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  1. I read an article recently where it states the 2% rule is PREFERRED but not essential
  2. the goat. More believable thank mark, frank or even MM I brought over so much of it cause lately there has been a few folks who don't seem to understand how we ended up here for so long.
  3. The contact also told me that the rate is going to change very soon but not backwards only forwards, meaning to go up in value and not down. I was also told that as an investor we will like the final rate. Again, it was emphasized to me that there would first be an in-country rate (close to USD 1 to IQD 1) during the swap-out in Iraq of the three zero notes and then later a new rate once the dinar is liberated back to the foreign currency exchanges and re-pegged. At this point the in-country rate goes away. There will NEVER be two rates. My contact wanted to emphasize this and could not emphasize it enough to me. I guess they are hearing all about all this stupid guru talk coming from the U.S. fighting but the in-country vs FOREX rates. They wanted to make this point very clear to me that this is the process. When the in-country rate comes out there is little we, as investors, can do to exchange and our turn-out will come later, if we so choose to give up our dinars. My contact then shared something with me that was curious but not amazing to me. It said that no matter what you hear on your news in your county do not expect any FOREX until at the earliest in early 2024. Trust me I tried to get a more definitive target period but the contact would not give it 😊 So, what does this tell us? This tells me all these idiotic intel gurus telling us it must go by the end of November are full of sh_t! There is no way and I just confirmed. Beside they have not yet even started the swap-out part ofthe process. Go figure! When I listen to these intel gurus like TNT or Bruce the idiot for the Big Stupid Call, I can see through their lies and laugh at the seriousness of their stupidity because I know much better now. I guess I always have since I base my intel on FACTS and not a guessing game of false lies and rumors. I will tell you what is going to happen in the long run. This RV and Restatement will happen shortly and is going to ultimately play out just as I am following the plan laid out by Dr Shabibi, the IMF and the World Bank in 2011. They may be faced with many obstacles and their targets may get moved but they will succeed i teh long-term.
  4. Next, I was told the project to delete the zeros is on track for the month of December but they would not give me a more definite date. We will watch and wait for it. They told me the committee is now working on the re-education program to the citizens teaching them how the dinar will be changed in the near future. I was told they could not push out the education of the newer lower denominations and swap out until it is happening and the currency swap is in full motion. This is new to me since I always thought they would do this months prior. But this is going to be close to the actual events. I was told there would be a certain designated time period to bring in the dollars and swap them out for “electronic dinars” at the banks. After this period the dollar would still be accepted but the rate would be much worst for the dollar as the dinar would climb. Speaking of electronic banking, I asked about this in more detail. I said that I read so many articles over the last 17 year about the Point of Sale for merchants and electronic banking. But why has Iraq not yet converted? Why do I still read articles about the necessity to do it? I was told that the equipment is expensive and someone has to wire and hook it all up. I was reminded that Iraq is backwards to the developed countries and never had these devices before. I was told that the CBI funded many devices initially and paid work teams even to wire and install them. But these funds ran out and not everyone was connected. Some merchants still also like to have hard currency and coins in their hands and are reluctant to take advantage of the latest technology thus the CBI has to sell them on the idea. But it is all working and only takes time. This process will not stop or holdup the currency reform that is coming as there are already many more merchants who are connected than not.
  5. The rate is NOT going to start at 1/6 f a penny and climb from there when it does get reinstated. Right now the banks is showing a How can it when it will be assigned into a new peg to a new basket of currencies and off the de facto peg of the sole US dollar. Yes, finally. The rate has to reflect the TRUE rate of the value of the assets Iraq now holds. Why would they even bother to do all this work for financial and currency reforms if they were just going to leave the rate at 1/6 of a penny? I don’t get the guru mentality of some. Really now how stupid to even think this with all the information we received over these last eleven months alone. I can see that many want to know what my CBI conversation included in my Wednesday 11/29 call to Iraq and so I will let you know now. It is through the generosity of your gifts, by the way, that I can afford these calls to Iraq. Thank You! So ,what we talked about first was the announcement of the accession to the WTO. One of my readers asked me to ask and so I did. When will this take place? I was told it was scheduled for last week but is delayed for sometime in December and maybe even in January. It will not be announced until the reinstatement occurs.
  6. Monetary sovereignty is the power of the state to exercise exclusive legal control over its currency, broadly defined, by exercise of the following powers: Legal tender – the exclusive authority to designate the legal tender forms of payment. Issuance and retirement – the exclusive authority to control the issuance and retirement of the legal tender. The financial advisor to the prime minister Saleh, goes on to say and I quote again- “confirmed today, Tuesday, that the economic policy in Iraq is moving towards implementing the principle of monetary sovereignty. This has reinstatement and RV written all over this statement. Then Saleh goes on to say more and I quote – “A country other than the dinar with in-country pricing; because monetary duality has harmed the economy. ” He then went on point out and I quote – “at the same time that there is a tendency to diversify currencies for travel purposes and not be limited to the dollar.” Folks he is talking about the program rate and how it has harmed the Iraqi dinar or any countries currency when they used this same tactic to sole peg any currency just to the dollar and has to be changed from a sole peg to a diversity of currencies. WOW! Again they basket of currencies that is coming as their new dinar peg.
  7. So what allowed the corruption to take place AND for so long, knowing darn well it was devastating Iraq? The UN sanctions placed on Iraq (oil for food in 1991) US Treasury OFAC sanctions placed on the Iraqi dinar. Stripping the Iraqi dinar off of FOREX This was all done to prevent terrorists from using the dinar to finance terrorism in the Iraq and in the middle east. But was it successful? Did it really work and what took the US and Iraq so long to figure it out that it did just the opposite. Instead of allowing dinars to fund terrorists it allowed, through corruption, to use even a more globally accepted currency, the global median of exchange US Dollar to fund terrorists. Yes, the bad guys kept figuring out ways to get around the sanctions. So’ after all was said and done these sanctions on Iraq proved to do more harm than good. This discussion of the sanctions on Iraq and the impacts, bring us to yet another very interesting article in today’s news. I quote from the heading of the article – “ADVISER TO THE PRIME MINISTER: ECONOMIC POLICY IN IRAQ IS MOVING TOWARDS IMPLEMENTING THE PRINCIPLE OF MONETARY SOVEREIGNTY” . When I read this article my jaw dropped as I could hardly contain myself. WOW! WOW! WOW! I called on my hubby and one of my daughters to show them the article. I asked them if I was dreaming. That is how POWERFUL this article really is in today’s news. So what does it tell us. It tells us flat right out in the open that Iraq is about to take complete control over their currency again. WOW! What are the ramifications of their new soon to be “monetary sovereignty”? Well… read the definition of the term being used by Saleh in the article and then go read the full article.
  8. STATUS OF THE RV So here we go again. Yet more proof that Iraqi’s economy does not need to grow any more at this time in order to get the value of the dinar to what we need for a fair and honest rate to be reflected. I quote from one of today’s articles – “The Prime Minister’s philosophy confirms that economic reform cannot be achieved without reforming the banking system, and therefore the priority begins with reforming the financial system.” What does this part of the article fully mean? Yes, the “priority” begins with reforming the financial system and currency reform is a large part of the financial system. It means the pillars of financial reform for Iraq start with the banking reforms and financial reforms. The currency reform is a priority as it is all part of the effort of the financial reforms. Iraq will never be able to raise enough the money to rebuild Iraq and its economy unless they first complete the needed banking and financial reforms needed to attract investors. Yes, they could have rebuilt Iraq already many times over in the past with all the stolen money by corruption schemes and greed. It is said that trillions of dollars have been stolen from Iraq. How did this happen? We all should know by now it was by corruption, but this reason is not enough to give us the full picture. What allowed the corruption and was it all even intentional? In other words, a set-up right from the beginning when these sanctions were placed on Iraq? Even the invasion itself was under false pretense and fraudulent reasons. Yes, fraud in Iraq has caused this situation.
  9. Oh man!! I have just come across a new you tube channel which is discussing dinar Very 1st episode and the poor guy is singing the praises of Mark z and mm and Melanie hinds!!! I did enlighten the guy that Mark has never been right. Mm repeats the same thing over and over , just in a different way and that miss hinds has been saying it is done for months
  10. Your welcome. I had a reading a few weeks ago and was told my work life will be very different before July next year.
  11. I used to listen to mm. Lately it is so dull I have had to switch off
  12. Al-Halboosi appears before Iraqi judiciary to answer forgery allegations Iraq NewsBreakingIraqi JudiciaryMohammed Al-Halboosi 2023-11-30 15:22 Font Shafaq News/ Former Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi appeared before the judiciary on Thursday to answer allegations of forgery, he said in a press conference. Halbousi, who was ousted from office by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court in November, said he was committed to upholding the law and would not flee the country. "I am appearing before the judiciary as a citizen and political figure," he said. "I am committed to appearing before the judiciary in any complaint filed by any party." Al-Halboosi, the younger parliament speaker in Iraq's history at 37, said that he had been accused of forging a letter of resignation from a lawmaker who had previously supported him. He denied the allegations, saying that the letter was authentic. "We are working to make Iraq a country of institutions where the law is supreme," he said. "Any person who violates the law will be prosecuted." The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court's surprise decision upended the career of Iraq's most powerful Sunni Muslim politician and sets the stage for a fight over succession. Al-Halboosi's ouster -and the consequent resignation of country's planning, industry and culture ministers- destabilizes the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, who came to power one year ago backed by a coalition that is led by a group of Shiite parties but also includes Sunni Arabs and Kurds. Re-elected in 2021, the former governor of al-Anbar was serving his second term as speaker, a post he assumed in 2018 and which, under the sectarian power-sharing system established after the 2003 U.S. invasion, is the highest office reserved for a Sunni Muslim
  13. Al-Halboosi says plaintiffs in his trial are "corrupt", defends contract with U.S. firm Iraq NewsBreakingAl-Halboosi 2023-11-30 16:11 Font Shafaq News/ The former speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Mohammad al-Halboosi, on Thursday accused plaintiffs, naming rival Sunni politicians, who filed lawsuits against him following his ouster of "corruption" as he defended a contract his party had signed with a U.S. firm. Al-Halboosi, who was dismissed from office by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court in November, said that the plaintiffs included former lawmaker Jamal al-Karboli, who was convicted of corruption charges, and former al-Anbar governor Sohaib al-Rawi, who was also accused of corruption. The former speaker said that the contract his party, Takaddom, with the U.S. firm was not secret, and that "it was not illegal for political parties to contract with foreign firms" . He said that the contract was for the purposes of promoting the party's activities in the United States, and that it could include outreach to U.S. officials.
  14. Dollar drops in Baghdad, Erbil EconomyErbilBaghdadDollarIraqi Dinar 2023-11-30 07:53 Font Shafaq News / The prices of the dollar decreased in the markets of Baghdad and Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region. Shafaq News agency's correspondent reported that the dollar rates dropped as the Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya stock markets opened, marking 156,500 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, compared to the previous Wednesday when rates were 157,500 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars. He indicated that selling prices in exchange shops within local markets in Baghdad decreased, with the selling price at 157,500 Iraqi dinars and the buying price at 155,500 dinars for 100 dollars. In Erbil, the dollar also witnessed a decline in exchange shops, where the selling price stood at 157,000 Iraqi dinars per dollar and the buying price at 156,900 dinars for 100 dollars. Be the First to Get All the News Download Shafaq News Application now Links Report Iraq News Kurdistan Economy World All News Useful Links عربي English کوردی Contact Us RSS Service Developed By Arcella Telecom. Copyright @ 2023 Shafaq News. All rights reserved. Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy English
  15. All over YouTube just now.... rate is at $4.50 - $4.60
  16. Here we are.... 11-30-2023 Newshound/Intel Gurus Militia Man & MarkZ [via PDK] Militia Man: ...Iraq is going International big time…Iraq is considered to be one of the world’s wealthiest nations with vast reserves…They have the money they need for a new real effective exchange rate. With the oil, natural gas, sulfer, precious metals etc…they can afford it. MarkZ: And the rare earth minerals…Iraq has just discovered…Iraq is worth much more now than when the rate was $3.22 over 20 years ago.
  17. Hate to say it but I also said way back in July or August that they would not open the 2023 budget .... they haven't despite it being in the gazette
  18. Depends which kings they were and what other cards surround them Also depends if they were upright or in reverse
  19. I have just read a post on another site where MM actually quotes Markz! Things that make you go hmm!
  20. I sometimes think the goose and markz are 1 and the same person. How they report their "intel" is very similar and the language they use is the same...
  21. Iraqi Commander-in-Chief urges legal action against voter manipulation Iraq NewsBreakingMuhammad Shia Al-Sudani 2023-11-29 18:28 Font Shafaq News/ Iraqi Commander-in-Chief Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani directed the legal prosecution of individuals exploiting state resources to influence voter choices just 19 days before the upcoming provincial and district council elections. The directive was issued during the presidency of the Ministerial Council for National Security meeting, where the security situation, efforts against terrorism and organized crime, and various other topics were discussed. PM Al-Sudani emphasized the importance of organizing military convoys and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process, urging legal action against any attempts to exploit state resources for electoral gains. The governorate council elections in Iraq are scheduled for December 18.
  22. Iraqi authorities step up pre-election security in Diyala, Saladin Iraq NewsDiyalaSaladin 2023-11-29 10:25 Font Shafaq News/ Iraqi security authorities have stepped up measures in the governorates of Diyala and Saladin ahead of upcoming local elections, according to officers from various security bodies. In Saladin, joint forces from the army, Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), and Rapid Response Forces have conducted a series of pre-emptive operations in areas considered to be hotbeds of Islamic State (ISIS) activity. "We have conducted a series of operations to clear the area of any potential threats," said a security official from the 52nd Iraqi Army Brigade. "We are determined to ensure a safe and secure environment for the elections." The operations have resulted in the destruction of several ISIS hideouts and the clearing of about 20 square kilometers of territory. In Diyala, PMF commander Mohammed al-Tamimi said that his forces have been deployed to secure 13 districts in the governorate. "We will be working closely with the security forces to ensure the safety of the elections," al-Tamimi said. The Iraqi High Commission for Elections (IHEC) said there are 755,205 registered voters in Saladin. The commission has dedicated 341 and 44 voting stations for the special and public polls, respectively. In the context of the Iraqi elections, special voting refers to the first phase of the elections, which takes place a few days before the general election. This phase is reserved for members of the Iraqi security forces, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and prisoners. The purpose of the special voting is to ensure that these groups have the opportunity to vote because they would not be able to take part in the general election.
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