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  1. thanks for the laugh and visual DT. Luigi, a body wax will help you get a better tan buddy!
  2. King Bean its stating thats what they purchased last year 48 tonnes. So what is the total amount Now in the gold reserves? eneyone know
  3. The resolution builds on other measures adopted by the council to clamp down on IS revenue streams and combines them into a single effort to hit at militant financing. Drafted under chapter seven of the U.N charter, the resolution can be enforced through sanctions or use of force, even though it does not authorize military force. Is this why Obama is asking for ground troops in iraq and syria?
  4. thanks DT. Looks like Maliki is going down. Hope iraq can seize all lost funds that where stolen. Thats enough money to RV big. Cheers mate
  5. Hello, I purchased the cybermonday38 but did not have a sign in account. Not sure what happened to the perchase, if it went through can it be tagged to this account or what is the procedure. It was a 6 month VIP and the same email was Inputted during the buy.
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