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  1. pink piggy....cant wait to meet you in person when the BIG PARTY starts. Thinks we might be shutting it down together too. oops forgot the Nuff said!!!!!
  2. Yay, something to carry me through the weekend. (gotta have something to look forward to on Monday) right???
  3. still having fun with the vid! makes me giggle
  4. AHHHHHHHHH , Now how'my gunna sleep with that in my head?!?!?
  5. Yes they did and I agree with you completely, except on one fact. Who we elect into office is who we have given control over our country for the next 4 years. Laws that get passed or vetoed, taxes that only the "lesser thans" seem to pay and most importantly, the laws of power that this administration has put into action, such as “comprehensive immigration reform”, among many, many others. If you'd like to read more on how the Washington Times (BTW, they helped put him into office) is now thinking about that decision, here is the link: T HE WASHINGTON TIMES - 1ST PUBLIC NEWSPAPER TO CALL FOR IMPEACHMENT FINALLY -- SOMEONE IN THE MEDIA HAS STATED THE OBVIOUS. Perhaps other writers will grow SPINES. A strong article and hopefully not the last public newspaper to do so. ( It's always healthy to have good debate)
  6. I like it when writers aren't afraid of telling the truth!
  7. Weeeeeeeee.....what a ride. Better than a roller coaster on 6 flags. Lets go RV! RV!RV!
  8. This site has gotten to be seriously disrespectful. I completely agree, there are some wise minds with years of experience, that don't comment or post any longer. I miss the educated debates!
  9. yup, yup made me go hmm when I saw what you posted 'bout the same time I did mine. great minds...
  10. Great notes ans still the translucency light eludes these notes as real. But why, oh why the DB background for this pic?!?!? simpleton....
  11. I've worked as PhotoShop guru (ooppsss wrong word!!!!) a multitude of years. Began learning color theory on PhotoShop 2.5. Its funny how anyone with a computer now days thinks they can bend the rules of image-logic without knowledge-e.g.- light, shadows, perspective, etc. I call monkey business and why would the scan screen for the denom be on a background of DV site (with ads???!!!) Things that make you go hmmm...
  12. yep, yep, watching that yahooie....ohhh crash
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