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  1. It's okay if you don't have Bitcoin... I'm also taking offers in USD. I can accept credit card and paypal payments as well, so whatever is most convenient for you... I'm open to negotiate a win-win exchange. Sorry I didn't make that clear before. :-)
  2. If anyone is interested in buying part or the entire lot, please email serious offer to: or leave your contact information for me to contact you. Thanks!
  3. I'm selling my 6,975,000 Iraqi Dinar notes because I want to transition to Bitcoin. As shown in the image above, I have 2 bundles (100 notes each) of 25000 IQD plus 56 uncirculated 25000 IQD notes for a total of... 256 x 25000 IQD = 6,400,000 Uncirculated New Iraqi Dinar 25000 IQD notes. 10 x 10000 IQD = 100,000 Uncirculated New Iraqi Dinar 10000 IQD notes. 19 x 25000 IQD = 475,000 circulated Iraqi Dinar 25000 IQD notes. In summary, I'm selling the whole lot of 6,975,000 IQD for 12.5 BTC
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