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  1. I have a question, maybe someone can help me out. When we hear of people saying that this person or that person is a pumper of dinar, what does that mean? They really have no actual gain in doing this, or do they?
  2. At least Romney isn't in to ship our US jobs to China
  3. Bush vs Gore 2000 No crying in politics Neg away
  4. Sounds like Gore all over again.
  5. You mean O is not going to be able to take credit for the Bush plan? We have a lot of people on here saying he was going to use it to get relected. I wish Bush would come back and take credit for his own plan.
  6. Oh wait, I thought O was going to use the RV to get relected? He was going to take the credit of the Bush plan! Well, I guess we wait.
  7. Dosen't matter who is in at this point. Housing War Welfare Put us in a bad spot!
  8. The people's choice is what is really about. Sad to say that it is gone, all about big business now, and who can pay more money.
  9. It really dosen't matter who is in office. Clinton, Bush, now Obama. Clinton started the mess with the housing. Bush started two wars. Obama with health care reform They have cost this country a lot.
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