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  1. Looking to purchase an additional 10 to 20 million dinar. Please pm me with prices. Thanks
  2. Yes that is exactly what Iraq is doing. We are banking on the fact that an RV of some type will accompany the RD process.
  3. Keep runs his mouth about his lop theory and criticizes anyone who believes in any type of RV. It's old and we clearly understand where he stands on the issue. Nobody knows what the hell the CBI is saying, but there actions are clearly indicating an RV of some magnitude. I like you sonny, but quite frankly, there is a reason why keeps reputation is -380. He earned it.
  4. I don't "dig" you always coming around here and spewing crap from your mouth. Isn't there a car that needs an oil change somewhere ?
  5. Thanks SWFLGuy....if this does happen next week it will be HUGE!
  6. Hey everyone. So last week Adam decided to change his time line from now til January 2013. The question you really think the CBI is going to give us an exact date or time line for an RV? I don't think so. NO WAY, NO HOW! Shabibi was asked a question in Washington D.C in April 2011 pertaining to a possible revaluation. The question was " How far off do you think we are from the potential revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar?" Shabibi answered " Even if I know, I could not tell you!" Its plain and simple guys. He would never give us a date or a time frame. I included these 2 videos of Shabi
  7. Very cool. I'm in Naples. Nothing like a tropical storm to help catch up on some dinar news !
  8. Sweet! Where in swfl are you from?
  9. My bad guys. I read it wrong. I thought he was stating a lop. After reading it over I realize he was saying no lop.
  10. 6-21-2012 Kaperoni: Almost daily the same questions arise, the same insecurities or the same fears. There is absolute proof in these forums that a revaluation of the dinar is coming. I want to make you aware of a post/chat I did some months ago pertaining to a “paper” that Dr. Bakri wrote in Iraq. This “paper” is the most conclusive evidence we have. He “matter of factly” states without question what the “present authorities have decided to change the Iraqi currency to a new currency” over the other choice which is a LOP. So, there is no guessing, no wondering, no confusion, no misdirection. I
  11. I have been thinking about this for a bit. If I am a citizen who lives in Iraq and is living in poverty, how am I going to be able to pay a 50% import tax on goods I need to survive. Since Iraq imports just about everything, how will this be allowed to happen without a substantial change in the monetary policy? Does this new tariff law mean that an apple that was $1 is going to now cost me $1.50 after the implementation of the new tariff law? This doesn't seem feasible to me, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this DV members. Thanks !
  12. Don't forget the meeting with the UN on June 15th where they could possibly be released from ch 7 !
  13. My thoughts exactly ! They are not going to issue lower denoms at a 1000:1 rate. That doesn't solve anything lol. More smoke. Our payday is coming, let's just be patient and watch it play out.
  14. The best part of this chat is when Bondlady calls out Keep ! haha....I love this chick !
  15. Please tell me I'm not dreaming! This could be the news of the weekend ! Awesome News !
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