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  1. Let me see if my buddy bought already...
  2. What's good, Adam? Anything jump out at you lately, that peeks your interests? Not going to ask you to try to predict anything but how do you feel about 1 Oct 2015, the start of the year of Jubalee?
  3. I can only say, don't get your hopes up! But with that I so far stand firm in my beliefs that 1 Oct is our day. I pray I'm right for us all. Being cautious says don't put my eggs in any one basket. Meaning I'm not going to advocate buying anything though I would if I could afford to lose it. I hope this is the end but history shows anything can happen. Good luck DV. I hope we were all right to whatever extent. Peace. .10-heaven!
  4. Let's see if they start coming out with implementation dates of 1 Oct. If we do by next week, I think we have a GO on a rate change.
  5. Noone advocated to quit your paper route or buy more dinar btw...not that I believe you did but I'm no pumper. Just piecing things together like the rest and it points me to that date. I very well could be wrong or they may not do a damn thing for any number of reasons but it's my gut feeling. Best of luck!
  6. Oh pudgy pie...I'm glad your here infact, you can see with your own eyes the rebuilding of Iraq. Never before in your lifetime have you seen this happen on such a scale. Keep your eyes open or you might miss it!
  7. So riddle me this Batman, why come on here if you seemingly have no interest here besides trying to create drama? I'm sure there are better things to do in life, right? I mean if you think this deal is never going to amount to anything but a big let down, why come here other than to troll others? "Ok" & "Thanks"
  8. If that's what you need, I'll be your huckleberry. No, it hasn't RV'D to 3.86. You all better now?
  9. Genius of an idea. Spend time of your life on a website you don't have anything to contribute to. Life must be grand. Hope you still have that loan option to buy, I'll sell you my old car soon. I'll even cut out the floor boards so you can barney rubble it to the lobster tank. A say I told you so might be coming, if not, I haven't lost anything really but maybe, just maybe, you can still get that loan?
  10. I'm guessing someone suckered you into this "scheme" in the past and you sold out? I'm sure you mean to say you are still holding some. Just not buying more. Good for you! As for your post, not very good class to insult others beliefs, whether far out or not. Maybe it won't happen but I notice you still are here???
  11. Nice sarcasm. If you sold all of your dinar, even better. Our rate whatever it may be, will be even better! Hope you didn't miss out on that suit. It would be such a waste but then again, you're still here!
  12. The wolves never bothered me, I'm a sheepdog! It's what I
  13. They aren't going to post it's done until maybe the day or night's just a perfect storm. Gotta go with gut sometimes! Could explain why with articles but if paying attention the cards are all on the table already its just piecing it together and reading through their BS. Defiantly not Luigi. LMAO I could be wrong but I'm not so heavily invested financially that it will ruin me either way, just a nest egg. Here's to it getting bigger!
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