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  1. If you have VIP questions please send them to P.S. Watch below your name to see the vip emblem appear
  2. Please tell me what browser and version you are using, I was just reading up on IPboard and one of the biggest issues is outdated browsers
  3. What browser are you using? if its IE etc what version.... the more info you can provide the easier it will be to help you
  4. I just switched my business phone from a BB to the motorola droid and I love it. Only draw back I see is battery life is so so and I know my Ipod touch has great battery life and its the basis for the Iphone
  5. Last I was aware of was that Adam was working on a update but please don't quote me
  6. War Eagle, that post was uncalled for and you were sent a warning, please reconsider posting in that nature in the future
  7. Puffsplus would be welcomed back IMO Adam, she was and is a nice addition to the staff
  8. On the top left where it says signed in as abonnie you will see a little down arrow, that is a drop down box and I think you will find what your looking for in there
  9. Anyone care to wager that this does NOT happen again?............ I know I know I am trying to take advantage of all of you but I couldn't refuse lol
  10. More detail please..... are you getting a error etc....
  11. Its been crazy around here, please email vip@dinarvets again and include a copy of the transaction please
  12. Let me talk to Adam about this, we had a similar problem on another site which we resolved but I don't have those controls here.
  13. Sorry the trash can has gone buh bye, its gone to a good new home
  14. Your posting now signed on, or do you have another username?
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