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  1. Looks like you are done but are you by chance looking for 2 more million for $925? 25K uncirculated with certificates from DT.
  2. Sweet and simple, I need to sell 2 million. I am not out but need to take care of a financial issue right now... I would like to sell them as a set of two unless there is more than one taker that wants to offer. Uncirculated 25K notes Purchased from DT with certificates. I am located in Charleston, WV. I accept PayPal, let me know if you need a different payment option. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! I am definitely not selling all of my Dinar or lost hope for those who might be surprised to see my post! I am still excited about this opportunity and hope to buy more again before it does RV. However... I do need to sell 2 million for now. 2 million uncirculated 25K notes for a total of $2,000. I will cover FedEx shipping. These notes are crisp and been locked in a fireproof safe away from handling, etc... I prefer to sell them as a set but will leave it on the table if no one can purchase both at one time. I live around Charleston, WV if there are any locals out there. If not, I will be more than happy to cover the shipping via FedEx and provide the certificates from Dinar Trade. Good luck!
  4. lmao, I just changed it back to a pic of me. People are going to be looking at me wondering what I use to look like. I am doing good, I have been lurking more than posting. I thought it was time to make an appearance again. Hope things have been good for you.
  5. Sounds like it has noting to do with changing the rate of currency. Looks like it talks about prices not going up like they normally do during Ramadan. There will not be a strain on their citizens due to price hikes.
  6. LMAO, that's funny. Looks like an old man monkey
  7. Thats's one suave polar beer. Random fact, did you know their fur is clear and not white?
  8. Me taking a drink Yo Randalln, thanks for starting this thread, it helped my night be better
  9. Ohh, I like some Baileys/Kahlua too. After that, a Jager bomb
  10. I have surprised myself doing shots of tequila! Not sure how many bu t I can hold my ground considering I don't drink often, lol. I don't know how long a bear take either but there is a lot of hunters in WV. I guess I struck someone memory, lol. Spraying??? No hammerheads! I can't count zig zig but willing to bet after a few more that I can WALK zig zag.
  11. I will get back to you after I can count straight from drinking, lol
  12. It works too! Heck yea! Crack one open and join the club. I have some Jose, if you take a shot let me know and I will match you a shot. I treated to monkey a B.D. but he says amaretto might not be so good, at least I think that is what he means when he threw my water at me. I have the bladder of a bear, lol. True story, I was taking so long in a public restroom before that some guys started laughing and said "the guy sounds like a bear peeing" I laughed so hard I cried while trying to keep my aim!
  13. Naditia, you know Randalln doesn't play around, he is going for his PhD.
  14. You got that right! Nope, I drink smart. I drink a 16 oz bottle of water between every 2-3 beers. Wake up feeling great because I helped relieve some built up stress from my mind and still hydrated
  15. I know my brain cells prefer Taco Bell when they have finished their journey
  16. Awesome, study group tonight! hah Hmmmm, I have some Jose in the cabinet.. Might need to put this beer down.
  17. You had me with the title! I am having a few beers that's been WAY OVERDUE!!! lol My drink of choice tonight is Bud Light Platinum. It has more alcohol than Bud Light which means I should get smarter faster, right?!?? Cheers! PS. The monkey in my avatar has had a few more drinks than me, but he prefers banana daiquiris. Frigging monkey cracks me up when I look at it!
  18. Well, if this does indicate a LOP then it still goes back to the fact they would not come out and admit an RV. That would be like a company announcing their stock was about to shoot up in value. In all honesty, what good does it even do to announce and RV/LOP? If it LOPS's then they are in the same place, if it RV's then they get a bonus when making international purchases. The only reason I can think of the keep posting LOP articles is to keep speculation down.
  19. Okie? Is that you breaking promises again on never speaking again? j/k Thanks for your input.
  20. If this was the same scenarios as turkey then why would she continue with a whole new statement about Iraq? I don't see a reason for her to distinguish mentioning Turkey and say how it was neither positive or negative and then go on to say "But if what..." If this was a LOP like turkey then it could had been explained in one sentence. On the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency "I think that this may have been in Turkey and will not have any effect, either positive or negative.", Adding: "But if what has been implemented correctly and I mean here properly is to keep the same purchasing power of the currency after deletion of zeros if there was a thousand dinars, and after deletion of zeros has become a must for this dinars dinar to have the same purchasing power of one thousand dinars. " What do the rest of you think this article means while keeping options open on its meaning?
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