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  1. Yes you're thinking is correct. Due to the fact that the note count has been reduced u.s. dealers are having a hard time getting more dinar. I saw that some months back on my phone as well.
  2. Yep I received the same email as well. You can go to I believe to register
  3. Safe Dinar, Treasury Vault, Xchange of America, & and try Ebay as well
  4. Yeah I went to the site and saw all of them are booked. I'll reach out to him to see when he may do some more. I've been hoping he would do something like this. Thanks
  5. @KristiD I listened to Breitling audio on YouTube the other night. My impression from Bob was that you had to be there in person to attend the seminar/webinar. Was that the case or you could join from anywhere?
  6. I've seen some posts on what the rate could be when this pops off. For some reason feel they will not come out at.10. I lean more towards $.50 - $1. Jmo
  7. Adam I've heard from reliable sources that the notes we have supposed to coexist with the new notes for 10yrs. So there shouldn't be a rush on exchanging them. If you hear different let us know.
  8. Ok I just upgraded & became a Lifetime Platinum VIP member. I'm supposed to receive a certificate in the mail??
  9. Hey Adam Some feel this could go to March/April. It would seem the violence & chaos from the protests wouldn't allow for this to prolong. Im not asking for a date/rate. What's your opinion of it stretching into spring?
  10. Ok my Platinum membership is complete. I'll try the link again to check out OSI. Thanks
  11. Adam I don't fully understand OSI. I'll upgrade to the Platinum package and read up more about the OSI. Thanks
  12. Hi Adam. Thanks for the update and discount. I just renewed December 1 thru April. How does that work if I wanted to upgrade?
  13. Yeah there's some I've stopped listening to & now I just stick with a few. Even on the legit sites I see opinions/viewpoints that causes me to look deeper into the things to gain knowledge. Thanks!
  14. This is my first post in this forum. I've read on other sites that some folks feel that this could stretch into spring. It would appear that with protests going on that Iraq would be in even more bad shape. Not looking for a date just some logical input. I appreciate any helpful info. Thanks Adam & all
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