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  1. Deep thoughts...if you ever go canoeing down a river of molten lava and you lose your keys, you can forget them.........because MAN THEY'RE GONE!!!
  2. I greatly appreciate your optimistic views sonny1, and thank you for taking the time to share them:)
  3. Hmmm...I'm about 40 minutes away from Brownsburg, IN...maybe I'll have to stop by and check things out. I'm sure as it has already been stated that it is just a group of investors like us meeting to go over investment/tax strategies. Thanks for the post though!
  4. Thank you for the post! Go RV!!!
  5. If I was to take a picture where do I put it and who and where do I send it to. If it helps I have 6 completed orders with Tampa Dinar. Please badge me and I'll be happy to take a picture I just need a little help. Thanks!
  6. I was just going to post something similar:)
  7. Interesting stuff, thanks for taking the time to put that together.
  8. Also I stopped in at Chase Bank today and asked them what their procedures are for cashing in. I thought why not I've waisted most of my day, what's one more bank;) I'm sure a lot of you have already done this and I'm sure this topic has been posted. But I briefly tell you what I experienced today. I'll admit it...I lied to the bank manager at Chase and told him that I had British Pouns to cash in(shhh don't tell)....I seem to get shutdown at Chase Bank when I mention the Dinar. I bank at both Chase and 5/3, well most likely not 5/3 anymore. As I said previously and I don't know what you have all experienced but it's interesting how each bank reacts when you bring up the Dinar. Most don't have a clue, some are annoyed b/c they've been asked a million times and some are friendly. I don't expect banks to have all the answers but i do like to ask and see what kind of responses I get, just to see if there is any useful information...never hurts to ask right, well sometimes it does;) Anyways, long story short after sitting in the bank manager's office at the Chase bank off of 96th street in Indianapolis, IN just east of highway 69 for 45 minutes I finally did get some answers I was looking for...( No, they don't know when the RV is going to happen) But I was able to get their cash in procedures. The manager called their procedural department and it took them forever to look things up...I thought Chase being one of the largerst banks in America would have quick and easy answers concerning foreign currency...not so much. My big question was what their limit on the amount of foreign currency you could cash in on in one day. They don't have any limits but they do have to break it down in $5k increments, which if you have a million dinar that is 200 receipts you will have But hey what a great problem to have when we can cash in:) The other big question I had was how soon will it credit to my account. Oh, as I'm sure you all know there is no transaction fee for account holders. Of course there is the rate of exchange that we will have to pay. But the answer to my question was that they would process it all in one day and the next day if everything clears, the money will be credited to my account. So then maybe I can go fulfill does unfulfilled orders My wife won't let me share much more on that strategy and you guys probably all have your own so I won't bother sharing it all. Have a good night! Go RV!!!!!
  9. Ok whoever you are are wrong!!! The events that happened are real! The end of the story is not nearly what I hoped for. I'm very disappointed and ticked off at 5/3 Bank! As planned I went to my local 5/3 branch in Westfield, IN this morning. I can say which branch now b/c I don't really care at this point. I thought it was the bank manager calling me but he actually never said hi i'm so and so the bank manager, he just said he was with 5/3 and calling me back about the Dinar and that I need to come in on Monday and bring my Dinar. Obviously I was very excited and with all the hype going I thought something might really be happening. I still believe we are close to an RV I just have no real answers. I'm not a pumper, i wish I was so I could make some money off of this Dinar thing;) I'm just taking time out of my day to pass along my Dinar experience. Take it or leave it. My experience at the branch was far from what I was expecting, not that I was expecting the red carpet or anything but I thought I would get a friendly welcome. Not so much What I got from the manager was the typical answer of sorry sir we don't deal with Iraqi Dinar and haven't for two months. I told them that someone from this branch called me and told me to come in today. I got a dumbfounded look and again the pad reply of I'm sorry, blah, blah, blah. They wouldn't even look up the rate for me. After a bit of pushing I did get out of the manager that they do have a "floater" investment advisor and maybe he called me. So after that I walked out of the bank and rediled that number and left that guy a message. I still have not received a phone call back from him. Needless to say whatever he was told or thinking was wrong and it hasn't RV'd yet..obviously I believe he is most likely a Dinar investor like the rest of us or at least reads these types of sites and probably really thought like a lot of us that today could have been the day. Being a former financial advisor I can't totally blame the guy on getting a head start on building his assets under management. Being an investment advisor isn't easy work and you have to constantly market yourself to get new business. Well enough about the bad news...I do have somewhat positive news, if you are interested in reading any further. I did drive down to the Castleton branch and they were a bit more friendly and they even were willing to look up the rate but still no cashing in. Very strange how one branch can be such a different experience than the other. I haven't officially closed my accounts with 5/3 but I think I'm switching to Huntington Bank. I went in there today and had a totally different experience. They were over the top friendly and curtious. (maybe I'm a pumper for Huntington Bank now;) But seriously they were very nice and helpful. They didn't know much about the Dinar but they said they would look some things up and get back to me. They called me about an hour later after I left and said that they will be dealing with the cashing in of the Dinar. They didn't give a rate or a date just the information they could find off of their company website. Like you all, I believe we are close to an RV. I don't have a date set up to go back to Huntington Bank but if things progress I'll keep sharing my story, if you are even interested after this disappointing ending. I'm sorry if my story disappoints any of you...I was really hoping for a much better outcome. Like I said I'm pretty ticked off but I'll get over it and life will go on with our without an RV...but please RV Soon, it would make life Sooooo much better Have a great night and hopefully we all wake up tomorrow millionaires
  10. Ahh Kokomo...lots of pretty lights, oh wait those are evil stop lights that make your trip through town much longer than it needs to be. Good thing they are building a bypass for the old bypass
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