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  1. Remember Tesla and those who followed up with his research! Big money does not want free electricity, the technology has been available for some time now.
  2. You are describing exactly what my father had at age 39. After his grapefruit sized tumor was removed it spread to his lymph nodes. He was treated with radiation and chemo (which did not help) and was sent home to be with family to die. My mother put him on a macrobiotic diet and after a few months the cancer completely dissapeared. The doctors doing the scan to see how the cancer progressed, could not believe it (they said we must of had my father treated out of the country). Today my father is healthy and 74 years of age. Your fiance can and will live a long happy healthy life. Prayer
  3. While metal detecting around a home built in the 1890s I found a gold eagle pin with the letters O and S on either side of the eagles head. I was hoping one of our many vets could help me identify it. It is about the size of a half dollar with a pin across the back. The eagle has spread wings and the letter O could be a C as the eagles beak pierces it. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  4. It states they take delivery in 2014, won't be flying them till then.
  5. I Have taken Daves class with my family and give it a thumbs up. This should be a requirement for high school seniors, as it would keep many out of trouble with credit cards and other debt. In my opinion Dave would not endorse our investment as he looks for safe investments that pay consistantly over a period of years.
  6. "I CAN NO LONGER STAND HERE WAITING FOR YOU TO DECIDE..." Those lyrics from the band Chicago’s 1980’s hit sum up the sentiments of many market analysts and traders after last week’s back and forth statements from Fed officials about the possibility of another round of Quantitative Easing... otherwise known as "QE2". This is an article sent to me from a mortgage broker this morning. As we stated last week, many analysts have been feeling that QE2 was very likely, if we continue to see weak economic reports. But comments made by a number of Fed officials throughout the week indicated that QE2
  7. Florida is loaded with sharks, I have watched 8 ft hammerheads come to a fishing pier under the cleaning table to feed on scraps while people swam within 100 feet of them. They will not bother you.
  8. Thanks for the imput Grumpy.
  9. I am looking to upgrade my Palm Treo for my Real Estate business and am leaning toward the Motorola Droid. Any insight would be appreciated. I now use Verizon as my carrier and hear they will also have the Iphone this summer. Thanks
  10. Please send me more info on this investment, very interested. Thanks
  11. Great post! We spend too much time talking about money we hope to gain and forget about the Iraqi people. Lets keep them and our servicemen in our prayers.
  12. Any time next month works for me.
  13. But are they now wealthy?
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