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  1. Oh yes, a nice big warm cup of tea We dont get to enjoy much snow here LOL...
  2. Ms.Bettyboop, I am so sorry to hear of your injuries! Praying for a fast and complete healing for you. Hope to see you on here posting again soon. God Bless!
  3. I gave you a +1 but I dont think it helped much. God Bless! ..... and hopefully an RV soon
  4. Love it I have run out before too, and was so disappointed LOL....
  5. So tragic He was doing what he loved I am sure, but still, to think of his wife and little ones and all they are going through makes me so sad. Prayers for his family.
  6. Wells Fargo is doing the same thing... and changing their account monthly fee system. We have talked about switching banks but if they are all doing it.......?
  7. Dont know if this is important or not....... BREAKING NEWS..Parliament suspends session to next Monday for not reaching quorum [Print] [save] 08/10/2011 13:41:00 Baghdad (NINA) – Parliament suspended its session due to be held today to next Monday. NINA correspondent mentioned that the Parliament Speaker, Osama Al Nujeifi, suspended the session for not reaching quorum. The session was supposed to discuss a number of draft laws, American withdrawal from Iraq, and lifting immunity off from independent MP Sabah Al Sa’idi. /End/
  8. I think this meeting. BREAKING NEWS Political leaders meeting started 04/10/2011 19:46:00 Baghdad (NINA) – The meeting of political blocs’ leaders has began on Tuesday evening, Oct. 4, at Salam Palace. NINA’s correspondent reported that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and leader of Iraqiya Slate, Iyad Allawi, are taking part in the meeting, in addition to President Jalal Talabani. / End. BUT... then there is this headline BREAKING NEWS Talabani to hold press conference later tonight 04/10/2011 21:51:00 Baghdad (NINA) – President Jalal Talabani will hold a press conference later in the evening, after leaders of political blocs have concluded their meeting. Source at the President’s Office told NINA, “Talabani will announce the meeting’s results and the reasons for postpone making decisions concerning important political issues.” / End.
  9. Yes, I think it will happen... soon I am so excited for the morning that I wake up and find out it is DONE! (done for real LOL) I am very thankful to live in the USA and not Iraq... I dont think I could live that way. Anyway, God bless and good night all
  10. My husband sent that one to me once in an email so I knew as soon as I clicked it what was going to happen LOL.... it is still freaky. Thanks for the laugh
  11. Boy that whole thread was upsetting to read .... It takes a lot of courage to stand up and apologize at any point, but especially publicly. +1 Tyron
  12. We dont have a gymnasium I understand your skepticism. It is hard to understand tithe from where you are sitting I guess. But see, I believe that our tithe is to help grow Gods kingdom. I believe that I honor God with my tithes through our church. We have been blessed with helping so many other people through tithes and offerings! Whether it be homeless with food, blankets, Jackets in the winter or just cold bottled water in the summer, a member of our congregation who has their electric shut off and the church turns it back on, to the family who is struggling to put food on their table. Giving is a blessing. It makes you feel good! It is a way to help others and spread Gods love. I am blessed to be a blessing to others Because our family believes in giving and helping others we have seen God work in our lives in awesome ways! Bless and be blessed...God loves to bless his children and sometimes the blessing comes through other people.... Anyway, no we don't have a gym ... we don't have a big building or a bookstore or coffee shop (and please understand I am not knocking the ones that do! We just dont have that LOL) . We belong to a church who depends on our tithes and offerings to help our community how ever God wants. God Bless
  13. Blessed, thank you for your post I think that it is awesome that you have been blessed with that gift. My husband and I have had two different Pastors (at two different times) lately prophesy over us that there will be financial increase in our home soon and we need to plan (this was just part of the message we were blessed with). We were told that this is Gods gift, but to continue to be faithful to God, our church, each other, continue to be faithful tithers and a blessing to those around us. Our gift may not even have anything to do with the dinar but I know that increase (financial prosperity is what one Pastor said) is coming, just have no idea when. There are some who dont believe in Him, I know, but for those of us who do...Psalm 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He will take care of us. It maybe a long road, it may not be the dinar.... but dont give up. He loves His children and wants what is best for them! He will provide... God Bless By the way, October works for me GO RV!!!!!
  14. Sharing that one Thanks for the laugh Delta
  15. LOL I wake up to check on things and I see you all decided to lower the count to 2000! Ok, so good luck all....I dont think I have the patience to go back and see what you all have been talking about, but keep it up
  16. Boy, its already over 1000! My guess is by early sunday afternoon this contest will be finished LOL
  17. There is 60 posts already! Well it will be interesting to see LOL....
  18. This is just crazy! I saw an article posted the other day on DV about this couple. But in that article it stated “How dare they tell us we can’t have whatever we want in our home,” Stephanie Fromm told the Capistrano Dispatch. “We want to be able to use our home. We’ve paid a lot and invested a lot in our home and backyard … I should be able to be hospitable in my home.” According to the Dispatch, the Fromms live in a neighborhood with large homes and have a corral, barn, pool and huge back lawn on their property, so parking and noise aren’t a problem. Read more: So basically the neighbors do not care about the people being there it is more of why they are there Sad
  19. Oh, I am so tired this is making my head spin!!! .... Here is to hoping that we all wake up to good news soon!
  20. Everyone is different....but personally I think this is a crazy lawsuit. tests are wrong sometimes.... doctors are wrong sometimes.....God does everything for a reason in my opinion. My personal story....My youngest was such a hard pregnancy. He was supposed to have downs and have stunted limbs according to the doctors working on my case . On more than one occasion they asked myself and my husband if we fully understood what our life was going to be like and tried to convince us to terminate. They took him 2 mos early because they said his kidneys were failing. THEY WERE WRONG! All of them. He was born at 3 pounds and perfect. He had to spend a month in the hospital to grow and learn to eat etc but he had none of the disabilities they said. I look at him and praise the lord. I would have accepted him if he were disabled, he would be my son! Not saying it is going to be easy for them, by any means but I hope these parents cherish him. He maybe disabled physically but I am sure that he understands that his parents just won alot of money by saying that they didnt want him that breaks my heart....
  21. Guess it didnt happen yet found this just now in a VIP post... From Adam HCL has not passed, I will send a very specific email about it as soon as it does Read more:
  22. Ok, lets see what happens next if it is true! Remember that Adam said it can all happen fast after the HCL passes. I am sure if it is true Adam will post shortly. thanks for the post!
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