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  1. All due respect, what is the core motivation concerning our relationship with dinar vets? I concerned that we are joining the throng of opinionated extremists that seek emotional support and side stepping the concrete information for the purposes of intelligent decision making. After several years of buying in to the sway of direction, I realize that it is important that we don't get caught up in the rhetoric of political campaigning. Please forgive my forthrightness, I'm not an idiot
  2. Hey Everybody, Greetings Dinar Friends! Its rare that I post so please read this with an unpressured interest. I've been living in the Metro area of Detroit and have come to know many of our local Military Personnel. I've been involved with "Church" ministry for (I won't say how many, youll know how old I am) years. When my husband died, I pastored the church for two years and then we dispersed as we were very small and were struggling to make it against the backdrop of the "Mega" Church. That said, I have always desired to find ways to give back so I kept the 501 © (3) alive and active. The reason I'm writing this post is because I have launched a mission to provide supplemental funds, resources or direction for our Local Military Families facing struggle. From following some of you on here, it appears there may be some Michiganders among us. Soooooo, here it is. if there are some people here that would like to see what we are planning, please go to On March 8th at a local banquet center we are hosting a 1940s USO Style Dinner Dance to raise funds for the immediate and or personal needs of the local military families. We've title it, "Fight For Our Heroes" If you read our story on the website, you will see that, while this is a true story, its just one of many that happen all around us. I'd like to invite any Michigan based members of this site to consider joining us for that great event. Thanks for your interest and time And if the RV happens before than, won't it be grand!
  3. Thank you for the reminder! If you're interested, I am currently doing a fund raiser event themed in the 1940s for our local military and their families. I'm so moved by the lack of concern for our men and women who've fought to keep us safe. If any of you are close to Michigan area, I'd love to see you at this.
  4. I get your point, and thanks for responding. Just think it could float pretty slow Actually, on the other hand, it does keep the "unbelievers" from investing which works good for us and Iraq. Anyway, they raise it will be good for us
  5. I really think that if we want to see a significant RI or RV we'd want them to get the IQD off the street. Isn't their bank motivated to make the most money (greed) like the US banks? If the citizens are holding more IQD than $ it would seem that our desired increase in value would be delayed in this situation. Just my own logic. What do you all think?
  6. Thanks RVWITHME! I see the difference. There really is a lot to know isn't there?
  7. Maybe I dont understand, but if the number of iqd per $ is higher, isn't that less value for the dinar? I mean if 1usd bought 1166 iqd and now you get 1200 for the same price . . . Maybe I'm not getting it. Someone help me please if I'm seeing it wrong. Thanks
  8. Cool! I'm friends with the male back up singer. He is little Willie John's son. Keith John, ladies and gentlemen!
  9. Are you saying Wednesday as in tomorrow? That would be great! Although, he may be getting info the same way we are. I'm hoping you're the one who is right
  10. Hey one4dinar, Thanks for the response to my question. I ran off to a Super Bowl party I do have another question- do you have to have a foreign bank account set up Before you can trade on the ISX? You mentioned that you went through your broker, but also said you did have a warka. I would really like to be set up for future opportunities. I missed this one Thanks ahead of time for any help or advise.
  11. Thanks all for the encouragement. I've learned a lot from everyone. Hopefully we'll get to meet when this is over.
  12. Thanks for the balance. It's really hard put yourself out there. the conversations get so heated. I like learning, but I don't tell my friends and family to join because they would think I'm crazy. I try to wed out the crazy though.
  13. Hey Easy, thanks for the post. And, I'm sure the speaker on the call means well but, his style is a bit bi-polar. All the pregnant pauses and asking and answering his own questions makes me think I need a joint. Don't neg me, I rarely post so you don't have to chase me off. Or maybe this is normal dinarese.
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