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  1. ^^^ this... Or perhaps you have one of those cheap phones from Walmart or a Cricket or Metro PCS cell Someone is definitely playing mind games with you.
  2. Can you image? I don't think I could sit there with a straight face.... EXACTLY!!! Now I realize that not everyone is a spelling bee champ....however, I always "side-eye" a person who claims to be professional but can't grasp the simple concept of "spell check"......or better yet...doesn't know how to simply "google" a word for accuracy. And yet, somehow we are all suppose to trust and believe them?? Ok then.. People love these "bank stories"....I swear. Look you can disappear from the dinar world, come back a few months later or maybe a year and it will be the same people, believing this stuff, bragging about what they've heard and getting all geeked over a new "guru"'s crazy. We'll all grow old and die before these people ever stop with this nonsense!! Bank managers at ANY BANK will not know more than anyone else. After all these years, how do people still think bank managers would be "in the know" more than you or I, is beyond me.
  3. Hear from who??? Your "uncle" Okie or your "dad" Frank??
  4. So glad I trusted my gut and NEVER OPENED a bank account with WARKA.... There was sooooooooooo much hype around them last year (Spring/Summer 2011). It was ridiculous. All of the newbies were falling for it. SMH. I seriously doubt in the next 10 days that anything will happen and all those who provided all their sensitive information to Warka are gonna be upset.
  5. Hey OP...I agree with you....I've been in this game for some years myself...and have just recently, been selling back my dinar since mid is a ruse. Something is not right and deep down most peole ok now this. Even if you stop looking at forums and/or conference calls for 6 mos+ cold turkey and come back, it's like you NEVER LEFT AT ALL... Kudos to you for your bravery and saying out loud what many of us are secretly thinking..... all these negs. you received are bogus. Really?!? C'mon now guys
  6. a lot of people have been selling back over the past few weeks....I am a believer that using a dealer such as SAFEDINAR is way faster and more efficient than asking here....they will at least have something back to you within a day.
  7. This guy is so full of it.... all of those who are "stans" of his should be ashamed and embarrased. When does it ever stop??? I knew a backtracking would come forth sooner or later...and to everyone who fell for it, kinda hard to feel sorry because they do this all-the-time!!! stan = stalker + fans
  8. ^^ wow. Um...the award for the biggest fan of Frank26 and Delta goes to............. Dude, IT'S A PAYDAY WEEKEND....of course he is going to call it at/around that time....these are GURU's we're talking about now!!!! It wouldn't be DECEMBER if one of your favorite gurus wasn't calling it every weekend until the year is add in the whole "mayan date/end of the world/new age ascension" thing and you will have a lot of broke people in a few weeks from hanging on every one of their statements.... Crazy times...but very "entertaining" .... you promise?? lol
  9. You're getting lots of views but no bites...but you are not the only one. Perhaps you should just consider selling back to a reputable dealer. I had to myself. If you try safedinar they can verify your dinars and have a check back to you within a day or so
  10. technically they are not worth more.... it's just a personal preference for some's more of a psychological thing... kinda of like blondes vs. brunettes...some people just prefer uncirculated and will pay more to have "fresh" dinar. but if this (ever) RV's then it's all the long as it's legit and not counterfeit
  11. Wanting to sell only $1 million dinar while out on island. All uncirculated notes (Iraqi Dinar) purchased from Safe Dinar. 25K notes. Let me know. Want to sell and do an exchange by this Thursday. Thank You.
  12. + 1...well said. Brief and to the point. Thumbs up.
  13. this time last year...a similar thing was being said.... so I'm going to say this "rumor" stinks...that's all I smell...Come June 2013, all of this will be a distant memory anyway... But I'll give you 2 cool points because I've never seen a bigger fan of Delta than you... I promise you that your entire comment echos the mantra of Frank 26 and Kim Clement last year (2011) around Memorial Day...with that "suddenly suddenly suddenly" stuff they use to say ALL--THE--TIME...and yet nothing happened. lmao Oh...they were a riot. But wrong like always.
  14. Sure, he doesn't have the final call on what the IRAQ gov't does or doesn't do...but the guy sure as hell has a say so on whether of not a bunch of AMERICANS can potentially BENEFIT from what occurs with respect to another country's currency especially if it means a percentage of "us" may suddenly become well off....a socialist (which he is) would see that such a thing would never happen.... like I said...he is not a factor when it comes to whatever the hell Iraq does with their currency...but he sure as hell can NO WAY when it comes to "us" AMERICANS trying to reap the benefits of any "RV" from a foreign currency (simply because he's a SOCIALIST).....Wouldn't it be hilarious if/when Iraq did revalue and NONE.OF.US could "cash in" a damn thing because our newly elected KING simply said hell no?!? Oh what a joke it would be.....on us of course.
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