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  1. Everyone wants to play in Iraq's and Iran's playground now.
  2. From all that Im reading from all over the place ........ Iraq should be RVing sometime this year. Iran is waiting on Iraq to RV because they made a deal (a while back) that Iraq would go first ( leading the way so to speak ). Iran should be RVing "shortly" after..... And will other currencies . Sort of like a domino effect not leaving enough time for investors to double dip. They are ahead of the plan. So......if you are thinking of buying other currencies I wouldn't wait too long.( NOT PUMPING JUST SAYING) . If this should be the case (which makes sense) it won't give anyone enough
  3. Well I guess we'll have to find somewhere else to cash out then. Unless Trump makes some kind of compromise deal with Iran.
  4. This doesn't say a thing to me. ......Lots of words ....but not much of a point ..... maybe its just me What does this say to you ? Other than improving transparency to what they are doing. ? . ? . ?
  5. I read something on that the other day. Said that they would go at the same time or within hours of each other. For that main reason. They don't want people double dipping. They say it would be disastrous . VND as well. There have been articles ( a while back ) saying that they made that deal......To go together. I wasn't invested in the rial at that time but remember reading it .
  6. You are so right LGD. This is the beginning of one of the biggest battles we'll ever see. The dismantling of the corruption in Washington DC. It's gonna be big ,it's gonna be ugly and they are not going to go down with out a fight. This is one of the reasons I wanted Trump in the White House. He knows who "THEY" are and he will know how to handle them. "THEY" are now $hitting bricks as we speak. "THEY" know whats coming. Trump does need our prayers and he will get them from me.
  7. LGD......Thats what happened to me as well. I woke up in the middle of the night and began to pray for divine intervention. Asking God to please put his hand over our country and bless the process. I asked that it should be his will. That I would except his choice. we are. I truly feel that he heard our prayers. I am so relieved and grateful.
  8. Candy .....sorry that you feel that way. But just so that you know.....Im hispanic, female, not a racist, not trailer trash and I wasn't a fan of Trumps before he ran for president. But when I saw what he could do for this country I knew he was the best man for the job. He's not perfect . He is flawed... but so are you and so am I. Im thrilled that he's gonna be our next president. Because now I really believe we (USA) stand a chance.
  9. Shab's ....I must say .....That is very nice of you to do so. Show's that you are a man of your word. Very eloquent indeed. Divemaster.........Thank You for all your information , passion and support . "We the people" now have HOPE for a better future . TODAY IS A GOOD DAY ! Love to all.......MIT
  10. So HAPPY that Trump WON !!!!! Thank You God for making this possible . The USA will be GREAT again !
  11. I am just so grateful ...."Thank You God ". Im so glad this is over and Trump WON !!!!!!! Now there really is HOPE for our USA. Hope is a good thing and we need it !
  12. Im feeling your pain..... I woke up this morning at 4:00 am thinking" Dear God we need you on this one".We need divine intervention with this election. Please , please let it be your will for the good of the people. So we wait and see. With a glass of red wine in hand as Im typing this.......
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