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  1. LINK Learn about the criteria for replacing damaged banknotes in banks 02/21/2021 17:17:00 Translation.... The Central Bank to receive it: news - Papers that contain many writings, drawings, and seals intentionally, which leads to obliteration of its features. These rejected papers are withdrawn and destroyed by the bank without compensating their owner. The owner of the rejected papers may be compensated if there is convincing evidence that the missing parts have been completely destroyed, and then he decides to provide compe
  2. LINK Parliamentary integrity: $ 600 billion smuggled by Iraqi officials, under false names, to international banks 16:25 - 02/21/2021 On Sunday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that there are between 450 to 600 billion dollars in foreign banks, which are Iraqi funds that were smuggled abroad, indicating that the committee intends to recover it. A member of the Integrity Committee, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi, told Al-Maalouma that "influential personalities and officials in the political process
  3. LINK By the region's agreement or not ... Parliamentary confirmation of passing the budget at the end of this week 12:09 - 21/02/2021 MP for the Al-Fateh Alliance, Fadel Jaber, confirmed, on Sunday, that Parliament will call for the first voting sessions at the end of this week, whether or not an agreement was reached with the region, indicating that all indications confirm the existence of an agreement between the region and the center during the next two days. Jaber said in a statement to "the information",
  4. Probably Just From Our End ! ‘Butt’ I’d Be Ok With Setting Their Backsides On Fire To Get Their Rear’s In Gear ! LINK Financial Committee: These paragraphs were finally fixed in the budget? 20th February, 2021 The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Saturday, the paragraphs that were finally passed in the general budget for the year 2021. A statement of the committee, which received / Mawazine News / a copy of it, stated that "the most prominent paragraphs that were passed in the budg
  5. LINK Iraq is the fifth in the world and the second in the Arab world with the largest oil reserves for the year 2021 21st February, 2021 Iraq ranked fifth in the world and second in the Arab world in terms of the most countries possessing oil reserves for the year 2021, according to the GFP global classification institution The Foundation stated in a report for the year 2021 and seen by "Al-Eqtisad News", that "Iraq's reserves of crude oil amounted to 148 billion 800 thousand barrels, and thus it ranks fifth in the world after each of Venezuela, w
  6. dinarbeleiver IQD IS STOCK IN IRAQS BRIGHT FUTURE Members He’s Probably Going “Banana’s” Back At His Home In The Philippines With His Wife And Kids After Presumably Finishing His Tour ! DV Used To Be His Outlet When He Was On Base In Afghanistan - But Whenever He Would Go On Leave Back Home We Wouldn’t Hear From Him For Several Weeks Until He Got Back On Base ! But It’s Great To See U Make A Cameo Flyby My Cheeky British Brother ! Btw - I Can’t Remember What Role It Was That U The Chimpanzee Played On ‘The Brady B
  7. Why Is Everything With U Always ‘Marshall Marshall Marshall’ ?
  8. Here’s The Latest From The Dulaimi Tsunami Swami ! LINK The manipulation of the exchange rate and the decline of the real income of the vast majority of the Iraqi people Books / Al-Dulaimi Star 20/02/2021 To employees, retirees, merchants and earners. To the professors of Iraqi universities and institutes. To the public and professional organizations, civil society organizations, students and women. Raise your voice to the authority on the necessity to reduce the
  9. LINK The head of a parliamentary committee reveals an upcoming meeting to agree to pass the budget 09:13 - 20/02/2021 The head of the follow-up committee for the government program, Hazem al-Khalidi, revealed, on Saturday, an upcoming meeting between the three presidencies and political leaders to agree on passing the budget. Al-Khalidi said in a statement to "the information", that "the three presidencies will hold several meetings during the next few hours to agree on the disputed items in the budget,
  10. LINK Economist: The continuing rise in oil prices will contribute to ending the financial crisis 20th February, 2021 Economic expert Hamza al-Jawahiri spoke, on Saturday, about a plan that, if implemented by the government, would help Iraq out of its financial distress and pay off its debts Al-Jawahiri said in an interview with "Dijla" channel and "Al-Eqtisad News" followed it, "The continued rise in oil prices will contribute to ending the financial crisis in Iraq, especially with its reaching $ 60 He added that "Iraq will be able to compens
  11. LINK Deputy: We need only one session to pass the budget next week 20th February, 2021 Member of Parliament, MP Sadiq Al-Sulaiti, confirmed, on Saturday, that the budget will pass next week in one session in which voting takes place after the consensus of the political blocs, pointing out that there is nothing left but agreement on the two articles on Kurdistan and there are understandings and the crisis will end Al-Sulaiti said in a press interview, "The budget will be voted on next week after the final agreement between Baghdad and Erbil is anno
  12. I Needed The Pauses To Stall For Time - And Try To Digest The Multiple Syllable Words !
  13. LINK Expectations of an increase in demand for oil to a peak, and a barrel price of $ 150 19th February, 2021 The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph expects that demand for oil will rise to its highest levels, bringing the price of a barrel to $ 150 during the next five years. The newspaper stated in a report, that oil appears on the cusp of a new golden age during the next few years, when global demand for crude will reach its peak, but at the same time it warned that the rise in prices to their highest levels ever could accelerate the pace of the shift t
  14. Parliamentary Finance: To vote on the 2021 budget next Thursday 19th February, 2021 The Parliamentary Finance Committee has suggested, next Thursday, a date for voting on the 2021 budget after reaching a final government agreement on the region's oil exports. A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sadiq Mudlul Al-Sultani, revealed, according to the official agency, that "the federal government and the regional delegation reached a semi-final agreement on the region's oil exports and its share in the budget." Al-Sultani added, "The agreement is to
  15. LINK The Kurdistan Democrat announces that a "preliminary agreement" has been reached to settle the region’s share of the budget 19th February, 2021 The Kurdistan Democratic Bloc announced today, Friday, that a "preliminary agreement" has been reached to settle the region’s share in the general budget law, while indicating that next week will be the date for voting on the budget. Deputy for Democrat Mayada al-Najjar told Shafaq News Agency, "The percentage of the Kurdistan Region in the General Budget Law is 12.67%," noting that "this percentage goes as salar
  16. LINK Talabani: Our negotiations with Baghdad will continue until an agreement is reached 02/19/2021 13:46:00 The head of the Kurdish negotiating delegation and deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, confirmed today, Friday, the continuation of negotiations in Baghdad to solve the problems and ensure the financial dues for the region in the federal budget for 2021. Talabani said in a press statement, that "negotiations wi
  17. LINK KHAS ... AL-RAFIDAIN BANK LEAVES THE SEVENTH ITEM 18th February, 2021 Al-Rafidain Bank announced today, Thursday, that it has withdrawn from Article Seven that was previously imposed on it. The director of Al-Rafidain Bank, Hussein Ali Al-Zubaidi, revealed in a statement singled out by the "National News Center" "about the fulfillment of the requirements for the exit of the Rafidain Bank from the UN decision of Chapter Seven. Al-Zubaidi explained that "the exit decision came after fulfilling all the bank's financial obligations to internation
  18. Mazhar Saleh: Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery Saturday 20th February 2021 Haghdad: Shaima Rasheed Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery, indicating that the Supreme Committee for Reform has important decisions to advance the public and private sectors. In an interview with Al-Sabah, Saleh explained that Iraq is currently on the edges of economic recovery in two areas. The first is that there is a tangible agricultural boom that will achieve growth in no
  19. Btw Captain Ron - U Just Said ‘Late Night Pimpy’ !
  20. Theseus Senior Member Members The Following Analysis Of The Above Statement From The Article - Is From Theseus ! Who Is One Of The More Insightful And Well Respected Members Here ! It Was Posted At The End Of The Last Page (In Case U Missed It) And Is Well Worth The Read ... (Btw - CNN Took The Liberty Of Adding A Bit Of Spacing) His first sentence clearly states that he wants the exchange rate to be 1:1 or on par with the USD. His second statement is referring to the deletion
  21. Hmmm ..... When I Looked Up Pre Historic Man - I Found This !
  22. True Dat Half Crazy - And A Great Find PH-Man ! Here’s A Version Of It After An Episode Of ‘Pimp My Ride’ ! LINK To the executive branch to the Central Bank of Iraq 17th February, 2021 Proposing the need to amend the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar towards the US dollar. 1. The devaluation of the national currency of the Iraqi dinar in favor of the US dollar and making the exchange rate of the dinar against the US dollar at 1450 is an unfair, ill-considered and urgent exchange rate, which is ag
  23. Markinsa Shared The Answer Above In A Previous Question Asking About Him ! Btw - Has Anybody Heard From HorseSoldier’s Horse ? Mr Ed Was Asking ... horsesoldier Senior Member Members
  24. LINK Reaching a consensus formula for the paragraph related to the region's share in the budget 13:51 - 02/18/2021 The Kurdish negotiating delegation announced, on Thursday, that there are signs of agreement between Erbil and Baghdad regarding the Kurdistan region’s share in the federal budget for 2021. “There are signs approaching a compromise formula close to the text of the draft budget law that was agreed upon between the region and the federal government. Hawrami added, "The head of the Kurdish de
  25. LINK Source: Parliament will vote in its next session to dissolve itself in October 09:55 - 02/18/2021 A parliamentary source revealed, on Thursday, that the House of Representatives will vote during its next session to dissolve itself next October in preparation for early elections. The source said in a statement to / information /, that "the House of Representatives will vote during its next session on a decision to dissolve itself during the month of October, in preparation for the next elections."
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