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  1. Is this going to be our new stimulus payment...😁🙏🙏🙏Thanks Adam for the exciting update!!
  2. As always, thank you Adam for the update! 🙏🙏🙏 Go RV....
  3. Thanks Adam and your Staff for yet another informative post...When I put my email address in it says that “it is in use by another member”?? How can that be? Please advise...
  4. Thank you Adam for your update! 👍 I'm wondering why I only periodically get an update from you? I'm not getting the weeklys... I look forward to all the posts... Thanks again to you and your staff for all you do!!! 😉 Blessings and stay safe!!! GOOO RV...... 💖
  5. Thanks Adam and your team for the good news... Praying for a prosperous New Year for all of us... 😉☺️🍾🍸
  6. I would love to meet some of our VIP folks in the Las Vegas area so we can wait together for this amazing event... 🤔💕😀👌
  7. Those pancakes sound awesome Adam! Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to all of our VIP family... 🦃🍗🙏💖
  8. Thanks again Adam for all the energy you put into this investment for all of us... 👍
  9. Thanks Adam for all your time and efforts... I truly appreciate your updates... Many blessings to you and your family! 😊 GOOOO RVVVV
  10. Adam, Thank you and your team for keeping this site going. I don't usually post or say much but I check in every week and become informed through your chat...I appreciate that it's available to me!! I'm commenting today only to say that I believe you are quite capable of doing the math and knowing what it cost you to operate this site and to send our texts out at RV time!! What I don't understand is why anyone could be concerned that "you" might make too much money "personally", doing it? For all the time, effort, travel, expertise, etc., etc., that you put into keeping us informed, as well as
  11. Hi Adam...Thank you for the update today. I received 1 email in my Junk mail...but have not received the second one. I will continue watching for it periodically.
  12. Congratulations Pres. Elect Donald Trump...and "We the People" are the big winners! NOW, bring on the RV...
  13. Thanks Adam...I'm voting Squirrel if in fact that means your choice. I think we all want this to be as easy and the most time efficient for you. I know you are very busy on our behalf! I really do like the new format though...When I first came into this investment about four years ago, I was listening to ALL of the gurus out there. My life turned into reading skype and listening to hours and hours of conferences after the other. The hype just went on and on and on! Drove me nuts!! That was when I didn't know any better and had not yet heard of DV! I have recovered from all tha
  14. A huge Thank You Adam, and all who post the chats, as well as all of our moderators who help keep this site going. I don't usually say anything, but I'm always here reading chat and comments. All the negative comments today can make one sad for those making them. I feel more positive than ever from this chat, even though it was brief. As Zigmeister just said "read the boards" find information for yourself! At this late date none of us should have to be spoon fed by Adam. Anyone who is simply waiting for chat every week to find out what's going on, is going to be in big trouble when RV happens!
  15. I rarely post anything but I am a platinum member and read chat every week. Also read all the comments and I'm here in the background to give many of you a +1 often on your responses. I just want to say to you Francie, that I lost my husband and several dear friends to tonight I am praising God for your "great news". Stories such as your are always wonderful to hear...Blessings to you.
  16. Thank you Adam and Texas Granny for the post. Reading your thoughts in today's chat Adam, was quite comforting. A very "Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving" to Everyone in the USA, and a very "Blessed" day to those elsewhere!
  17. Thank You Adam for not only giving us the priviledge to be a part of this with you, but for bringing to mind these great charities! Many of these organizations I would not have otherwise known about, so I am grateful to you for this list. Stetson145
  18. Adam...One more huge THANK YOU for the sanity you bring to this investment!! After almost two years in, like many others I have listened to hours upon hours of CC's, joined many dinar sites, and done more research than I ever have on anything else in my lifetime. I have read stories/rumors/intel that, in the beginning I thought was exciting, until we kept seeing supposed RV dates come and go! It was when I began to spend more time on DinarVets..... plus joined VIP..... that I could see the vast difference in your views of this investment compared to so many others. Finally something tha
  19. Jack Dinauer----Personally I don't know anyone who would visit a needy individual or family without bringing armloads of groceries, etc. to at least meet immediate needs! When we are going to encourage someome and/or speak about the love of Christ, we need to show it at the same time. I believe Christians and non-Christians alike would have the common sense to do this. There are several posts here that are being put down simply because people talk about doing for others when the RV happens. Many of us have been doing these things all along but with limited resourses. Now we will have th
  20. Sara, Would you please dinar-ify me? I am a VIP member, and my camera is not cooperating....I also need the VIP designation. Thank you
  21. RICH QUEEN reports: OKIE received a call from the White House. President Obama has generously offered an all expense paid vacation to the person that calls the RV!!!! Hey, please believe me....This is exciting stuff! You will get to take your entire family including your dogs and cats! If you don't have a dog you may borrow one from your neighbor......Oh, what the heck take your neighbor too! There will be plenty of room because....are you ready for this??? Drummmmm Rolllllllllllllll!!!! You will be traveling to the destination of your choice on Air Force One!! All expenses will be
  22. Navysky..,.Thank you for starting this wonderful thread. It has created some inspiring responses. I originally came into the Dinar investment knowing that God has plans for me to help build His kingdom! Knowing that He is on the throne and in control of this investment, I believe it will happen at His appointed hour! In the meantime, spending time in prayer and believing in his word, has brought me the calmness I need to wait for the RV. While praying for His wisdom and direction, He continues to give confirmation, as well as add ideas to my list of who to bless through my giving. Just a
  23. Sara...May I please have a VIP designation as well as being dinarified? I am unable to send a pic of my dinar. Camera not cooperating. I appreciate all you do to help Adam with these important tasks....Thank you!
  24. So sorry It took this long to get this post out...I promised to let those of you who may be interested, know what information I received at my WF appointment on Tuesday. I have been waiting for a return call from the Branch Manager I originally spoke with on Saturday, so I could verify some info I shared with you in my first post. That call came this morning and I will share that information shortly. First, my appointment with the Private Banker put a little different spin on WF and the Iraqi dinar for me. After he told me what WF could offer me in the way of services after the RV,
  25. In March ISX-listed Qimma Financial Investment (VQUF) announced that Warka Bank’s majority shareholder, Saad Al Bunnia, had appointed it to “begin a formal auction process following a due diligence report carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers.” The announcement, which was posted on Qimma’s website, went on to say that Mr. Bunnia was “interested in entertaining offers” from banking groups “such as Russia’s Alfa Bank or UK-based Standard Chartered.” (Hat tip to “Kickabuck” for sending me this link.) It’s hard to know what to make of this. For starters, while the one-paragraph announcement is
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