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  1. Can anyone tell me how to transfer funds from USD to IQD. I have established a transfer password. Thanks!!
  2. There is no similarity between Ted Striker and Stryker. Stryker makes every effort to search out the truth...Ted Striker??????
  3. Has anyone received a translation of the second http???
  4. I had the same issues that you are having. I finally began sending e-mails to the e-banking department, the C.accounts department, and Mr. Issa every night--being careful to send them during the bank's operating hours. Finally, finally, I got a response from the e-banking department after an urging from Mr. Issa and they gave me a new password and new user I.D. Apparently, the first ones that they sent to me had never been activated on their end. They do have to have your permission to deduct the appropriate fees from your account on an annual basis, so you will have to authorize the dedu
  5. Since I am hoping that Warka will soon be honoring requests to wire funds back to the US, I would like some information on how to go about getting that done. I do have e-bank access to my accounts. Thank you for any help you can give.
  6. Well, I am still waiting to hear about any action on my buy orders...I wait, I wait, I wait.
  7. If you don't mind, please share your broker's contact information... Much appreciated.
  8. Well, as the saying goes...."will wonders never cease!". I finally received replies from Warka, but only after M. Issa directed the various departments to take care of my many, many requests. I finally have e-access to my accounts. However, I still have not received any response from the ISX department concerning my buy-orders. I think I will try to find another ISX broker. Does anyone have recommendations for a broker? Thank you all for your replies.
  9. I am giving up on Warka!!!! Has anyone had success with getting their funds transferred out of Warka, and into another Bank, and switching to another ISX broker? Any information/advise appreciated.
  10. I authorized the deduction from my accounts for the e-bank access fees; however, the username and password that they sent me never did work. Repeated attempts to get this corrected have had no response from Warka. I can't even find out the balances on my accounts. Thank you for any help.
  11. I have been unable to get any response from Warka in weeks. I cannot view my accounts nor get confirmation of isx trades. Any suggestions from anyone>
  12. I have had funds in Warka for over two years, and have been granted trading status on the ISX using Warka for my broker; however, I have been unable to get ANY response to my buy orders, and to my requests to set up e-banking status. Does anyone have any procedural directions that you can give me. Any help will be appreciated. Warka always seems to be able to receive my wire transfers, but not able to respond to my requests for action on those funds.
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