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Found 10 results

  1. Central Bank Governor: The committed issuers are the ones who can trust the country's economy The governor of the Central Bank stressed that "the committed exporters who return their currencies to the country are the people of confidence in the country's economy, and we must pave the way for them by facilitating laws and regulations." Today, Saturday, Central Bank Governor Abdel Nasser Hemmati, at the "Exporters' Appreciation in the Field of Foreign Exchange Return", which was attended by 50 exporters, thanked the exporters who did not allow to cut off the country
  2. Middle East Middle East|Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’ Tehran's Turn Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’ By Tim Arango
  3. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... Demonstrators demand Iran out of Iraq politics. Oil revenues & CBI auctions benefited Iran, not the Iraqis. Iran still has influence within the CBI. Allak must go. He was installed by Maliki & Iran. This may explain why Iraq has not progressed in the past 3 years. The current GOI & CBI are still in bed with the Iranians. Iran continues to strip Iraq of it's wealth through fake proxy companies. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. 16 Nov 2019FROM FRANK:
  4. Iran’s political influence in Iraq cannot be questioned as facts on ground prove it, and Iranians and their proxies boast and are not afraid to speak openly about it. Wherever the influence is, it is relies on a local means and arms operating inside the country and direct influence in the Iraqi government of Haider al-Abadi. How this affect the Iraqi dinar and the delaying of the revaluation we are waiting for years.. I'm in this dinar saga for 13 years. Please your opinion!
  5. Nezhat Amiri’s recent high-profile performance caps a 38-year fight for recognition Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent Tue 20 Feb 2018 05.00 GMT Nezhat Amiri performing in Tehran’s Vahdat auditorium Photograph: Alireza Ramezani/ More pics in link
  6. Daughter of high-profile dissidents talks about how their murder nearly 20 years ago continues to inform her work Saeed Kamali Dehghan Friday 29 September 2017 07.19 BST Parastou Forouhar says she finds ‘healing in repetition’ through her artwork. Photograph: Courtesy of the artist More pics in link
  7. Parks exclusively for women are popping up in Iranian cities, but critics are divided over whether this is just another ploy to keep them hidden in public Renate van der Zee in Tehran Wednesday 9 August 2017 07.25 BST Iranian women practice parkour skills at a park in Tehran. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
  8. Iran a 'time bomb' for oil prices Almost seems this might work in Iraq's favor. Your thoughts? / Peace Out, roomies
  9. Greetings, The Price of Oil and Gasto head downward by 2020? Iraq, Iran Plot Oil Revolution, Challenge Saudi Posted on 29 January 2014 Iraq and Iran, which together hold more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, are planning to challenge Saudi Arabia's grip on OPEC and its status as the "swing producer" in the cartel, according to a report from The Telegraph. With Iraq poised to triple its capacity to 9 million bpd by 2020, the result could be a dramatic fall in oil prices. Hussain al-Shahristani, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, said: "We feel the world needs to be assured of fuel
  10. I know enough to know that I don't know enough to know how accurate the information is in this video but I believe the premise is plausible. While the video primarily addresses the MIddle East and Petro Dollars it inadvertently explains why Venezuela earlier in the year transferred their gold from Europe to China.
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