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  1. I lowered the price, may need to go the ebay route if I want more I suppose. Seen 1mil with a bid out for 998, which is what I based my price on at 1400k (original price). Thanks for the heads up, I think the current price is reasonable with free shipping. Take care.
  2. Of course there is a sob story but I will save it and sum it up to Wife and mother of 3, federal employee furloughed twice this year one with pay returned, and the other not. Trying to cash in on this and pay some bills. Hopefully I don't miss out on the RV before I can reinvest. Will include all receipts and authenticity documents and include free overnight shipping upon payment. Asking 1350 or $425 per 500k (also free shipping). I appreciate it in advance!
  3. Selling for $450 including shipping. I'm located in Ohio. Serious buyers only please.
  4. This is fricken rediculous. But typical of CONGRESS not acting on anything...
  5. Funny, I used to be on this site everyday, and decided that it was a waste of time. You get all pumped up because you hear, "it will happen soon", "we are close", "I won't give a date, but with all the things going on, we are closer than ever before". People, enjoy your life, get off of this website, and let your investment do whatever it's going to do. This site, or any other, will not make it RV any faster. I have been invested since 2006, and I have been on this site for around 2 years or so and I see the same posts over and over. The same hype, over and over. You made the investment
  6. FMCC, Thanks for posting this, it made me feel warm, fuzzy, and sad at the same time. Nevertheless, excellent read!
  7. SkeeterPE, Excellent discussion! Also, next time I see a soldier near a bar, I will buy him/her a drink (or 2). Reading your post inspired me. I must say that for the most part, I am in agreement. Thank you for this post!
  8. You said you visited or called on the phone? You mentioned 3 states??? I am confused because you say I, then us?
  9. Has anybody called to verify this information?
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