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  1. Check your wallet! Change should be all you have left by now! LOL!!
  2. What about simply "Alter Ego" which is what you desrcibed. or "Walter Ego" to disguise it up a little?
  3. I know! I love having the power of the internet in my hand, but those tiny virtual keyboards drive me nuts and well, I'm starting to have trouble seeing, especially at night a little! I guess it's inevitable.....
  4. I was just going to say "QUICK, EDIT YOUR POST BEFORE SOMEONE SEES THAT!!" Seriously though, I have noticed all the misspelled words and I think alot of people write in with their "smart phones" which are annoying to type on those tiny screens, and they just don't bother to go back and fix them even though they know there are errors. Wow, am I the most optimistic guy you've ever met? Probably why I own Dinar!
  5. It's the eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Mr. Frodo Sincerely, Samwise Gamgee
  6. When I have days of doubts sometimes, I always come back to the spiritual side of this story first, Iraq WILL be rebuilt and there has never been a better chance than now for that to happen. Secondly, I follow the money trail. There is too much riding on this for the US and the world for that matter. Those two things are what keep me positive in this investment. Thanks for your post.
  7. I uhgree....... I thot I wuz the onely won whoo notised all there miss spelling...... Man that annoys me when I'm reading a post and trying to take it seriously!!! I am glad you said that!!!
  8. And I believe in RV parties, every-night if that is what it takes! I'm good for that." Yes, let the RV parties commence!!!!!
  9. Yeah, I've had great experiences with people on craigslist in KC. (NOT!!!) One thing's for sure, I would NEVER let anyone on Craigslist know I had Dinar. Are you kidding me? I looked under collectibles, and there are a couple of posts for dinar. Yeah, I have a couple million dinar, meet me at my house at 7. NOT a good idea!
  10. Wait, so maybe by morning we'll be at $13.00 plus!!! That's what I'm talking about! Just having some fun, sorry..........
  11. Me too, Steve. My wife and I have always wanted to take a different direction in our lives and do something different, help alot of people.... We can't wait to enter into that......
  12. Now THAT's funny! I've been thinking the same thing all week!
  13. Ok, I figured it was something like that. Thanks for your help!
  14. Does anyone out there know when CBI updates their indicative rate on their website? I looked just now and the rate for June 30th is still there. That seemed curious to me. They are well into July 2nd. Probably nothing as usual, but I am unaware as to when that rate updates. Thanks for your help and please do not destroy this newb for daring to ask a question. Have a great 4th of July weekend! Jim
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