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  1. FWIW, They had already announced before 9:00pm (our time) that they had canceled the vote, I believe because of Mousawi and the Al Fateh Alliance.
  2. As an almost 80 yr old Air Force linguist from the 60's, my interest in the ME goes back to my first flights over there back in '66. I have seen a bunch of wanna-be gurus and their wild forecasts, usually tempered to spur interest in get get-rich-possibilities. With all due respect to the gurus, with all my reading, there is only one who I have observed state clearly and openly since last year, that the Iraqi fiscal year actually starts on April first. Jeff named March 21st as the logical date for take-off to a new rate long ago. When I look at the unbelievably successful and almost unimpe
  3. I would agree with you when this is applied to every, single government they have had since Sadam. BUT, and IMHO it's a big BUT, is that Kazemi is so far ahead of all his predecessors that he deserves our (US's) strongest support. I have not seen another politician so "comparatively" honest in Iraq.
  4. I don't think this is going to last the "two" weeks promised to Maliki. He's been making a ton of outrageous complaints about Kazemi. No way they let the date of release align with his demands so he can take credit for the change. Kazemi I am sure has his eye on scumbag Maliki and is just waiting his chance to strike and take him out ASAP. IMHO many on this forum have been so battered with Iraq's recent history that they have greatly downplayed the historic changes K is putting in place. Years of promises and failures they have given us used to lead to nothing. NOW, Kazemi has been bru
  5. Likely most deservedly so. I just have my gut feeling from the Iranian/Persians of my day when we got to fly with them down in Texas in the mid 60's. I believed then and still now that their people DO NOT hate America. We often confuse government and their close adherent's blah-blah with the will, the heart of the people. My concerns are based on their insane fanaticism but are allayed by the many Persians/Iraqis who have vowed they are ready for a more positive relationship with the US and see the public comments and threats as official BS.
  6. IMHO, that's probably not gonna happen. Pompeo is a pompous a** who is currently being avoided by our European allies because he has zero credibility. The Iranians are bad guys but so are the Saudis. This is all dancing around political positions over the Iran nuclear deal, which still has all its major signatories from Europe to Russia and China. When the political baloney is discarded, there is no way in hell the Iranians want to cross that combination of global powers. Their own world is in a hell of turmoil and their economy/society can not support a war with Israel. I feel "Sound a
  7. Staring at 80 next year, I too, find waiting another 10 years is pushing possible limits. But I am probably a little less worried about this thing dragging out into the future because I am still fully on the Kazemi Express! The man is the "anointed one" for Iraq and any opposition seems cuffed and taped into submission.
  8. Actually that is the source of hope I see these last 6 months. Kazemi has an immensely strong program now. And the glacial speed of progress over these last 10 years for me clearly has given way to a real plan. He has marshalled most every international organization from the IMF and the AMF to WB, WHO UN etc. behind him and I see the powerful and once again, (finally) involved hand of Sistani and others. Objections from typically the Maliki et al wing of the Shiite world arise and quickly are disposed of and an almost seemingly, globally agreed upon series of changes are set in stone and un
  9. HCR, let me try a different read of this situation. After 10 years of personal investment things have finally gotten real interesting. I see it now as, "All they’ve been doing the past 16+ years is talk. Never any Kazemi. "
  10. As long as Maliki and Barzani (Sr.) are the first of the bunch picked! I swear I read somewhere on here, a while back, that they were the two biggest thieves. They'd of had extremely strong support from the demonstrators for their demise.LOL
  11. I read somewhere around here that he has been undergoing pancreatic cancer surgery. If he kicks the bucket, it could portend some more delays in this process. If Allawi is taking over, that puts the RV back on the front burner given his past.
  12. I can't decide whether the Iraqi politicians are the laziest, the "lyingest" or the most corrupt douchebags in the world. It seems like a trifecta!!
  13. My "oldfartsheimer's" prevents me from remembering where, I read it, but I'm sure I read he was ill and was expected to be back in action this week. My best guess would be a secret hospital visit to the UK or some such. He is not well liked in Iran where they are upset with him threatening to overthrow their puppet Mahdi and re-install Abaadi..
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