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  1. Haha! Same here my friend!! Glad it worked out for you and RTR!!!
  2. rccampbell are you in T-town or T-roy?? I might be interested if things don't work out with the other buyer. Just let me know and RTR!!!
  3. What? I can't believe it! Maliki filing forged signatures???? Imagine that lol.
  4. This is why I love this You guys are awesome!! Dilly Dilly!!! To the misery!!!!!!
  5. That's bob from baghdad AKA baghdad bob.
  6. Thanks Floridian. I think this might be more important than we think. The people listen to Sistani because of his role as a religious leader. He basically called Maliki a crook (from other articles I read) and seems to be suggesting to the people to vote for Abadi. Breaking the hold from Iran will go a long way toward what we all want to happen in my opinion and a week from today we will find out. Go RV!!!
  7. Thanks again Thug. You are hitting some homeruns today my friend. This head of the legal parliamentary committee (Saddoun) seems to get it. Now if he can get the rest of them to get it and agree on something ( I know, I know..they will probably just throw their shoes at each other), we might be getting somewhere.
  8. Same here brob. By the way, CoM stands for Council of Ministers. I had to look it up myself. They are under Abadi. It makes better sense to me now and I believe this rate will be pretty close when it first comes out. JMO of course.
  9. My post above came from the CBI website. I wasn't sure if allowed to post links or not.
  10. Total Settlement System: tariff: This system guarantees the effective and final settlement of payment orders (high value) exchanged between the participants and continuously during the working day. The balances are settled on the principle of cash flow after the other, ie the principle of FIFO (First in First) Out) The checks are checked by the system to ensure that balances are available in the participant's settlement accounts. The CBI is the controlling body and its operational manager as the owner of the system and manages settlement accounts for participants. The Central Bank started the actual operation of the RTGS on 24/8/2006. The five main banks / branches (Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank, Bank of Baghdad, Commercial Bank of Iraq and Middle East Bank) were initially involved. The Bank adopted a gradual plan to involve banks In the settlement system, 62 banks have now been subscribed to the immediate total settlement system, in addition to the Ministry of Finance, the Retirement Authority and the Department for the Care of Minors. The system: - The system provides no intrusion, manipulation or intrusion on the network. The existence of a basic site for the system and two alternative sites to ensure the protection of information in the event of any emergency or other damage to the site. Link all branches of the Central Bank in the south and north of this system. System Objectives: Remove the manual adjustment risk resulting from large net adjustment operations, add That the RTGS system ensures an irrevocable final settlement, a good advantage of high value to the customer. Increase speed and shorten the time to implement payments. Eliminate credit risk and liquidity. Improve liquidity management. Have a high level of efficiency and flexibility. Implement a system that complies with international standards.
  11. Now this makes me look forward to Monday! Seems as if things are shaping up very nicely for what we all have been waiting on. Thanks dinarerrific!
  12. Hey Last Call...are these uncirculated or circulated bills? What denoms?
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