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  1. rwharnden


    Lot's of us are in desperate need! Hang in there!
  2. rwharnden

    Float currency

    .10 would be a let down after waiting an anxious ten years. BUT I'll take it; even with the little I hold it would offer my family a little more peace of mind. Just the dreams of travel and home ownership will have to be delayed some. Merry Christmas to all of my DV friends.
  3. rwharnden


    This Tank Guy is Clueless. spewing nonsense.
  4. rwharnden

    Delete Zeros Priority !

    I Like the Way you think; only I would love to see this happen by years end.
  5. That is exactly how I interpret his post also; Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  6. I think this is misdirection; of should I say I hope this is misdirection!
  7. I own more than my mom; she thinks it is a stupid scam and insists I am being taken! LOL
  8. rwharnden

    1000 to 1 (In country RV)

    Thanks Mongo, This is great news!
  9. rwharnden

    wonderful wife now with God

    I could not agree more! Tandy Stay Strong Friend! So Sorry; God Bless!!!
  10. why would anyone pay?! They can come here for FREE thanks to Adam!!!
  11. rwharnden

    Interesting chart...check it out.....

    I love the fact that this is in USD Great find CBS
  12. Scooters window ends on the 15th. btw Taboo your an idiot!!!

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