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  1. I like each their own....he is not for everyone. I trust him more than some of these others...
  2. Jack it up...I like the sound of that!!! Is it "Lou" that says the true price right now is 12,000 or was it 1,200? Anybody know?
  3. Boy, we r getting kicked in the butt today. I'm still holding but this is scary s***
  4. I bought more holding till I get A HAPPY ENDING!!! lol
  5. I hope your RIGHT! This system is totally manipulated. SMH. Whomever is in charge is either "in on it" or completely stupid. Something has to be done to override this dip stick. Time will a holdin!!!
  6. It's dumping right now...sad face. It should be going up not down...what's going on!?!
  7. Come on now boys....let's all get along! Lol So GME is moving around buying GME and with profits going to buy more AMC....LETS GET IT ON!!!
  8. Thanks man....appreciate it......35 cents is cheap
  9. Holy cow! I'm so sorry. First I've heard of this. Thx
  10. I'm on coinbase....can anybody recommend which ones to buy on this site??? I googled but to no avail. Thanks in advance
  11. Nov 23rd....sounds good to me.
  12. Both Matt and Trey posted some awesome videos yesterday interviewing people in the know of the industry. A lot of important information. Change is on the way.
  13. For some reason Sunshine of Your Love reminds me of Jethro Tull....
  14. Love Peter Gabriel....special person. I always say...I wish we can go back to theo 60s or 70s.....**** computers. Great post
  15. Looking good peeps....hanging around 40...we need to get to 50! Then to 70! Then 100....then to the moon!!!
  16. Right Nannab! Hold till we squeeeeeze! Everything is coming out in the open. I know it takes time to restructure the entire stock market....what the hell did you get us into Keylime! Lol, jk
  17. PP it is crazy! I just hope we can beat the big boys at their game! The ones that are supposed to be protecting the retailers are the ones abusing their power and ripping us off!!! Now what?!?
  18. Best video him. I posted this on FB....I hope thats OK?
  19. Thanks Mark for posting vids
  20. Well, those hedgies did a hell of a job keeping it at 45.00! Sigh
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