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  1. still we wait for an international Currency , UN Please put them in Chapter 8
  2. Ya 2 hr, most likely will mean 2 weeks vacation, fallowed by 1 week rest, then 3 days to recuperate , and buy new shoes for the coming sessions, sorry forgot they now throw water bottles guess there cheaper to use.
  3. It states as fallow's... Would have been better but Maliki, stole 75% of the funds and his Goons took 15%, and the reaming 10% got lost ? we will try for a better budget 2018 ..
  4. You have 2 you need to rid yourself of , Maliki and Iran, But First can you RV so I can say my Goodbye's as sad as it will be I must Go !!!!
  5. and we wait for the UN to put them in Section 8 , Then Ill be Happy er , than me is now , I think there meeting is around Sep 15th , they miss the July meeting , fingers crossed for the next one...
  6. I'm thinking the same , was hoping this yr but don't look like it will happen
  7. Its a start but the UN said do it or NO Section 8 , For the good of all Iraq, Clean the Swamp , and UN votes in a few weeks. need to go on there web site and see when it is , But I'm lazy
  8. Amen MALIKI will be soon as these guys sing. Ill give up Maliki for a reduced sentence .... Fools all of them. Now can we take out some here in the good ol USA. C, P, W, C, Mc, and the list goes on
  9. that's a lot of doe at $50. On behalf of Maliki and his goons we would like to thank you for letting us steel you Blind. IMF and World Bank we thank you Too. Please fell free to send me, I mean Iraq more...and France I look forward to taking yours as well.
  10. and to make your purchase use monopoly money.....what a joke , there sitting on a gold mine, U N put them in Chapter 8 ,
  11. Maliki pointing fingers, look in the mirror Maliki and see the man who is evil the devil himself , looks like you would have learned something from your best friend Saddam , and where did it get him, swinging from a Rope , and you cant get there fast enough
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