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  1. Well that was a waste of time they have excepted the Prime Ministers resignation and now in caretaker mood so now all we do is wait and see this may take months. What a mess this Government has made only need 140 in government far too big so let's hope they get this sorted out and Iran out as well. Have a great Christmas all.
  2. Iran is in Charge. Have been for years. Only option. If the except resignation then it's all in caretaker mood no good only for Iran. If they dont except it and produce 2020 budget and revalue and start rebuilding all sort of happy for now. But in caretaker mood no one wins not protesters not Politicians only Iran win. If USA have control over this they may not let happen because if corruption but it's best for now and sort out corruption as things happen. It was very smart the government having no previsions if Prime Minister resigns which is 8 weeks at least too late he is responsible for this mess as their leader. Maybe that's how Iran wanted it. But we dont want caretaker mood protesters dont want that. Politicians must not want this because their heads will be on the chopping block. Pass budget start revalue and rebuilding is the only way out here for now. Or Iran will ruin this opportunity for Iraq people which the coalition powers gave them to get their country in order.
  3. I really see no light in the tunnel till the Prime Minister is gone and most of the corrupt current politicians. If you look at the current impeachment and Trump he will not lift Sanchions and allow them to revalue so in thinking next year now before we see a revalue. He if USA have any control over the reinstatement then it wont happen till the Prime Minister of Iraq is gone...
  4. Can anyone tell me that I'd this is for real because I Dam well hope it is ....... 9-12-2019 Newshound Guru Kathy Article: "Maliki denies allegations of smuggling Iraqi treasury money" Quote: "The security authorities at Dubai airport seize a shipment of funds full of dollars stolen from the treasury of Iraq, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars on a private Iraqi plane belonging to Nuri al-Maliki, which was intended to be smuggled to a European country "This money is equivalent to the budget of 10 Arab countries for five years." Equal to 10 Arab countries budgets for five years! Holy Cow!... let's pray hes caught.
  5. Yeh thanks for that . I NEVER SAW SO MUCH Bullshit come from the another site unbelievable crao one day this next day that and to think some of them suppose to have some sort of IQ.
  6. Ok so you all think we wont 2 zeros off out value. It stands as it is . And what's this talk of 800 ??
  7. What I would like to know is if you have 6million Dinars Then it's worth 60,000 Dinars only is this correct and if they revalue at say $6 =$360,000. Next question on this is some of these idiots ate saying it will go up from there I dont think it will but think its saying is to scam u more so and I think it will crash back to $3 in line with neighbors that produce oil so they are on par then they say it will go up so many will cash in z little then sit on it and you will loose big time why in world would they ever go from 6 up when other countries beside them are at $3 . Does not make sence so soon we will know but lots of crao being told at present I feel.
  8. Well I thought it was trillion not billion ... so that's good and maybe great for us as well more the merrier
  9. Yes I agree they have enough problems and keeping it simple and same value is they way to go and it I assume would be started at least a $1 per one Dinar and go up so as I said they have buying power and so on the bigger the better but not just for us but for Itaq to rebuild and contracts and buying power goods and services and yes they would need to pay back as I said before $2 would be ok 1 for Iraq and one to payback and that gives them buying power
  10. It's best at $1 for 1 Dinar or higher even $2 for one Dinar because yes it's a lot to pay back but it gives the buying power for products and contracts and if they go to $2 well $1 can go to repayments over next 30 years and Their $1 puts them on par with USA Dollar as buying power remember they wont see much of this cash in for about 5 to 10 years as banks will hold it and pay u and hope they make more money again on its value and IMF have guaranteed them the money I believe . They could even RV at $3 and comitt $1.50 them and $1.50 to payments gives them great buying power and restructuring so I dont think that that's a problem. But if they RV at $0.50 even that could cause big problems with buying and contracts and payback. And take fir ever to get on top but the above figures I see much better for Iraq to built a better future. That's my view. Cheers
  11. Well this is all very interesting as in Australia after 4 years it's no Cspital gains but as Governments make and change the rules that may change but if two 00s are taken off our value there wont be too many paying capital gains and second yes I was told the Dinars we baught why we paid above the price we paid tax on them when baught so all this is going to be interesting in the next few weeks or months . Lots of Bullshit floating around at present but they Governments is what worries me they dont like any one outside the Government to make lots of money so things could change .
  12. Good question but I think that is only in Iraq. Can anyone clear this up to me they must honor the value as we bought it. AS IT WAS LEAGAL CURRENCY . ???
  13. That really is a good question Andwhy still auctions and not move forward now things are settled and in place this is going to hurt them even more so the longer the auctions go I doubt of anyone will make money on them its beyond a joke now .. The longer it takes they must have a agender to rip every one off with Dinars in saying that the longer it takes the worse we get it appears .. www.another they talk some rubish just complete bull they feed all and so many contradictions from a lot of idiots they call themselves so much crap feed coming from some . But the longer the worse it will be for them to pay back one day they say it great nothing to stop dont need government then next day more delays and need government . I cant believe that thus country needs money to build while doing nothing to shut up the auctions. A Joke.
  14. Yes local and maybe new not the old they stand as they are .. 25,000 will be same Value 25,000 and 10,000 and 5,000 all the same .
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