on the big picture. See the username below. As a businessman, I can't give you any more than what anyone else on the open market would give you for it! I did hear of a Wells Fargo offering $1.11 to anyone that would take it, but that offer might not be on the table anymore Hey Frank - I haven't logged into Warka in a while, I'm not sure what the latest is over there. Sorry bud. Article 8 (the one that all the buzz has been about) does not have a significant bearing on the IQD becoming an internationally traded currency. Nope. Who would want it?! That's a great question - I don't see any serious contenders either way, so it's kind of a moot question. That's it for now folks! VIP members, email coming your way shortly, and I'll also send the link to this chat by email to all members. Have a great day, and GOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Good morning Dinar Vets! I'll keep this one short and sweet. We all know this is a rollercoaster, with severe ups and downs. Another thing roller coasters have is a few flat spots here and there, strategically placed to lull you into a false sense of security right before BAM! Another heart wrenching twist, maybe a splash of water and bright lights, then a dramatic climb to the top! Without getting too dramatic... that's how I feel about the current week in Iraqi Dinar Not a lot happening, but I'm not fooled. Another jolt of excitement is just ahead, as always. On a related note, anytime something big is happening in the US (elections, SOTU speech, etc) things always seem to calm down over there while they wait to see how things pan out. Again, I'm confident that we'll be seeing action again shortly. I still feel that the HCL is vital to the success of an increased value in the Dinar, and they have been making steady progress - so I am hopeful to see more on that shortly. In my opinion - none at all. With any major overhaul of the budget will come an equal overhaul of the budget. I'm withholding comment on that one for the time being. Unfortunately, the value of the dollar DOES affect everything and everyone in the entire financial world. I am sticking to my rate theory because it makes sense at almost any level other than a devalue of the USD proportionate to what Iraq faced... but that will never happen. The world simply won't let it, too many countries depend on the USD in too many ways to list. Is it bad for us? Yes, of course. Everything involving higher debt, lower value of the USD, unpayable obligations... all of that is bad for us. Nothing more than I've already stated... at this point, we are waiting to see what they throw at us next. Because it can be better. This is like asking "Why should I go to work when I already have a $100 bill?" Answer: Because you can do better. *shaking my head lol* I left my crystal ball in the VIP room. ==================== Part 2 coming soon....
  24. I've seen a number of posts with people who want to sell off but having trouble finding dealers will to buy. I was just curious what the reasoning for was with DInar dealers only buying in from their customers? Say I bought a million off ebay and a million from Dinar Trade. I highly doubt Dinar Trade knows the serial numbers of bills. They wouldn't know if I sent in my ebay Dinars as long as I was a customer on their books. Why is this?
  25. Hey, was just stumbling around doing some google searching for Dinar looking for some new articles and came across a new Dinar dealer I'd never seen before. Looks like a newer website. I was kinda surprised a little late to the game, seems like very few people out there still buying and overall sentiment has turned kind of pessimistic. Website looks pretty nice and professional though. Just thoguht I'd point it out and was also wondering if anyone has ever bought from these guys? Called DinarLiquidator???
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