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  1. I don't think 10,000.000. will buy a new car, but a used one for 10k , but I'll take it and hold on to see if it become 10 million USD
  2. I was wondering when this would come out this yr, every yr the same story drop the 3 zeros fist of yr and has it happened yet ? will it ? Don't see anything till March. Hope I'm wrong I'm wrong, anytime now till then works for me
  3. He took lessons from the Clintons. to bad they all are Untouchable, above the law ..
  4. Now if they would move at my rate of Soon, and not the Iraq rate of Soon,we would be in business
  5. Banks in the USA wont touch it, put a rate to it and then, Ill be at wells Fargo and fifth third doing my happy
  6. just hope its not, SOON in the coming days , we all know what that means in Iraq ,, " Never "
  7. it took 10 yrs and a lot of Cold showers but my wife finely said yes, and 46 yrs later I'm a Rich man. well worth the wait
  8. He is like the Clintons he will walk free. I bet his exoneration letter has been written and ready to be signed by James Comey , to be hand delivered buy Hillarious, as she will say see I told you it would work. you did use my cleaning cloth Right...
  9. Trump used he own money and spent 1/3 that of Bit^^H Hillarious, she lost because people are tired of crooks, liers, cheats, and the Murders , Hell has a Place for her and her Rapist husband
  10. Iraq needs to be in the WTO, UN needs to put them in # 8, HCL needs to be passed, an RV needs to take place and I need to retire, Now the question is , If, How, When
  11. These idiots can't agree on Shitzz ,ran by corruption,stealing faster than it comes in, as crooked as the Clintons, but yet we give them 4 Billion with more on the way ?
  12. and yet they still have a worthless currency. Taking out loans, in hopes of money coming in to pay them back, so you would think they could cover there currency with a REAL rate
  13. I'm going to call my Boss and tell him I'm not coming to work today there is a Thunderstorm with hell the size of peas , Ill let you guys know how this turns out.
  14. as Long as the The Real Men of the U S armed Forces where in front of you, behind you, and beside you... Boy the Fake news ,got to get them there ratings , CNN ?
  15. we all hope this gets done, BUT, soon postpone and vacations take top priority . take a # and please sit in the back of the Room your # will be called in the order it was received, SOON , or in the coming Days.
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