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  1. Really not cool Deborah so I told my friend Kap about it. He said he will dig up some of your old love letters along with your personal information. I'm staying out of it, but you should be warned.
  2. 235snack, who are you really? Coincidence on a first post. You must be someone else. Call it ladies intuition. Deborah, I am not Kaperoni, but your overbearing attitude and apparently wishful thinking I am him is quite comical. You can stand all day on a soap box in this thread as some righteous women of thought and knowledge even quoting biblical references if you wish. But it does not substitute for lack of common sense. I have Christmas shopping to do. You have a great day.
  3. Sore subject is he Deborah? Seems to be several haters here and when someone stands up to defend him they are accused of being him. To funny.
  4. This is rather comical. I assure you I am not Kap. lmbo
  5. Deborah, sounds like you have some issues with reality. Kap brings perspective into the investment and many don't like it because it often kills their hope and dreams of an overnight big payday. The dinar is not a lotto ticket it's real money that a country uses every day in financial transactions. If it ever is going to rise, it will based on sound economic principals not wishful thinking.
  6. This was posted on another site, He should argue with the IMF. Page 4 of the STAFF REPORT FOR THE 2013 ARTICLE IV CONSULTATION—INFORMATIONAL ANNEX “The MCP arises from the absence of a mechanism to ensure that the official exchange rate and the market exchange rate do not deviate by more than 2 percent.” Then the CBI also makes a comment, Statement by A. Shakour Shaalan, Executive Director for Iraq May 13, 2013 #8 on page 2 8. "The CBI is committed to progressively liberalize the foreign exchange market as capacity to prevent AML/CFT is devel
  7. So this is how you drive women off the site, call them a man? lmbo
  8. Here is a very good quote from Kap; Article VIII is very important. And Article VIII is what will make the dinar internationally recognized, convertible and tradable worldwide. The CBI simply cannot transition to Article VIII until they have demonstrated to the IMF that they can comply under the Article VIII guidelines (they have to show the IMF that they can meet the conditions of Article VIII before they will get Article VIII). So the bottom line is, until the CBI can show the IMF that they can follow the rules the IMF will not accept them into Article VIII.
  9. Kap is right and Stryker has been sucking on to many paint fumes.
  10. You do not have to guess it is right in the IMF docs. Page 17 14. The de facto fixed exchange rate has served Iraq well. The authorities agreed that a stable nominal exchange rate provides a valuable anchor for inflation expectations in an uncertain environment, and intend to continue implementing this policy for the foreseeable future. In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy. Such flexibility could al
  11. Wishful thinking. They didn't reprint the existing dinar notes for a change in value in the dinar.
  12. The point I made was very clear that Stryker has no idea what he is talking about, sanctions were lifted years ago and his statement is just plane dumb. "Soon though we will be able to exchange our dinar for any currency through banking institutions now that OFAC has or will be removing all financial sanctions." The OFAC report from 2010 says this, V. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS Unless a transaction involves a party blocked under OFAC’s authorities, financial transactions with Iraq are allowed, including the opening of correspondent accounts for Iraqi financial institutions. What
  13. "Soon though we will be able to exchange our dinar for any currency through banking institutions now that OFAC has or will be removing all financial sanctions." Might want to read this. Acording to OFAC, all sanctions were removed in September 2010. Once again, Stryker has no idea what he is talking about.
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